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(1)  EDITORIAL:  The Obamination in Kyrgyzstan

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Chechnya II, the Wrath of Maskhadov

(3)  Chechens must be Free!

(4)  The Moscow Bombings:  Prelude to Georgian Invasion?

(5)  CARTOON:  Medvedev and his Little Friend

EDITORIAL: The Obamination in Kyrgyzstan


The Obamination in Kyrgyzstan

With the announcement from rebel leaders in Kyrgyzstan that they were assisted by Russia in their coup d’etat which left blood flowing in rivers through the streets of the capital city, Bishkek, last week, our very worst fears about the abomination known as Barack Obama were realized.

Obama claimed to be “resetting” relations with Russia from the Bush years, and he sure has done so.  Russia has ousted the pro-U.S. regime in Bishkek that had thumbed its nose at Russia and insisted on preserving the U.S. military base just outside the capital city.  It has reached out to the maniacal Venezuelan ruler Hugo Chavez, promising him nuclear and rocket technology as well as billions in weapons. And it goes on shamelessly providing that same type of technology to Iran.  Obama has even gone so far as to authorize U.S. soldiers to march through Red Square saluting Putin on V-E day.  Rumors are beginning to fly, and we report some in today’s issue, that Russian troops will march into Georgia once again this summer.  The new ruler of Ukraine has just repudiated NATO membership for his country.

Welcome to the Obamination. To put it mildly, we are appalled.

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