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March 31, 2010 — Contents

Two victims of the Monday terrorist bombing of the Moscow subway, courtesy of the Moscow Times and the brilliant Chechnya policy of Vladimir Putin


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(3)  EDITORIAL:  A Tale of Two Russian Oligarchs

(4)  Won’t you Help Russians get some Toilet Paper?

(5)  Bloggers Document Russian electoral Fraud

NOTE:  Another major attack on Russian civilians by the Caucasus rebels has occurred in Moscow, with two separate subway stations bombed and three dozen dead.  So much for Putin’s policies!  Over on Pajamas Media, LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld has the rundown.  Countries that send their athletes to Sochi in 2014 in the wake of this madness are guilty of homicide if and when those athletes are caught up in similar violence, pure and simple.  Of special note is that this column is Kim’s 50th installment at Pajamas. Congrats, KZ!