EDITORIAL: Russia on the Verge of a New Energy War


Russia on the Verge of a New Energy War

Once again, Vladimir Putin’s Russia has proved itself wholly unable to carry on productive, friendly relations with its nearest neighbors.

Last week, in response to libelous, provocative unilateral Russian threats to shut down gas supplies in the event of payment default or “theft” of gas,  Ukraine announced that “it would double the fees that Russia must pay to transport natural gas through Ukrainian territory to the rest of Europe.”  Russia called the announcement “political blackmail,” yet Ukraine has not been late on any payments to Russia this year and there have been no allegations of siphoning.

Russia’s crude threats are the same ones the world heard last year, and Ukraine’s response was predictable as well.  The reasons for Russia’s aggression against Ukraine are perfectly clear.

First, Russia is hurting, and hurting badly, as it has seen demand for its natual gas plummet and been forced to back away from minimum supply contracts by tough Ukrainian negotiators.  Revenues from gas sales have fallen through the floor, and it is in Russia’s interests to destabilize gs markets with panic so that nervous buyers will bid up prices.

Second, Ukraine will hold presidential elections in mid-January of next year, and Russia wants to destabilize the Ukrainian political enviornment in the hopes that pro-Russian candidate will steal the national leadership and direct Ukraine back into a position of subservience to Moscow.

It’s just that simple. Russia has been, is and will continue to be engaged in cold war with Ukraine, recklessly indifferent to the consequences both for itself and for the world. Governed by a proud KGB spy, Russia is capable of nothing better.  For this reason, it stands utterly alone in the world, having alienated nations that should be friends and driven others into the position of outright enemies.

The world simply cannot allow Russia to continue terrorizing its neighbors while promising them it will be an “reliable energy partner.”  It’s clear that Russia’s desire to inflict punishment is far stronger than its desire to be responsible, it’s desire to acquire a neo-Soviet empire much more important to Russia than being respected or admired as a partner of civilized nations.

It is time for the world to face down Russia in Ukraine.

3 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia on the Verge of a New Energy War

  1. The EU should do more to protect the Ukraine but unfortunately the union is being controlled by the Germans, They are reliant on Russian gas, have a leader Mrs Merkle who is a product of the old East Germany and has a disturbing leaning towards her old soviet masters.

    There is a constant political battle taking place in Europe between a British led block consisting of Sweden, Spain, the Baltic States, Poland and the Czechs who support the Ukraine and want to throw the EU’ s weight behind them over these disputes and the German led Russian appeasers.

    Merkle is a traitor who was happy to do a deal with the Russians over the sale of GM’s Opel and vaxhaul brands produced in Europe, this deal would have seen 6000 jobs lost in Britain and re-deployed to Russia even though the British plants are more productive and profitable than the plants in Germany which would have remained.Thankfuly our American friends pulled the plug on this outrageous stitch up of a deal.

    The Germans seem more interested in looking after Russian interests than those of union members. Britain does not buy much gas from Russia so we can face them down over issues like Georgia and the Ukraine.

    Russia uses energy as a political tool the EU must diversify and wean themselves off this Russian gas dependency. The British will never allow themselves to fall into this Russian trap we will leave the union before this ever happens.

  2. Unfortunately, Sweden and Finland have capitulated under Russian pressure and approved the construction of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pipeline (know as Nord Stream) through their economic zones along the seabed in the Baltic Sea. This is a major victory for Russia in her pipeline war against the West. The twin brother of the Molotov-Ribbentrop pipeline – South Stream gas duct – is also making progress. Russia has grasped initiative in the pipeline war. Step by step, Europe is being subordinated to the Russian dominion. Germany already acts like a Greater DDR. Sad, but true… :(

    NO to Nord Stream! http://www.balticsea.lt/en

    • Ah, Nord Stream. So large, so expensive, so vulnerable.

      A truly nice pipeline. Shame if something happened to it.

      (hello, SEALS, Royal Navy, ANYBODY?)

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