Special Extra: Half a Million Visits for La Russophobe!

Another milestone for La Russophobe

Another milestone for La Russophobe

Over the weekend this blog was pleased to welcome its 500,000th visitor — a mighty achievement for an unfunded specialty blog like ours (our counter visitor counter registered its 220,000th hit, which combined with the 280,000+ on our old counter over at the Google address at the time we vacated pushed the total visits over half a million).  Soon, our blog will record the 1,000,000th page view of our content and publish its 12,000th comment.  Founded by Kim Zigfeld in April 2006, we have grown to become one of the most formidable voices on neo-Soviet Russia in the world, and our visitation statistics — as we have often said before — are as much due to the efforts of you the reader as they are to those who create our content. So pat yourself on the back for playing your part in confronting the neo-Soviet horror of Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

But this is no time to rest on our laurels.  The enemy we face is monumental and utterly evil.  Our struggle against it has only just begun.  We encourage you to see this milestone as confirmation that your efforts are paying off, and to redouble your efforts to publicize our content using services like Digg, Delicious, Dogpile, Reddit, Yahoo! Buzz and others to tag and circulate our web pages.

Just in time to celebrate this occasion, commenter “Charlotte” writes in response to our list of unreformed Russian vices, our most-commented-upon web page with over 300 comments to date:

I’m an American who has recently moved to Russia… and it’s a whole different world. Like a time warp, really. The only thing I could compare it to would be Nixon-era America… but even that is not quite strong enough. About the most I can say for Russia is that it’s exactly like you’d think it would be after decades of Communism. The New Russia, like the FSB, seems to be the same old… “stuff” rebranded.

Well said, Charlotte, well said. And good luck in your daily struggle for change! Russia can’t have too many Americans in country.

6 responses to “Special Extra: Half a Million Visits for La Russophobe!

  1. Tower Bolshevik

    You know, I just got back from Barnes & Noble from picking up a book, but ended up buying three. One of them is something I think would surely interest you. Ted Bell’s latest entitled “Tsar”, book five in the Alex Hawke series (of which I’ve never heard of until today). The book is set in the modern day, and revolves around a fiction political situation which ironically seems to be your wet dream…well, almost. Putin has been overthrown is in prison, according to the summary I read. He is replaced by a faceless name who establishes himself as the new Czar, and is determined to extend Russia to its pre-revolution borders, threatening the United States should it interfere. Anywho, I thought since this is along the lines you claim to be reality, I thought a book on the subject might interest you.

  2. Ted Bell was interviewed on Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is someone who also sees the problems Russia presents to the world. Sounds like a good book, gruesome in parts, but I think I’ll read

  3. What does that nth poster get as a prize!!!!!

  4. congrats to russophobe.
    i’ve been visiting this terrific site since the beginning, and from my heart i want to say thanks and congrats to the publisher.
    what a rich and interesting source of information and opinion.

  5. Congrats. Now, go see my movie. I’ve been rehabilitated.

  6. Ted Bell, Isn’t he the guy with a radio show based on conspiricy theories. I hope it has a good story at least.

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