Daily Archives: October 19, 2008

Special Extra: A River of Russian Blood in Ingushetia

It was obvious from the beginning that Vladimir Putin’s barbaric behavior in Georgia, combined with his the total failure of his domestic policy in the region,  would dump gasoline on the fires of revolution burning within Russia itself, and now it has begun.  AFP reports that rebels in Ingushetia have made a daring direct raid on a large column of Russian Interior Ministry soldiers. Russia admits three soldiers have been killed including an officer, but opposition sources say up to 50 Russian soldiers have fallen and the Kremlin is covering it up with neo-Soviet lies (a local law enforcement officer has confirmed the opposition claim).  “It’s a serious attack and it shows how unstable the situation is. The numbers are not really that important. It’s a serious attack, a serious ambush. The situation is very tense there now,” said defense expert Pavel Felgenhauer. When will the people of Russia see that their “leader” is taking them down the path followed by the USSR, into the ashcan of history?