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EDITORIAL: Barbaric Russia, most Warlike of Nations


Russia, most Warlike of Nations

According to Australian think tank Vision of Humanity, only eight of 133 world nations surveyed are more warlike and less peaceful than Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

You read that right: Russia is in the bottom 10% of all world nations when ranked for peacefulness.  The likes of Zimbabwe and North Korea are more peace-loving than Russia.

Last year, there were nine countries more warlike than Russia, so Russia’s position has gotten even worse over the course of the last year.

Today we offer an entire issue devoted to illustrating by various examples what a truly barbaric country Russia is.  But you hardly need a wealth of evidence to understand that a country run by a proud, lifelong KGB spy is going to rely on brutal violence as its chief means of enacting policy.  What other behavior would we expect from a man like Vladimir Putin who is rehabilitating Josef Stalin, the greatest mass-murderer of Russians in world history, and turning him into a national hero?

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EDITORIAL: Clinton Blasts Russian Barbarism


Clinton Blasts Russian Barbarism

Last week, after more than one year in office, the Clinton State Department finally opened fire on Russia’s litany of human rights atrocities.  The Kremlin lashed out at the effort in a typical neo-Soviet frenzy.

The DOS report made a particular issue out of Russian barbarity in the Caucasus:

In Chechnya, Ingushetia, and Dagestan, the number of extrajudicial killings and disappearances increased markedly, as did the number of attacks on law enforcement personnel.  Authorities in the North Caucasus appeared to act outside of federal government control. Federal and local security forces in Chechnya, as well as private militia of Chechen president Ramzan Kadyrov, allegedly targeted families of suspected insurgents for reprisal and committed other abuses.

Let’s be clear:  This is the government of the United States accusing the government of Russia of state-sponsored kidnapping, torture and murder.  And then there’s the cover-up of these atrocities:  “”Eight journalists, many of whom reported critically on the government, were killed during the year; with one exception, the government failed to identify, arrest, or prosecute any subjects. Beating and intimidation of journalists remained a problem.”

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Do you dare call THIS anything but Russian Barbarism?

ABC News reports:

Stanislav Sutyagin was planning to sell his large black Mercedes but it now has a huge dent in its right side. He’s getting money to fix the damage, but it’s not coming from his insurance company or the driver who hit him. The government is compensating Sutyagin after Moscow cops ordered him to park his car in the middle of a five-lane highway to block a car they were chasing.

The suspects slammed into the car carrying Sutyagin and a friend, but kept on going. The traffic policemen who had ordered Sutyagin to place his car sideways, and stay in it, told him that neither he nor the other two cars in the barricade would be reimbursed for damages because the fleeing silver Audi managed to escape.

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In love of Stalin, Russian Barbarism laid Bare

FOX News reports (click through for video):

If there was an award for despicable legacies Joseph Stalin would rank right up there with Hitler and Mao for the men with the most blood on their hands. By conservative estimates the man who led the Soviet Union for 30 years until his death in 1953, was responsible for killing some 20 million people, most of them his own citizens.

His penalty? In May of this year when Russia celebrates it’s victory over Germany in World War 2 (victory with the help of all it’s allies including America) it will put Stalins face on billboards all over Moscow.

Vladimir Makarov, with the Moscow City Government advertising committee confirms to Fox News Stalin’s face will be on at least 10 huge billboards. The exact design is not finalized but he says “we do not say Staliin was not a criminal, we’re only saying this man was the Commander in Chief when the Soviet Union and it’s Allies defeated the Germans and we can’t erase him from history.”

Of course not erasing him from history and putting his face on billboards is quite another matter to Russians we talked to in the street. One woman said “so many people suffered fromk this man, generations of people who are still alive, families, good smart people simply vanished because of Stalin”.

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Source: Ellustrator.