Ukraine Whips Russian Butt at Miss Universe 2011

Olesia Stefanko, Miss Ukraine, top 2 Miss Universe 2011

Natalia Gantimurova, Miss Russia, did not make the top 16 at Miss Universe 2011. Ouch!

Miss Russia in her national costume. Is it just us, or is this freakishly weird?

26 responses to “Ukraine Whips Russian Butt at Miss Universe 2011

  1. Waiting for the first of your loyal Russophobes to come here and say that “yeah this Russian girl is just so ugly”:)))

    • Not ugly, just not nearly as attractive as the Ukrainian. USA made top 16, so did China and Brazil, but not Russia.

    • Oh, and the last time the US made it to top 1 is? For Russia, 2003.Oh, for the US it was in 1997.

      Just to remind you, it was in 1998 when it became “Miss Universe” contest, instead of “Miss US Universe”, as before.

      So yes, most countries in the world do better in terms of beauty of their women than the US do. Including, of course, Ukraine, where there are lots of girls even more beautiful than the current MissU. But who ever had doubts?

      • Actually they are both beautiful women, and they both did well to make it to the final competition after many levels from town, regional and national competitions.

        • Must agree with you that both women are beautiful!

          However for the Russian lass not to have gotten higher up on the list has me beat, unless of course it has/might have something to do with the current Russian mentality that they are superior to all the other human races and hence she strutted and acted accordingly. Which ruffled some or all of the judges (so to speak) ‘feathers’.

          But then looking at her in that ridiculous white head ware reveals that someone has no taste when it comes to fashion. She should have worn that beautiful outfit from the neck down and allowed her beautiful face to be zeroed in on as the shawl cum dress complemented it.

        • Or as the late English comedian and actor, notable for his long running television programme, “The Benny Hill Show” used to say on his show whenever a beautiful woman made an appearance by walking past the camera’s! “I’ll give it one”.

      • Oh and Dtard, here is the complete list of winners.

        It has been “Miss Universe” since 1952, the first winner was from Finland.

        As can be seen from the list, women from many countries have won, even one from Russia, though she was stripped of the title in 2002 for failing to perform her duties.

        Once again your grasp of the facts has been shown to be spectacularly poor, though this is not a surprise.

      • Oh, and 2002 was the only time a Russian made it to No.1, not 2003.

        In 2003 it was Amelia Vega Polanco of the Dominican Republic.

        Seriously Dtard, can’t you get anything right?

        • Andrew, look, I’m tired of talking to an idiot. You should have read the article, or at least my answer to LR, to see that the contest became truly international in 1998. A year *after* an American girl won it.

          “The contest was founded in 1952 by California clothing company Pacific Mills. The pageant became part of Kayser-Roth and then Gulf and Western Industries, before being acquired by Donald Trump in 1996.”

          “Recent arrivals in the pageant include China (2002), Albania (2002), Vietnam (2004), Georgia (2004), Ethiopia (2004), Latvia (2005), Kazakhstan (2006), Tanzania (2007), and Kosovo (2008); there have also been efforts to revive strong national pageants in South Africa, Canada, Spain, Japan; Latin America (especially Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil) among other regions.”

          And so forth. It was a local “Miss US universe” contest – before Trump bought it. Just like “Mr. Universe” is now.

          • Listen retard, it has always been an international contest, with women from all over the world competing.

            Unfortunately your sub simian intellect is simply pumped full of idiotic Russian propaganda.

            If it was a local miss US universe competition, then how come the competitors (and winners in most cases) were from Finland, France, Peru, Japan, Columbia, Lebanon, Greece, Thailand, Sweden, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Israel, Trinidad & Tobago, Australia, New Zealand, Venezuela, South Africa, Chile, The Netherlands (Holland), Canada, Norway, Mexico, Namibia etc, all long before 1998?

            Really you are pathetic.

          • And sub simian this is the actual name change info:

            In 1998, Miss Universe changed its name from Miss Universe, Inc. to Miss Universe Organization and the headquarters moved from Los Angeles, California, to New York City that year. Donald Trump brought in a new team of professionals to the contest headed by its new CEO, Molly Miles, and president Maureen Reidy.[7] The contest would use the slogan “Redefined for Today” for promotion of the pageants


            I mean, you really are an idiot right?

            • Sad you can’t read.

              • Listen moron, you claimed the competition was “Miss US Universe” before 1996.

                That was (as usual with anything you say) a lie.

                It has been an international competition since 1952, and the first winner was from Finland you retard. It was and is owned by US companies, but it is still international, just like FIFA, or IRFU or many other competitions, the PGA springs to mind.

                I mean you really are sub simian Dtard.

                If only your parents had used a condom, they would have saved themselves so much disappointment.

                • Ah Andrew!

                  What a laugh your final paragraph gave me, a hearty thanks!

                  However, if his parents had a normal ‘loo’ rather then an outhouse, then they could have flushed him down the system immediately upon his birth. Problem solved in this case after the event.

                  • Nice to know you don’t have chgildren:) Next time you throw a condom in sewers, please give us a hint and we’ll congratulate you, honey:))

                • And you’ll never ask yourself why all women that won the competition before 1990 were from the US ally states, right? No Chinese, Indians? No girls from the USSR, like the Ukrainian girl who won this year? Sad you can’t think.

  2. Despite losing to silver-medalist Canadian Tonya Verbik, Lazareva took a third place beating Russian Mariya Gurova.

    Read more:

  3. The Moskali and the commies and the Moscow KGB “church” are in “holy” Union ! {AGAIN} !

    Voices from Russia

    Voices from Russia Wednesday, 14 September 2011

    Authorities Banned Rightwing Extremist Nationalist Rally in Lugansk during Patriarch Kirill’s Visit

    KPU anti-fascist rally, the large red banner reads, “NO Fascism in the Ukraine”; the sign that the fellow’s holding says, “Capitalism brought tragedy to the Ukraine! The way out: A rebirth of a socialist society. DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!” The KPU stands AGAINST the UNP scummers (and their American paymasters)… and it stands FOR the Church… think on that one…

    Authorities in Lugansk banned the plans of nationalist extremists to fly the largest Ukrainian flag ever when Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias arrives in town.

    As reported earlier, Patriarch Kirill will arrive on 14 September in Lugansk for a two-day pastoral visit. On Wednesday evening, after his arrival in Lugansk, His Holiness will visit St Vladimir Cathedral, the main church in the city.

    Editor’s Note:

    The UNP is a VERY unrepresentative group of rightwing nutcases… in 2010, the UNP received 0.22 percent of the vote. Reflect well that that “Ukrainian” organisations in the USA and Canada support extremists such as this, as do the American special services. That’s why good Orthodox Christians shouldn’t belong to “Ukrainian Orthodox” parishes, if they can avoid it… such groups are more National than Christian, and they’re indifferentist towards Uniate efforts to seduce Orthodox believers into the Unia. They’re as off the beam as the konvertsy who slobber over Uniates and Old Ritualists… like the Renovationists who blabber about an “Eastern Church” that never was and never shall be (isn’t their blathering about “fearful” traditional Orthodox people just ludicrous?). The Lugansk authorities are showing good sense. It’s a Great Russian town, and they don’t want the local Russkies and Cossacks horsewhipping the nationalists (which would happen in short order, let me tell you) in front of the patriarch. They’re stopping the trouble before it begins… that’s always the ticket, isn’t it?


  4. Well, you should also know that Miss Ukraine answered her final question in Russian instead of her “national” Ukrainian tongue. Lol.

  5. “It’s not for us, this foreign Moscow time.” So went a song by a popular Ukrainian bard in the late 1980s, a time of growing national awareness in Ukraine.

    It would appear that his song was heard. Ukrainian authorities decided that Moscow time was, indeed, not for them and opted to be closer to Europe by a whole 60 minutes.

    But now they’ve changed their minds. Not completely, but almost.

    I suspect that what this really means is that Ukrainian parliamentarians have nothing better to do than to mess with time. And looking over their shoulders and mimicking Moscow. The Regions Party, in particular, is very good at this. For them, Moscow is the only capital that counts, far closer to their hearts than Paris or Rome.

    Or their very own Kyiv, for that matter.

    In February, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev abolished daylight saving time in the Russian Federation. Russia still moves its clocks forward one hour at the end of March, as does Western Europe, but when European clocks fall back on the last Sunday of October, Russia’s will stay where they are.

  6. The Ukrainian and Russian could pass as twins. Anyways, America should be so proud to find a girl in their fast food pasture that could compete with the Slavs. Bravo! But remember, the look of Miss Russia Universe 2011 is a dime a dozen in this part of the world. Just your average plain Jane.

  7. Just saw the American “beauty.” The girl at my local fruit kiosk is better looking than her!

  8. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Imsy Wimsy Yankees
    Ugly, vile, obese
    I’d love to slaughter
    Everyone of these
    Scum of the planet
    Not a shred of doubt
    Imsy Wimsy Yankees
    We could do without

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