In love of Stalin, Russian Barbarism laid Bare

FOX News reports (click through for video):

If there was an award for despicable legacies Joseph Stalin would rank right up there with Hitler and Mao for the men with the most blood on their hands. By conservative estimates the man who led the Soviet Union for 30 years until his death in 1953, was responsible for killing some 20 million people, most of them his own citizens.

His penalty? In May of this year when Russia celebrates it’s victory over Germany in World War 2 (victory with the help of all it’s allies including America) it will put Stalins face on billboards all over Moscow.

Vladimir Makarov, with the Moscow City Government advertising committee confirms to Fox News Stalin’s face will be on at least 10 huge billboards. The exact design is not finalized but he says “we do not say Staliin was not a criminal, we’re only saying this man was the Commander in Chief when the Soviet Union and it’s Allies defeated the Germans and we can’t erase him from history.”

Of course not erasing him from history and putting his face on billboards is quite another matter to Russians we talked to in the street. One woman said “so many people suffered fromk this man, generations of people who are still alive, families, good smart people simply vanished because of Stalin”.

Imagine if Germany suddenly put up billboards of Adolf Hitler? Unfair comparison? Last year the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe declared Stalin was equally to blame as Hitler for mass genocide in Europe. In fact Stalin secretly made a deal with Hitler to carve up Countries like Poland.

Stalin, vicious and paranoid, arranged for hundreds of thousands of Russians to be spirited away to Gulags or workcamps. He used ‘purges’ to execute thousands of members of the Communist Party he found to be threatening. He starved millions of people. But none of those facts and that history will make it to the Moscow City Hall billboards.

Only his role as Commander in the Patriotic War will be posted, but of course the fact many say Russia won the war despite Stalins bad leadership won’t be on the billboards either. None of the facts surrounding his dismissal of his best Generals leading up to the War, his refusal to believe his Intelligence agencies and top Generals warning Germany was about to attack, and in the hours following Germany’s attack Stalins refusal to allow his forces to fight back or counter attack won’t make the billboards either.

So is it just bad judgement or a mistake Stalin’s Soviet image will be polished up and posted on billboards here? Critics say it goes deeper than that. The Kremlin is trying to spruce up Russia’s image as former Soviet Countries have documented how harsh their citizens were treated under Stalin and others. And of course the Kremlin needs people to respect authority in a Country which imitates democracy, but according to opposition leaders, has no free and fair elections or free press. So they are starting with Stalin. As historian Vladimir Ryzhkov put’s it “they are trying to control minds, to control understandings of people”.

But Stalin will be a tough sell in a Country where people hear stories from their fathers and mothers about what terrible things happened to their relatives under Stalin and his henchmen who came in the midle of the night and took people away. The billboards will bring back those memories and more.

59 responses to “In love of Stalin, Russian Barbarism laid Bare

  1. To a central pro-Stalin argument: ‘he saved Russia from Hitler’, and etc.
    Many anti-bolshevik Russians, back then, KNEW that Hitler was the only possible military power, that COULD defeat & evict from Russia, the hated bolsheviks, and that is why millions of them co-operated with Hitler. Because…..they also knew, that when/if Hitler had totally defeated and smashed the bolshies, and ‘conquered Russia’, that Hitler’s Germany COULD NOT HOLD Russia for long, and the Germans would be duly driven out.
    To many Russians back then, they considered it , better, to be ‘conquered’ by Hitler, than live any longer under the monsterous bolshies.
    Stalin, as a ‘National Savior’, is thus absurd.
    Stalin was far worse than Hitler was able to be, far far worse.
    That was the ‘White Russian’ hope, in a nutshell, in the desperation of the times.

    • And also very important point – Stalin’s system is still in place in Russia. It was never really properly destroyed or even reformed. So, for example, Putin does not need to build prisons – they already exist. Putin does not need to break the will of most of the judges – they already used to give 99.9% “guilty” verdicts. Putin just needed to outline that he approves this system and does not plan to change it. He quickly destroyed what Yeltsin did and now they want to send clear message – Look you not only live in Putin’s Russia, YOU LIVE IN STALIN’S RUSSIA, SO SHUT UP YOU, SLAVES!

    • Have the readers noticed that respect for Hitler is extremely common among the russophobic posters here?


      Likely not, since there is no such respect. Saying that Stalin was worse than Hitler is not saying one respects Hitler.

      The readers have likely noticed, however, how Russophile trash like you are unable to defend Stalin or the Putin regime’s rehabilitation of him, and therefore adopt the Soviet tactic of smears and distraction. They’re well familiar with such pathetic tactics, and not confused by them.

      Keep on telling ridiculous lies like this, and you’ll lose your privilege of commenting on this blog. Comprendo, dolt?

      • To Comrade ‘RTR’:
        Have the readers of this blog, ever noticed how russo-worshippers/Putin & KGB excusers, forget how similar Hitler and Stalin were?
        But, Stalin and his bolshies were far far worse.
        Hitler didn’t last very long, and his Nazi Germany is now just an unpleasant memory.
        The German people are free and prosperous and quite peaceful, a very positive nation in the world scheme of things. What evils and destruction and repressions Stalin and all of YOU commies created in poor Russia, lives on and on and on.
        And, by the way, why is the current popular neo-nazi youth movement in Russia, so closely connected to Putin?
        I accuse Putin, of being a Hitler lover!
        And what about, you, RTR?

        • Psalomschick,

          You are absolutely rights: to the descendants of German who voted for the Nazis, Hitler and his Nazi Germany is now just an slightly unpleasant memory.

          But to the tens of millions of Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, Gypsies, Czechs, Belorusans, Serbs, Russians etc, who lost their families in the Holocaust and Nazi extermination camps, Hitler’s Nazi Germany is much more than “just an unpleasant memory”.

          • That’s “descendants of Germans”

            • Are you aware the Russia also persecuted Jews, many of whom fled in desperation to other countries?

              Are you aware that anti-Semitism is today a FAR greater problem in Russia than in Germany?

              Do you know that Germans openly admit and atone for the evil of Hitler, whilst Russians praise Stalin?

              Your ignorance and mendacity is characteristic of the utterly failed neo-Soviet state that is modern Russia.

  2. I think this Fox report will greatly increase investments in Russia. Russia already proved itself island of stability during this crisis. Now when the world will see that there is The Most Effective Manager in central Moscow, Moscow will instantly become world financial center as Medvedev promised before war in Georgia.

    I think the next wise steps should be – shooting of Nemtsov and Sevtchenko publicly on the Red Square and invading Georgia (showing Saakashvili balls on Kremlin website would be ideal). After that not only Moscow, but St. Petersburg will become world financial centers leaving London and NY far behind !

    Mother Russia, I am so proud of You !

    • Alex,

      All this because, Lenin told us that the Production Distribution function, can be done by gangs of armed workers. So simple, nobody thought of it.

      • Oh, Lenin, this one deserves some special attention. My favorite story about Lenin is that when he lived in exile in Finland, he got to some accident when he was on a bicycle with Rolls Royce. Apparently Lenin was guilty but he tried to sue Rolls Royce owner and failed.

        One of his first steps after he took power was to order several dozen Rolls Royces for “state needs”. Even lavish tsar’s court did not have Rolls Royces. So there were nothing to confiscate. He ordered them directly from the factory and paid with government money. Great reason to kill Tsar family together with children. And what a great start for the Communism and Socialism!

        • Oh, Alex, another professional historian who apparently does not know that at that time Finland was part of Russian Empire :)

    • To Alex,

      What a great idea cited below:

      ‘I think the next wise steps should be – shooting of Nemtsov and Sevtchenko publicly on the Red Square and invading Georgia (showing Saakashvili balls on Kremlin website would be ideal). After that not only Moscow, but St. Petersburg will become world financial centers leaving London and NY far behind !

      Mother Russia, I am so proud of You !

      Let’s make some adjustments to your excellent idea:
      You should also show on the Kremlin’s webside picture of Putin kissing and caressing a 5-year old boy with the following sentence – Pedophiles of the world unite!!
      Or, the good Russian is an HIV-positive Russian – or ‘Russian future belongs to China, or ‘Russia will be for ever the provider of natural resources [ e.g., like Nigeria, etc..] to the first word, or the pathetic, third word starving Russia is trying again to play a global power – dear Alex the list is endless!!!

  3. Yes, indeedy-do-dy!
    Alex, we all, all around the world, can sure be mighty proud of Putin’s version, of Mother Russia! (?)
    If only,!.. the millions of clunk-heads in western goverments and business, would wake up to the threats that the present regime in Moscow poses to the whole world.
    But sure, we all ARE ‘proud’ (???)

    • Well, I’m sorry, but it won’t happen. Not until some small nuclear explosion. Just one… or maybe two…

      It’s not easy to wake up millions of people…

  4. sascha_hero Germany

    on may 9 french,british and american soldiers will march together with the russian army-scum in moscow,who slaugthered 320.000 chechen civilians since 1994! This day will be the most shameful day in the last decades for the USA,France and Great Britain! It´s ASHAMING LIKE HELL

  5. Yes, sascha_hero Germany,
    I fully agree with you. This May 9th. planned joint victory parade, in Moscow, will be MOST shameful, and nothing but another propaganda victory for the Kremlin gangsters.
    Once again! our current American political leadership are total FOOLS!
    Could it be, that we Americans, have more to fear from our own idiot leaders, than even Putin?
    Sometimes, I fear so.

  6. Alex wrote: “Not until some small nuclear explosion. Just one… or maybe two…

    A big fan of nuclear holocausts, eh?

    • To Comrade ‘RTR’,
      ‘A big fan of nuclear holocausts, eh?’

      My response, YES! if I could use you and the Kremlin KGB gangsters, as my target!
      Regardless, I hope that America nukes you first, without warning.
      If Russia cannot change for the better, my vote is to nuke it, the sooner the better.
      And I am MOST sincere!

      • Psalomschick,

        Where in USA do you live? Are you in the top 20 American metropolitan areas that will be annihilated in retaliation if USA tries to nuke Russian people?

        • Why does Russia feel the need to buzz the American coastline with nuclear bombers, when America is doing no such thing to Russia?

          Why does Russia rank so low on the peace index in today’s issue, the USA so much higher?

          Isn’t it perfectly rational to fear Russian aggression if you are an American?

          • Umm, hello!!! The US is ringing Russia with military bases and now ABM silos 40 kilometers from its border.

            Russia is performing no such daring feat on the Mexican or Canadian border.

            Isn’t it perfectly rational to fear US aggression if you are Russian?

            • Umm, hello!! Nuclear bombers are OFFENSIVE weapons, DEFENSIVE missiles cannot harm Russian people AND THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION JUST UNILATERALLY WITHDREW the proposed defensive missiles.

              Were you drunk when you wrote that?

        • RTR,
          ‘But to the tens of millions of Jews, Ukrainians, Poles, Gypsies, Czechs, Belorusans, Serbs, Russians etc, who lost their families in the SOVIET RUSSIA AND GULAG extermination camps, STALIN’S RUSSIA is much more than “just an unpleasant memory”.

  7. It’s hardly surprising that Fox News would repeat the same mantra of “20 million people” killed under Stalin’s watch.

    If Fox News knew anything apart from its own fanatic worship of the US terrorist state, they would realize the sheer effort and logistics required to kill just one million people.

    Twenty million is how many Soviets citizens died from the Hitlerite invaders, and that is a very conservative estimate.

    • Hey Mr. Ouch:

      How about this one? Is this reference to the “U.S. terrorist state” a good enough piece of evidence of the anti-American hatred?

    • Stalin and his regime are directly responsible for the death of at least 15 million Soviet persons IN ADDITION to the 20 million who died in WWII.

  8. Comrade ‘BrickHouse’:
    You are just another Putler internet propagandist, troller goon.
    We have heard your baloney, over and over and over.
    Your main themes are: America totally stinks, and Russia is totally good!
    HA! HA! HA!
    So, what other lies do you have?
    It is useless to try and have a real discussion with your types, as you are not commenting here, to share ideas or to listen to others, or to try to arrive at the truth of matters, nor do you want to admit the rotten truths about your rotten form of government.
    Your types are not honest truthseekers, so it’s no use to even try to…debate you.
    So, I will let others have at you, I won’t waste more time on the likes of you, mindless/souless robots.

  9. Psalomschick wrote: “Your types are not honest truthseekers

    And you are a sane and “honest truthseeker”?

    Psalomschick wrote: “‘A big fan of nuclear holocausts? My response, YES! I hope that America nukes you first, without warning.

    • ‘RTR’, you know, in your heart of hearts, comrade, that you do deserve getting nuked.
      Just admit it, and stop talking insanely and lying so much.
      Very Sane and very sincere, Psalomschick- your true friend-

      • Psalomschick , I am not your comrade. And I very much doubt that the US government will want to nuke me here in California.

        So, until you and your fellow islamic jihadists get your hands on a nuclear bomb, I will continue to feel quite safe.

  10. sascha_hero Germany

    i would like to hear your opinion about the shameful may 9-parade in Moscow with the western troops!!! what do you americans and other western guys say to this topic? It´s shameful in my eyes,i repeat! Every western soldier should be ashamed to march besides this russian scum,who massacred 320.000 chechen civilians between 1999 and 2004,including 45.000 children!

    • Are you deranged? Since when do Western soldiers march on May 9 in Moscow? Please provide a link or you’ll be banned.

      • To Larussobe,

        Here is the link, I would hate to see “sasha_hero Germany banned, as I am solid with his point of view. The problem of course, is that the source of the story is the Russian Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov.

        Some commentaries and blogs have pulled it. I hope that it is not the case here. i.e.

        “This is my third attempt at posting this story but for some reason it keeps getting pulled. I have this story up at Hannity Forums and other political forums and sent it off to Drudge Report. If it is pulled again I would appreciate a explanation from someone.

        Obama to send U.S. Troops to Moscow to March in Parade Celebrating Stalins Red Army.
        For the first time ever a United Stated President is sending U.S. Soldiers to march in a Parade in Red Square May 9th celebrating Communist Joseph Stalin and his Red Army’s victory in reaching Berlin 65 years ago. I don’t like this idea one bit even though Russia is not Communist anymore because of Ronald Reagans tough stance against the USSR which led to their downfall. Also Stalins image will be plastered all over Moscow for the Victory Celebrations for our troops to march by. Let it be noted that Stalin killed more Jews than Hitler did and also Stalin provided Migs to the Communist North Koreans to engage our American troops in the Korean War”.
        I know that this is pure insanity and serves the Kremlin Propaganda war on its neighbors. This masks the continued atrocities.

      • Wow, thanks. That is shocking! We must look into it. It’s only saying a Russian source is making this claim, do you have any link showing confirmation from Western sources?

  11. sascha_hero Germany

    PS: since 2004 Kadyrov and his bands do the russian´s job,terrorizing civilians

  12. Two questions (maybe more):

    1) why is Russia still celebrating a soviet holiday, and celebrating war?

    2) During WWII, millions of people were killed, hurt, maimed, orphaned, etc. – war is hell.

    Stalin sacrificed nothing – it was the people who suffered and sacrificed.

    Why would Russians want to yet again glorify a mass murderer like Stalin?

    Wouldn’t it be better to simply quietly, respectfully and accurately remember what the people went through, rather than to stage another sovok-style propaganda event?

    Why glorify war?

  13. Elmer,

    In agreement with your post, but I would add to that; In glorification of war, it is the glorification of acting unquestionably, on orders of the Tovarish Comrade Leaders.

    A good and obedient savok, should do all that is asked, without question, and everything will turn out OK. At least most will survive, especially the leaders, as their just reward. Rendering onto Cesar.

    Sort of like the JFK speech in America, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”. This Kennady speech, said 50 years ago. Then women wore girdles and bullet shaped bras that have since been discarded by women long ago.

    Sort of a Retro De-Evolution of humanity, but can they get women to wear useless and uncomfortable undergarments again, probably, and change must come. Women can now wear thongs.

    This can be quiet an “orgy of a political parade” in Moscow on March 9. I hope that it is cooled down, and not made into a justification of the Great Vozd Stalin and RaSSiyan policies.

  14. sascha_hero Germany

    any more questions??? I think this case is clear

  15. sascha_hero Germany

    you will see the shocking truth on TV on may 9,if you still don´t believe it! You will see the shocking pictures of american soldiers marching next to russian killer-scum,who murdered chechen babies!

  16. sascha_hero Germany

    once more i invite all hones anti-russian people from La Russophobe also to join my yahoo-group or to visit it from time to time to read the truth about the war in the North Caucasus as well as other stories from the Russian “Vampire-Empire”!
    While the russians prepare for their bloody may 9-parade,they lost at least four soldiers yesterday in clashes in Chechnya,you can read it in my group!

  17. I am taling a Modern Russian History Class and my teacher is a Russophile and were learning how under Lenin things wer bad but were getting better but then when stalin took over all the Civil Rights Lenin and Trotsky had wanted to implement over time were stopped then reversed all because of Stalin . I find it interesting according to him Stalin was the only communist for collectivization and Nationalization of all industry here I am thinking thats what communism was (other then the desire to hurt your citzens in every way economically, physically, mentally and taking every political or civic freedom). I think some of the critism of Stalin is unfair because at that point of history no matter what communist took power in the second half of the 1920’s would have been just a violent and evil and not saying this makes Lenin and Trotsky seem like they were candidates for the Nobel prize when they were all in fact advocating the same or very similar policies as Stalin.

    • With Stalin, it will be never enough of criticism. If it’s not clear for you, read good books and stories of people who suffered. Lenin is also totally immoral bloody monster but it does not make any justification to Stalin. When Molotov (who himself was the beast) suggested give a little food to dying hundreds of thousands Russians, Stalin told him that he seemed suspiciously “far right”. The same happened to Hrushev when he just hinted to Stalin to be just a little little humane to ukranians. Stalin deliberately killed dozens of millions of people. How can you justify that? Don’t do it. Save your soul for something that deserves it.

  18. Allegations that it was an immoral act, but not a war crime
    “ …ever since the deliberate mass bombing of civilians in the second world war, and as a direct response to it, the international community has outlawed the practice. It first tried to do so in the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949, but the UK and the US would not agree, since to do so would have been an admission of guilt for their systematic “area bombing” of German and Japanese civilians. ”

    —A.C. Graylin

    These Allied Politicians with the Nazis and Commies had a lot in common. I was on the last refugee train into Germany, that the british were bombing. This was done to avoid a refugee problem from Eastern Europe after the war. My mother still had the icon that protected us.

    They should bomb the whole Parade, and the idiots that organize the “Celebrations”.

    • As a matter of fact, there was a Jewish Refugee Camp as well, as other Slavic Ones in Germany after the War.

      The decision was made, that the going to the West, even if it was Germany, was far more preferable to remaining with Stalin’s Russia. Poles were admitted but others were turned back. You were lucky if you could speak Polish. Ukrainians and others were sent back to certain death and imprisonment in the Gulags after they had been to the West.

  19. sascha_hero Germany

    McCain wouldn´t have send US-troops to a satanic parade in Moscow! He would rather have armed the north caucasian rebels in their fight against theis bloody satanic russian empire! When will the USA return to it´s roots? FREEDOM,JUSTICE,HONOUR!!! To the roots,which i was always loving as a german!!! WHEN??

  20. sascha_hero Germany

    Read this!!! The whole human race celebrates weddings,births and birthdays,in Russia and it´s semi-independent provinces they celebrate death-anniversaries. What a dark and satanic empire!!!

  21. sascha_hero Germany

    maybe China will solve the “problem russia”

  22. sascha_hero Germany

    Europe fighting against the russian Mafia

    Ingush rebels tell about the state of the Vampire-Empire

  23. sascha_hero Germany

    Very well said from the ingush rebels,i completely agree

    “Russia is no longer the empire that t was before, but a colossus on clay feet, which is about to collapse under the weight of its crimes, and we only need to push it. It is a huge drunken man who empties the remnants of his vodka bottle, and he will surely fall on the ground, dead.
    Every day, we, by the grace of Allah, become stronger, better organized, with a single command, while the infidels who represent Russia become weaker in every aspect: their economy decays, their population starves, and their army degradates.
    It is superficial to speak about their demographic situation. Their population is sunk in alcoholism, drug addiction and venereal diseases. In addition, big apostate states (they mean China,USA,Europe,Turkey,Kazakhstan), anticipating a forthcoming division of the territory and resources of a weakened and already dying Russia between them, actively promote its death.

  24. Russia’s glorification of the butcher Stalin is a clear sign that this country has not moved on, they will never be accepted by western democracies until they show contrition for the crimes committed, and place scum like Stalin in the rubbish bin of history,

    The Russians seem to have WW2 commemorations almost every other week; they want to constantly remind the German nation about Nazi war crimes, they seem to revel in the Germans discomfort, but this constant reminder has paid dividends the Germans invested heavily in Russia, Nord stream will only get built due too German involvement.

    The Russians call 1941-45 the “great patriotic war” maybe the rest of us should call the role played by the Russians between the years 1939-1941 the “great treacherous war” (just ask the Poles).

    • Too right.

      One vile evil mass murdering and imperialist dictatorship defeated by another vile evil mass murdering and imperialist dictatorship, not good at all for those in eastern europe who were “liberated”.

      What they were liberated from was the right to freedom of expression, freedom of religion, freedom of association, freedom to travel, and the right to life in far too many cases.

      As Winston Churchill said at the beginning of the Nazi invasion of Russia “It’s a pity they both can’t lose…”

      • I kind of happy about this Stalin thing in Moscow. The worse the better… Maybe Germans will also realise whom they like to help so much…

  25. Here we go again. Sovok DID NOT “liberate” Eastern Europe; it simply replaced one domination with another that for most of the population (actually, for just about everyone, except for Jews and Gypsies) was worse than the previous (Nazi) one. Why should they be grateful for that?

  26. Civilized people would not respect even that.

  27. “By conservative estimates the man who led the Soviet Union for 30 years until his death in 1953, was responsible for killing some 20 million people, most of them his own citizens.”

    From 1921 to 1953, 3,777,380 people were convicted of counter-revolutionary activities. 642,980 of those were sentenced to capital punishment. 2,369,220 of those were sentenced to serve in work camps and prison. 765,180 were exiled or deported.

    The truth provides ample opportunity to criticise Stalin. There is no need for anyone to make up absurd numbers with as many zeroes as they feel like to do it.

  28. Stalin did a lot for the civil rights of Rroma(gypsies). Which is why to this day he is remembered fondly by many Roma around the world. The Soviet people rescued the dying and starving from concentration camps and freed the world from Nazism. Stalin, not a Russian, a Georgian, not considered white either in Russia and from a very poor background is also an inspirational for these reasons like Obama or Abraham Lincoln. To say that Hitler and Stalin are the same a lie and a slander. If the EU or NATO says they are that might have something to do with how powerful Germany is in both unions and the strong anti Russian sentiments of US and other capitalist imperialist countries

    • Most people do not realize that NAZI =

      same BS as the uncivilized pagan barbarians in the kremlin!

      Nazis believed in government control over just about everything. They promised to “take care” of the people. They directed the economy. They changed laws to meet their agenda, and the people’s rights were subordinate to the government.

      The Nazis, Socialists and Communist were and are leftist. The principle difference was that the Communists wanted to take ownership control of the means of production. The more Fascist Nazis and Socialists just wanted to control the means for production because they were already very aware of the disastrous failure of the Soviet Communist takeover of private enterprise.

      Nazis looked at the Communist (KPD) and Socialist (SPD) as their main obstacles to consolidating power, since they all expressed varying degrees of leftist socialist ideology.

      That is why the Nazis imprisoned their competitors for power.

      Conservatives, that is self-reliant free enterprise oriented people, loathed the Nazis. Nazi philosophy was not conservative, i.e., they did not believe in individual liberty or that individual rights came from God rather than the government. Actually they tried to replace religion with the Fuehrer.

      One of the invited speakers to this ICL class, B.F. Malac, a Czech survivor of both the World War II Nazi forced labor camps and the Communist takeover of Czechoslovakia after WWII, was asked, “What were the differences between Nazis and Communists?” He succinctly relied, “There wasn’t a spits worth of difference between the two.”

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