EDITORIAL: Russia and the Ape who Governs Her


Russia and the Ape who Governs Her

Russia's ape in chief

Try to imagine a press conference where U.S. President George Bush is asked about his policies at Guantanamo Bay by Bruce Springsteen, and responds to “the Boss” by musing:  “Who are you?”

What do you think the world might then say about Mr. Bush?

Well, precisely that happened last week when Yuri Shevchuk, the Russian equivalent of Springsteen and leader of the legendary rock band DDT, stood up and confronted Putin with the following question:  “I received a call the day before yesterday from your assistant, I guess — don’t remember his name — who asked me not to pose sharp questions.  Do you have a plan for the serious, sincere and honest liberalization and democratization of our country so state organizations do not strangle us and so we stop being afraid of the police on the streets?”

Putin responded:  “What’s your name, sorry?”  Shevchuk gave his name, and added “a musician.”

How is it possible that Vladimir Putin does not recognize the single most famous and well-respected popular musician in the entire country, a man whose very gravely voice is his calling card from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok?  Is it possible that Putin was not told Shevchuk would be in the audience?

Whichever way you slice it, this event is a horrifying new low for the Putin regime, and for Russia itself.  Either Putin willfully lied about knowing Shevchuk in a pathetic attempt to denigrate and dismiss him, or Putin actually is so out of touch that he didn’t recognize him. We find it difficult to decide which alternative is the more ominous for Russia.

As if to prove just how little he cares about the Constitutional rights of Russian citizens, immediately on the heels of his confrontation with Shevchuk Putin’s stormtroopers descended on a group of peaceful protesters in Moscow.  They had assembled on Triumphalnaya Ploshchad to claim their Constitutional right to peaceful assembly chanting “Russia without Putin” (watch video here and view more photos here), and this is what happened to them:

Putin proves his commitment to the Russian Constitution last week in Triumph Square in Moscow

The group of arrestees included Oborona leader Oleg Kozlovsky.  According to Kozlovsky’s Twitter feed, many of those who were on the Square were beaten by policy, as the photo above documents.  The arrests themselves, to say nothing of the beatings, were nakedly illegal, a clear violation of the Russian Constitution, which gives Russian citizens the same right to peacefully gather to discuss politics as Americans enjoy.  Similar arrests took place in St. Petersburg.

Opposition party supporters are seen holding up a copy of the Russian Constitution through a window of a police bus after being detained during a protest rally in central St. Petersburg, May 31, 2010.

Putin did not even care that the world’s eyes were on Russia as an EU-Russia summit meeting was opening.   Putin cares nothing for the Constitution, nothing for the legal rights of his own fellow citizens, so why should he care what any foreigner thinks?

The problem, of course, is that Russians like Kozlovsky (who is married, with a young child) are few and far between. Real patriots, who love their country enough to fight for its future, to fight hard enough to take serious risks to their personal safety, are are rare in Putin’s Russia as they were in the time of Stalin.

And the even bigger problem is the total lack of Western leadership.   Where is the voice of  America’s so-called “liberal” president Barack Obama? Does he approve of this shameless illegality, this brutish violence?  Will he ever speak out openly in defense of basic American values, as Ronald Reagan once so forcefully and powerfully did?

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  1. What do you have to say about that, fsb, dima and the rest of you, useful idiots?

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      Why, thank you, voroBey/Georg; don’t mind if I do.

      This editorial is clownlike on so many levels that it’s hard to know where to start. However, as LR suggests, there are a couple of similarities between Bruce Springsteen and Yuri Shevchuk, so let’s get those out of the way first. One, they’re both men. Two, they’re approximately the same age (The Boss is about 10 years older, although he’s held up very well). I mention their ages because Springsteen has also been compared to Justin Beiber; a suggestion only marginally sillier than the one above. Bieber is 16.


      Another similarity is that both Springsteen and, presumably, Shevchuk despise the political leaders they were matched with. Springsteen’s loathing for Bush was well-known.


      The differences are that Putin appeared in public with Shevchuk and gave him a platform to speak, even allowing him to control and redirect the discussion, which was supposed to be on the subject of hospitals and sick children. No such give-and-take ever occurred between Springsteen and Bush. Considering Bush is a country music fan who agrees George Jones is the greatest living singer,


      such a meeting would never take place even in the hypothetical. Bruce Springsteen is an internationally-known phenomenon – Yuri Shevchuk is an unknown outside Russia and its immediate satellites. Don’t believe me? Ask any 5 U.S. congressmen or senators from either party who he is, in circumstances where they won’t be able to look it up; I guarantee none will have a clue. Bruce Springsteen’s rock has a distinct pop appeal; Shevchuk despises pop, and consciously avoids sounding like it.

    • Francis Smyth-Beresford

      It is preposterous to even theorize that Putin does not know who Shevchuk is. The Little Prince charity event was open only to invited guests, and the Prime Minister (Hello? Vladimir Putin? Former KGB?) would never appear at such an event where he did not know the identity of every individual present, much less the person seated only three places to his left at the head table. Moreover, if you look here


      you will note from the photograph that a place card in front of each individual clearly identifies them by name. Presumably the Prime Minister can read Cyrillic.

      Most of the guests at the event were organizers or fundraisers for the charity, and Shevchuk was a bit of an odd choice; that’s why Putin invited him to introduce himself when he began to speak without doing so. I realize the literal translation is “Sorry, what’s your name?”, but in context it was likely an invitation to introduce himself. It was clearly taken as such by Shevchuk as well, or he would not have added “a musician”. You can see from the transcript at the above site that the Prime minister asks, “ Excuse me, could you introduce yourself?” In anticipation of the suggestion that’s a rotten government lie since it’s on a Russian government website, here’s a corroborative translation from another source.


  2. Hello Miss-Slaughterer-Of-Iraqis-Since-1990:

    Focus on your own Amerikan crimes!!!

    • I think 22 Million Iraqis would disagree. Oh, I bet 3 million Kuwaitis would disagree too. Now, I don’t know how many people Putin slaughter in Chechenya, Ossetia, and Abkhazia. The difference here is that these people aren’t even free. They are under the Fascist Putin jackboot. Run off and go play peaknuckle.

      • mirabile visu

        The population of Iraq is around 29-31 million, not 22 million.

        Baghdad is the most violent city in the world.

        The US has killed up to a million Iraqis since 1990 — READ YOUR HISTORY!

        • “The population of Iraq is around 29-31 million, not 22 million.”

          Yes, (over) 22 million is Afghanistan.

          “Baghdad is the most violent city in the world.”

          But it was never the most destroyed city in the world (like Grozny).

          Anyway the Iraqis are now less so busy killing each other (the peak was in 2006 when was like a national past-time). A nifty Iraqi government TV clip advertising from this time asking them to find another hobby:

      • mirabile visu

        Also, try not to speak for millions of people.

        I’m sure they would not be interested in your feeble American opinion.

  3. Voice of Reason

    Russia’s ape in chief

    The animal in this cartoon is not an ape. It’s a bear. Play on the name “Medvedev”, which means “bear”.

    Putin in Medvedev’s clothing, so to say.

  4. To see real apes rather than bears, please check


    (and, please, don’t tell me I’m racist)

  5. You are racist!

  6. LR, there is a more sinister edge to “what is your name”?

    As you know, in every former sovok republic or satellite, the same thing happened – commie sovok insiders, sovok relics, took over and proceeded to rape and pillage their countries.

    Former Ukrainian President Kuchma was one of them, and he had sovok-style “theme lists” (темники) in force for the media – there were only certain things the media could talk about, and only in a certain way. Sovok style.

    Georgiy Gongadze, the Ukrainian reporter of Georgian descent, the founder of Ukrainian Pravda (with Oksana Prytula), began to ask Kuchma some very tough questions in an interview.

    After a few tough questions, Kuchma suddenly asked — “what is your name”?

    I will never forget that – it was not a polite question. It was not a question asked out of curiosity. It was a question asked out of evil. There was not a friendly look on Kuchma’s face.

    Georgiy Gongadze wound up dead, his headless body found outsidy of Kyiv in some woods.

    Putler and his boys have finally learned not to be so brutally sovok-clumsy in suppressing the media.

    Why, they even posted the Shevchuk video on the premier’s web site!

    See, everyone – roosha has a free and open government and freedom of speech!!!

    A video of a well-known rocker asking Putler some questions has been put on Putler’s web site.

    Freedom has come to oily orthodox mother rasha at last!

    • Voice of Reason


      Wasn’t Kuchma a freely and democratically elected President of Ukraine? What does it say about the people of Ukraine? And didn’t Yuschenko and Tymoshenko both serve as Prime Ministers, appointed by Kuchma?

  7. It gets worse than “what’s your name?” In this country, if you ask “who are you?” in the manner Putin did, you’re not actually asking for someone’s name. Its more like “who are you to ask me a question like that?” I hope you get what I mean, its a cultural difference, a question like that has sinister intent.

  8. Where is the voice of America’s so-called “liberal” president Barack Obama?

    Obama did not support the Iranian protesters.

    Obama did not say a word when Nashville had its worst flood in 500 years.

    Obama showed up late to BP Oil Spill.

    You expect Obama to stand up against Russian Fascism? You must be out of your mind. Obama is spending 5 hours perfecting his pathetic golf game.

  9. VOR, Kuchma was not freely and democratically elected – that’s why the people of Ukraine revolted against him.

    Yushchenko served primarily as head of the Bank of Ukraine under Kuchma.

    Tymoshenko served in the energy sector under Kuchma.

    The evidence is very, very strong that it is Kuchma who ordered the murder of Gongadze.

    At that time, in 2000, the murder of Gongadze brought people out into the streets and almost brought Kuchma down.

    Kuchma’s little crony, Yanukovych, ran in 2004 for president, as Kuchma’s successor.

    They tried the same strong-arm, sovok political machine techniques to get Yanuk elected – which led to the Orange Revolution.

    What does it say about the people of Ukraine?

    Unlike the people in rasha, the people in Ukraine had backbone, and knew to get rid of sovok-style crooked elections in 2004.

    In rasha, there is voting, but no elections.

    • Voice of Reason

      Elmer wrote: “Kuchma was not freely and democratically elected – that’s why the people of Ukraine revolted against him.

      Wrong. Kuchma was democratically elected. And the people didn’t revolt against him. He served out his terms in full. The “revolt” was against the official results in the Yanukovych-Yuschenko race.

      Don’t you follow the Ukrainian news from your New Jersey?

      Unlike the people in rasha, the people in Ukraine had backbone, and knew to get rid of sovok-style crooked elections in 2004.

      Ukrainians do have a backbone. That’s why they had the wisdom to admit their mistake in voting for the scumball Yuschenko in 2004, and elected Yanukovych in 2010, giving YUschenko only 5% of the vote.

    • Voice of Reason

      Elmer wrote: “Yushchenko served primarily as head of the Bank of Ukraine under Kuchma.


      Viktor Yushchenko

      Prime Minister of Ukraine (under President Leonid Kuchma)

      22 December 1999 – 29 May 2001

    • Elmer, did you forget Yushchenko’s approval ratings at the end of his term? We in Russia don’t fuss about the frills, we need functinality.

  10. patchouli oil


    Yank, yank,
    Ignorant, narrow-minded wank,
    Dumber than a bucket of bricks,
    Thicker than a huge bundle of sticks,
    Stuffs his mouth sunrise to sunset,
    Threatens every nation on the planet,
    Preaches in a place called church every Sunday,
    Then molests young boys
    In a rent-a-car on Monday,
    Hides like a girl behind his lawyer,
    Then behind his gun,
    Shoots up his classmates yearly just for fun.
    Brainwashed by his flat-screen,
    Plagued by a million fears.
    And still has nothing but scrambled eggs between his ears.
    Avoid this ugly creature while you can,
    It’s frightening, it’s hideous,
    It’s called an American!

    • Where are you, Mr. Voice? Not only is this atrocity propaganda aimed at me, but also at you, since you claim to be an American. It is not only me who is an “ugly, frightening and hideous” creature, it’s you, too. Why don’t we hear your indignant voice, Mr. Voice? Perhaps, a little bit of divided loyalty, hah?

      • bogdan khmelnitsky

        I think the ode is lovely. It is both hilarious and 100% correct at the same time!

        • Yes, a great song, and how precise is this:
          “Stuffs his mouth sunrise to sunset,
          Threatens every nation on the planet”

      • patchouli oil

        all of the lines in my poem are true

      • Voice of Reason

        Relax, it’s not about us. Neither you nor I go to church. But I do know a few southern hillbillies and their politicians who fit most of the bill.

        • You can find people in any country that fit that bill.

          Good and bad exist everywhere.

          • Voice of Reason

            Really? Which countries, other than USA, do you know where loons slaughter their classmates with machine guns?

            • Germany, Finland. Off the top of my head.

              • Voice of Reason

                Where did they buy their machine guns?

                • Actually in Finland firearms ownership only requires you to have a drivers license.

                  And there have been mass shootings in Yemen, Sweden, Scotland, Canada, and quite a few in Germany.

                • So your point is a semantical one, as though ‘slaughtering classmates with machine guns’ were somehow different from slaughtering classmates with rifles and handguns? C’mon, VOR.

                  • Or different from killing with knives or steel bars for that matter.

                    • Guys, why are you still talking with retard named RTR/VOR? Why won’t you just ignore what he pulls out of his ass for his pal Dima to eat, and vice versa? I don’t regard such coprophilia to be something to behold.

                      Anyway, the US school shootings were with not with “machine guns”, but with semi-automatic weapons (or even bolt-action weapons – University of Texas, Westside Middle School, Deer Creek Middle School), mostly handguns and also shotguns and such, and the mentioned bolt-action rifles. Just like in Germany, Finland, etc.

                      The only “school shooting with machine guns” I recall was in Russia. Automatic rifles, light machine guns, heavy machine guns (12.7 and 14.5 mm)… and helicopter gunship guns, tank cannons, rocket grenades and even flamethrowers, too. Hundreds of fatalities, the record pretty hard to beat (the Deer Creek Middle School schooting I mentioned had zero fatalities). The spetsnaz geroy rabyeta will probably keep a #1 high score for a looooong time, just like General Blokhin, also a geroy, is still the most proficient serial killer in history (shot 50,000 or so mostly innocent people personally at point-blank range). And let’s not forget school bombings in Russia (and bombings of schools by Russia, at once), like Elistanzhi in 1999.

        • Funny you asked, as yesterday there was a massive massacre in the idyllic Lake District in England. I understand, England has extremely restrictive rules about gun ownership

  11. Blaming someone else, the Americans for instance, doesn’t help fix a problem. Grown ups do not blame others, but children do.

    • patchouli oil

      yeah sure thing Ron!

      the relatives of the million Iraqis in an early grave wouldn’t even dare to blame the Yanks for the slaughter of their families!

      you are such a bright individual!

      • Iraq’s government data put this number at around 150,000, and other data at 105,000 and 186,000 maximum. I know that there was a study by an outfit called ORB that mentioned this 1,000,000 number but no other study out of many comes even close. 150,000, which seems to be about an average of several such estimates, is a lot, no question, but it’s not the same as a million.

        I know none of this matters to you, the only thing that matters is to pour buckets of slime on the United States, as your “poem” above eloquently demonstrates. I guess America is responsible for those suicide bombers in Iraq, or Shiite-on-Sunni civil wars. I think it’s from those two sources that a majority of victims in Iraq stem.

        • I think for 850,000 persons it makes a lot of difference. Why not say that the United States killed 1 billion people? How about 10 billion?

          Your argument is not going to be any stronger if you put it in all caps.

          By the way, I am not a Yankee — I am a Westerner. Yankees are from back East

          • patchouli oil

            Exactly, you’re a demented Yank (as opposed to Yankee).

            Yank and Yankee are two different things.

            A Yank is an ugly American moron who can’t get enough of his country’s mass murder.

            You think that a hundred thousand deaths at the hands of the US is no big deal, so that makes you a Yank, and not a Yankee.

            • There is no such a word (i.e., “Yank”) in the English language, so if you want to make new words you better do it in your language and leave ours alone. Calling me names does not make your argument any stronger either.

              I never said that 150,000 deaths is no big deal nor do I think so. To the contrary, I think it’s a stain on the U.S.A. that we allowed for that to happen, although it’s no so black-and-white and there are some justifications.

              I realize it’s easy to attribute to somebody something that person never said and then to triumphantly refute that.

              Tell me, why do you say a million when it’s 150,000? What is the purpose of exaggerating?

              • patchouli oil

                “although it’s no so black-and-white and there are some justifications.”


                In your mind, US mass murder ALWAYS has justifications, even though Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 or any of the other fantasies of concoctions of the criminal US government.

                Yank is a word in the English language. It is in the ENGLISH English language, but absent in your YANK English language.

                • I don’t know how you know what’s in my mind, but I never said there is always a justification, just said that according to some, in this particular case they may be some justification. Don’t put words in my mouth, I never supported Iraq war.

                  I know some Britishers use the word Yank as a sort of slang, but that’s not a standard American English. If you are an Englishman, which I doubt very much, then fine, I take it back.

                  I have asked why did you make 150,000 dead 1,000,000. I am still waiting for an answer

                  • patchouli oil

                    Again, you recapitulate your old mantra:

                    “just said that according to some, in this particular case they may be some justification.”

                    Unless you are willing to rise to elementary levels of morality, there is no need for further discussion.

        • Voice of Reason

          RV wrote: “I guess America is responsible for those suicide bombers in Iraq, or Shiite-on-Sunni civil wars.

          Yes, it is responsible. Iraq was a depressing country ruled by a brutal tyrant, but there were no Shiite-on-Sunni civil wars and in fact there seems to have been almost no politics-related deaths in Iraq for the 15 years from 1988 to 2003. Saddam was accused of killing 182,000 civilians in Kurd Iraq during the time when he was still best ally of USA, but he was never convicted of it. What he was convicted and hanged for is the the killing of 148 Shiites from Dujail, in retaliation for the assassination attempt of 8 July 1982.

          From 1988 to 2003, the Iraqis lived a life, miserable by our standards, but they were not dying nor killing each other because Saddam didn’t allow inter-faith violence and kept islamic terrorists out of Iraq. And certainly, Iraqi women enjoyed Western-like rights, unlike the women in the much more revolting places like Saudi Arabia, America’s best friend and a huge buyer of American weaponry which it plans to use to exterminate the people of Israel some day. Just look at the ranking of top countries (other than USA of course) in terms of per capita military spending:

          Israel $1,487
          Singapore $1,003
          United States $986
          Brunei $977
          Kuwait $931
          New Caledonia $925
          Qatar $911
          Oman $893
          Bahrain $801
          Saudi Arabia $778
          France $778
          Norway $687
          United Arab Emirates $654

          Of these top 13 countries, 7 are oppressive Arabian kingdoms whom the US government loves so much and arms to the teeth. Care to guess against whom they will use their US-made military might?

          The Americans attacked Iraq and upon conquering it, fired all the policemen, plunging Iraq into a lawless chaos. And so, yes – the 1 million people who died in political violence in Iraq since 2003, were killed because USA had conquered Iraq and destroyed law-and-order there.

          I hear some Americans shout: “But in the long run, we gave Iraqis democracy, which they will enjoy!”

          Well, who said that American-style democracy is what all Arab countries need or want? For example, Palestinians had democratic elections and freely and democratically elected extremist terrorists of Hamas. Is this the kind of democracy that USA wants to see in Iraq and other Arab countries? Or maybe a dictator like Saddam is not as bad as Hamas?

          And also if Hamas is the legitimate democratically elected government of Palestine, why is USA mad at Russia for recognizing it?

          • You know why the United States is mad at Russia for dealing with Hamas and other “liberators.” Hamas is a terrorist anti-Semitic organization the sole purpose of which is annihilation of Israel and if possible annihilation of Jews. If Russia supports Hamas, that tells something about Russia. It does not make a shade of difference whether Hamas was or was not legitimately elected. But elections have consequences. If it was democratically elected, then the public that elected it has no excuse and must bear the consequences.

            Of course, dealing with terrorist anti-Semitic regimes is nothing new for Russia. Her support of Iran is very telling too. In Tehran there is also a democratically elected government. I don’t even have to go back to Stalin and his dealings with Hitler, another legitimately, lawfully and democratically elected leader.

            • @In Tehran there is also a democratically elected government.

              Not really, Ahmadinejad falsified the elections.

              Oh, and Hamas seized the total(itarian) power in Gaza only with a paramilitary coup. In which more than 100 people were killed (and many more since). Their Night of Long Knives.

              • Well I don’t know. At least on its face they certified him as a winner. My point is that even if they had having genuinely free elections, it’s not enough

  12. VOR, elcction falsification was rampant under Kuchma – that’s why he was not freely and democratically elected. He may have served out his term, but it was not due to free, fair and democratic elections.

    Yushchenko came to attention because he did a great job as head of the Bank of Ukraine.

    That’s why I said “primarily” – apparently too subtle for little rooskie sovoks like you.

    Ukrainians do indeed have a backbone, unlike rooshans, and little rooskie sovoks.

    They punished Yushchenko for not delivering on his promises.

    That doesn’t make Yushchenko a scumball.

    In fact, for example, President Yushchenko fostered and promoted knowledge about the Holodomor, the stalin/kaganovich engineered mass murder by famine against Ukraine.

    That was a forbidden topic, even after the fall of the sovok union, due to massive intimidation and brainwashing of the sovok populace.

    On May 17-18, 2010, during President Medvedev’s visit to Ukraine, guess where they went?

    To a Ukrainian Holodomor Memorial, to honor and remember the victims of the Holodomor.

    President Yushchenko also fostered and promoted free speech, and freedom of the press.

    And Ukrainians take full advantage of that today.

    Unlike in oily orthodox mother roosha, where they have voting, but no elections.

    And where journalists are still beaten and killed.

    • Voice of Reason


      I am tired of arguing minute details with you. Let’s just agree on the basics: Ukraine is a democratic country, the majority democratically elected Yanukovych, and Ukraine’s future is bright.

  13. Voice of Reason

    Elmer wrote: “President Yushchenko fostered and promoted knowledge about the Holodomor, the stalin/kaganovich engineered mass murder by famine against Ukraine….Ukrainians punished Yushchenko for not delivering on his promises.

    You have well summarized the Yuschenko administration. He himself said that his biggest accomplishment in office was that he made the Holodomor events from 80 years ago into a major political issue.

    Imagine if an outgoing US President said: “I didn’t deliver on my promises. I screwed up the economy. I widened hostilities between different regions of my country. But my biggest accomplishment is that I promoted knowledge about the slavery, the mass deaths of Native Americans and the theft of their lands, and the internment of Japanese-Americans in camps in WWII”.

    What would the people say? “Yes. Mr. President, it is important to many of us that you publicized historical events from 80 years ago and blamed a Georgian Stalin and a Jew Kaganovich for all our problems from 80 years ago, but that’s hardly why we elected you as President of Ukraine.”

  14. VOR, you are indeed a very good sovok relic – you know how to dissemble and distort, and repeat falsehoods ad nauseam.

    First, the Holodomor was not a trivial, minute detail. Sorry that you “got tired of it,” which is the typical sovok thing to do.

    Second, the Hodomor itself was brutally politicized – both the sovok union, and rasha, its successor, counted on the brutal suppression of any talk of the Holodomor.

    Third, your analogy to the US leaves out one very important thing – the difference between the US and roosha and the sovok union.

    Both the Holodomor and Stepan Bandera (are you having apoplectic seizures yet, foaming at the mouth, little rooskie sovok) were subject to intense, pevasive political suppression and sovok propaganda.

    As I said, all talk of the Holodomor was verboten – indeed, the archives were sealed, and access to the archives was verboten.

    And Bandera himself was subject to one of the most brutal, continuous, intense sovok false propaganda campaigns ever seen in the history of mankind, even though he was assassinated by a KGB agent in 1959.

    That included a repeated, pervasive, perfidious mantra against Ukrainian ‘nationalism,” which in the sovok lexicon meant any hope or though of freedom and independence from the Kremlin/sovok union/rasha.

    You yourself, like a good little sovok rooskie, have repeated the mantra about Stepan Bandera on this blog – nobody believes you, VOR.

    So for Yushchenko to talk openly about the Holodomor and about Bandera was a way of getting rid of all of the really nasty sovok brainwashing.

    As far as Yushchenko and “screwing up the economy” – well, more rooskie sovok propaganda.

    First, Ukraine’s presidential-parliamentary system does not give the president authority over the economy.

    Second, in case you haven’t heard, there was a global economic crisis which hit everyone – even oily orthodox mother roosha, which due to mismanagement by Putler, felt magnified effects.

    Third, at every step of the way, Yanukovych’s Party of Roosha blocked Parliament, and blocked everything that Yushchenko tried to accomplish with the economy.

    I’m not saying that Yushchenko did not make mistakes.

    However, in large measure, Ukraine’s problems today stem from the sovok union, and all of the baggage that sovok relics like you and Putler still try to foist on people.

    Yanukovych was elected by less than a majority of the vote, 48% to 45%.

    There was falsification – but this year, due to internal and external reasons, both Ukrainian judges, such as they are, and the EU chose to ignore it.

    That said, due to the Orange Revolution, Ukraine does indeed have a bright future, provided that Yanukovych doesn’t take Ukraine back to the USSR.

    Thanks to freedom of speech in Ukraine, it’s going to be tougher than Yanuk and Azarov (both of them sovok relics) thought to take Ukraine back to the USSR, like Putler andMedvedev want.

    And finally – sovok relics are the ones who live in the past.

    All of the sovok union was built around the mythology of the sovok union’s “victory over the fascists,” and that has been continued in rasha to this very day.

    When every May, the rashan army goose-steps like nazis, marching around on “Victory Day” like nazis to the “great glory,” instead of respectful remembrance.

    When at every step, you and other little rooskie sovoks seek to keep alive the false propaganda about Bandera, despite all of the historical facts that contradict that propaganda.

    When, at every step of the way, everything you say reflects the sovok propaganda about the “union” of all slavic countries – under the crushing boot of the Kremlin.

    When little sovok rooskie relics like you deny the Holodomor, or go into frenzied foaming at the mouth, because you can’t handle the truth.

    Ukrainians have more backbone – they are handling the truth today.

    Unlike in rasha, where the the truth has no place, and rooskie sovok Alice in Wonderland delusion is the order of the day.

    So here’s that old little rooskie sovok slogan for you:

    привет всьем
    мир всьем

  15. Russia lost its first action in the European Court upon Dagestan resident claim


    Two of Zulpa Abdurashidova’s three children escaped unharmed but a 7-year Summaya was wounded and later died. Two other men were also killed. Abdurashidova’s husband was taken to the district militia department by the law enforcement officers. The gunfire destroyed the house and the family possessions in it. The family repeatedly requested a criminal investigation into the death of Summaya and the destruction of their property. It is unclear whether a criminal investigation were opened. The appeal to the European Court of Human Rights was filed in June 22, 2005.

    The European Court held that Russia was to pay the applicant 60.000 euro for moral damage and 8 000 euro for pecuniary loss. In addition, the Russian Federation authorities are to reimburse the legal cost of the applicant’s representatives in sum of 3 480 euro.

  16. Someone asked where is Obama who is supposed to be liberal??

    Obama is mentally unwell (styrofoam pillers and all). No one has any idea what he will do next.

    However, he is doing an excellant job of infuriating the American people.

  17. Give your game a boost of confidence with Garmin’s Approach G5, a rugged, waterproof, touchscreen golf GPS packed with thousands of pre-loaded golf course maps. Approach uses a high-sensitivity GPS receiver to measure individual shot distances and show the exact yardage to fairways, hazards, and greens.

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