EDITORIAL: The Breathtaking Failure of Vladimir Putin

Putin is forlornly calling out: "Mahatmaaa . . ." Source: Ellustrator.


The Breathtaking Failure of Vladimir Putin

Our issue today contains two brilliant, highly insightful essays from the mainstream press documenting in breathtaking detail how the recent Moscow subway bombings have exposed the total failure of the Putin regime in Russia. No fair-minded person who reads this commentary can come to any conclusion other than that a Russia led by Putin, utterly unqualified to run a major economy in  a supposedly democratic country, is doomed.  And we back this up even further with a third essay exposing the downfall of Russia’s most potent economic engine, Gazprom.

Much as we admire this analysis, however, we think that the two most telling facts about the bombings were left out of the picture, so we’d like to add them back in.

First, one of the two subway bombings was carried out by a 17-year-old girl, the widow of a man killed by Putin’s stormtroopers in Chechnya.  Her chrubic, heavily armed face was soon being displayed next to her deceased husband for all the world to see.

Second, in the immediate aftermath of the bombings a physical assault was carried out by a so-called “Russian patriot” on 82-year-old human rights activist Lyudmila Alekseeva, right in front of rolling video cameras and a crowd of people.

We think these two shocking events, at opposite ends of the age spectrum, viewed in juxtaposition tell you all you need to know about the failed state that is Putin’s Russia.

In short, Putin has built a society where it’s not only considered acceptable but patriotic to assault an octagenarian, and where teenager are left with no hope and riven to mass murder via suicide bomb.  There is no more devastating and undeniable condemnation that can be made of Putin’s Russia.

This man must go. If he does not, his neo-Soviet failure will continue to undermine the foundations of Russia society until the nation collapses, just as it did in Soviet times from similar causes.

Putin’s failure is absolutely predictable.  He came to office without either education or experience in either managing a democratic political system or a market economy.  To the contrary, his background clearly indicated that his knowledge and training would cause him to respond to problems in either area in just one way, with brute force, the worst possible solution, one that could not possibly succeed.

And that is exactly what Putin has done (in today’s issue, just for example, we report on Putin’s move to place all photocopy machines in Russia under government regulation and control, so as to choke off an possible “samizdat” publications that might rise against him), in so doing bringing his nation once again to the bring of humiliation and ruin before the eyes of a slack-jawed world.

And Putin will not go. Instead, the lemming-like denizens of Russia will continue to treat him as if he were a successful hero.  Many Russians, of course, have no idea of the extent of Putin’s failure, because they get all their news about him from TV stations he owns and operates.  Others may well be aware of his disastrous rule because of the Internet of civic involvement, but virtually none will be willing to put their freedom or lives on the line to resist him.  And many others will ritualistically blind themselves to Putin’s failures just as so many did in the time of Stalin, and they will help Putin bring the nation down by crushing their neighbors and friends in a vain effort to save themselves.

24 responses to “EDITORIAL: The Breathtaking Failure of Vladimir Putin

  1. @the widow of a man killed by Putin’s stormtroopers in Chechnya.

    The girl was (supposedly) a wife of a Dagestani rebel leader who was killed in Dagestan.

    His name was Magomedov, and btw the name of the alleged “second bomber” was Magomedov too ( http://www.smh.com.au/world/parents-identify-second-moscow-attacker-report-20100405-rlwa.html ), which is the most popular surname in Dagestan.

    (Sometimes it feels like every second person there is named Magomedov. Even the president of Dagestan in also Magomedov, and the new interior minister after the previous one was shot is named Magomedov too.)

    RIAN on his reported death in Khasavyurt:

    • (Seriously Dagestan is not Chechnya.)

      • Seriously, you seem to have a mild obsession with that notion. On this blog, it is the same.

        • Cool. Do you think, say, Afghanistan and Pakistan are “the same for you”, too?

          Dagestan is popularity known as “not Chechnya”

          Dagestan is also much larger than Chechnya, with much larger population.

          It is populated by dozens of ethnic groups (the largest being Avars, Dargins, Kumyks and Lezgins, and the Chechens are only a tiny minority of less than 3%).

          Or maybe just the “Caucasus Emirate” = “[Greater] Chechnya”?

          • Btw “Chechnya” is an artifictial Russian-colonialist name (just like “Chechens”, too). Dagestan is not.

          • And here’s an article for you already from 2002:


            • This is also one reason for the current popularity of Salafi Islamism among the youths there: besides providing an alternative to the government opression, corruption, and poverty, and a chance to “get even” for those persecuted (killing cops), like in Ingushetia, Islamism in Dagestan also offers a vision of unity above the ethnic and political divisions.

          • Aha, but the problem in your opinion is that Dagestan IS a new Chechnya. Just look at the amount of bloodshed.

            • “A new Chechnya”? And so what is Ingushetia, “a new Dagestan”?

              Btw whenever someone says Chechnya is somewhat “peaceful” now, they’re stupid. It’s not more “peaceful” than Dagestan, and had many suicide bombings in 2009 (more than in the rest of North Caucasus combined).

              Kabardino-Balkaria is “peaceful now”, in the sense that only several dozen people were killed there in the last four years.

              Anyway I find it really annoying how people still say “Chechen”, “Chechens”, “Chechnya” at anything and anyone anywhere in the region.

              And not only, like in Afghanistan and Pakistan were any Russian-speakers or even any pale-skinned militants are always called “Chechens” by almost everybody (locals, foreign forces, journalists, no matter none of them have ever seen a real Chechen).

              “They call Uzbeks Chechens. Why? I have no friggin idea.”

  2. marc in calgary


    “The Soviet Story” in entirety, although the film makers don’t really get to Mr. Putin until about the 74 minutes mark…

  3. Robert,
    Salvadorian gang in The Bronx is different from Puerto-Rican gang, which is totally different from Mexican gang. However, for a soccer mom from Long Island they are absolutely the same. And dwelling on differences only distracts from the main thought: Try not to be in the wrong place at the wrong time… And if you are – roll up the windows, don’t stop your car, and avoid eye contact with other drivers or pedestrians.

    I know the differences between the top gangsters (Kadyrov, Zyazikov, Magomedov) very well. The difference is in means and in goals. Add Kokoity and Umarov – and for gang student there is hardly any similarity. However, for a Moscow commuter analyzing the differences distracts from the main topic – they are at war with us and, nolens volens, we are at war with them

  4. Robert:

    I think the reason all people from Caucasus are Chechens for an average Russian is because Ichkeria has already become a symbol of all those Daghestanis’, Chechens’, Ingush, Kabardines’ et al resistence to the colonial rule.
    Chechnya was the first and it seems the only among those republics having openly declared independence. Moreover being invaded it fought the invasion back successfully for several years. So the rest happened to be overshadowed by the publicity Chechens had gained before

  5. Putin and his regime are oppressing the Jewish community and I am including here an ode to their suffering:

    Самый страшный зверь на свете,
    Знают взрослые и дети.
    Любит с кровью есть мацу,
    Нос с горбом ему к лицу.
    Недостаток виден в ушках,
    Кудри в чёрных завитушках.
    А губа-то, а губа –
    Точно гнутая труба!
    Носит пейсы часто он
    И в интригах чемпион.
    Он везде: и там и тут,
    Но не знает слова “труд”.
    Он “Госсию” часто славит,
    Только лжёт он и картавит.
    знай же друг-антисемит,
    этот зверь зовётся жид!

    • Report / Flag / Inappropriate language (no, I don’t mean Russian, I mean racist)

      • What’s the matter Felix? Can’t handle a little criticism of the chosen few?

        • O!!! I just realized that your website has Jewish propaganda pasted all over it!

          I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt your Jewish sensitivities.

          NOT! Jews robbed Russia high and dry in the 1990s, and some continue to do so today. No sympathy for their ilk.

          • By the way, apart from the brutal Israeli oppression in occupied Palestine and endless Israeli warmongering concerning Iran, I’m sick of you cheap Jews not understanding that a restaurant bill requires at least a 10% gratuity.

            Many of you chosen people are not able to comprehend such a simple concept.

            • Also, on your website, the fact that you mock the peace symbol with a B-52, the preferred American annihilator of human life in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, and now Iraq and Afghanistan, shows how much contempt you have that are on the receiving end of US violence and terror.

      • I don’t know what he said, but if this is some kind of racist or anti-Semitic invective, that’s not for the first time. He did it previously in English too

        • An anti-Semite used to mean someone who hates Jews.

          Today it means someone whom the Jews hate.

        • Unfortunately, this blog is full of racist invective which you’re fully supporting. Why, being russophobes you are so sensitive to antisemitism?

  6. Hi,
    the Russian mob (read: FSB) is even infiltrating soccer. Just read this interview from Andrew Jennings at http://www.qatar2022bidrevealed.com, and thought: Well, yeah, sports is politics :-/

  7. Subject: Salvation for the damned.

    Damning is the business of the Vatican. Anytime events do not go their way, Vatican powers damn. Removing salvation is not within the powers of anyone in or out of the Vatican. Faith is subject only to the believer. It says so in the Bible. No man has power to remove an individual’s faith. The principle employed by the damned to side-step Vatican damnation is known as justification. Justified is the reality of God’s opinion of one who pleases God. Pleasing God is the only plan of salvation that ever existed. A murderer is justified when pleasing God in his choice of murder subjects.

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