Annals of Shamapova

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Once again so-called “Russian” Maria Sharapova, who has lived most of her life in the USA and pays her taxes there, has gone down to humiliating, spectacular defeat.  In her quarterfinals match at the French Open in Paris, she lost every single game in the first set against her lowly #20-seeded opponent, a virtual unknown, and then lost the first five games of the next set too, only managing  to win two of 14 games played by the time the carnage was over, avoiding another infamous double-bagel by the skin of her perfect teeth.

How did she manage to get to the quarterfinals, you ask?  Simple.  She was lucky enough to draw Russian opponents in two of her four prior matches, including the hilariously woeful Nadia Petrova, seeded #11 in the tournament.  If the #20 was able to crush Sharapova so easily, and Sharapova whipped Petrova, what does that say about the viability of Petrova’s #11 rank? It’s says it’s an illusion, of course.

Before the match, here’s what a moronic commentator for the LA Times named Chuck Culpepper wrote about Shamapova:

Sharapova has returned refreshed and eloquent and free from any expectations. It’s almost as if now and then everybody should take 10 months off, have a little shoulder surgery and some good ol’ rehab.

Oops. Not so much. Here’s what he then wrote about Dinara Safina:

Safina has been so suddenly despotic this tournament that even though Azarenka is absolutely a budding starlet at 19, if she wins as many as three games — as nobody else has against Safina — she should get a standing ovation and a chanting of her name and maybe a small bouquet of flowers.

Three games, huh?  In actual fact, Azarenka destroyed Safina in the first set, and the Russian was able to win only one game.  Safina took the second, but the tally of games was 7-10 against her by set’s end.  She then won the match, with a total of 13 games won to Azarenka’s 12.  Double oops.  So much for the article’s screaming headline about Russian resurgence.  Safina, by the way, lucked out in a major way. Her match should have been against Ana Ivanovic, last year’s French Open champion, but Ivanovic collapsed as spectacularly as Shamapova along with the other two prominent Serbian players and did not even reach the quarter finals this year.

24 responses to “Annals of Shamapova

  1. Sharapova lost to Dominika Cibulková. Dominika is from Slovakia. So you slavophobes have actually nothing to celebrate.


    We’re not slavopohobes and are offended by your racism and attempt to change the subject, which is Sharapova’s incompetence and illusion.

    • Slavophobia is not racism (at least if you’re of white race)… And honestly, I’m not offended by slavophobes. I understand that the so called “West” (France and westwards) simply don’t understand us and look at us with suspicion to say the least.


      Your words are dripping with racism. Slavic is a race, and slavic racism towards other exists just a surely as does racism towards Slavs. The fact that you need to make two comments in rapid succession shows you didn’t think at all before you posted them, but simply acted in a childish and emotional manner. That makes it hard for us to take you seriously.

      • We Slavs are not race. So hating slavs actually cannot even be racism. There are only 3 races: white (caucasoid), yellow (mongoloid) and black (negroid).

        Just like in my case hating Germans is definitely not racism, but national chauvinism.

        • Oh no there is not. Anthropology has long time ago rejected racial classification because it shows a total lack of understanding of the amount of interaction that occurs between people.
          So you think that people with Down syndrome are mongoloids because they have the epicanthic fold?

  2. Pavel, have you noticed that LR is a big supporter of:

    Ukraine (slavs)
    Slovakia (slavs)

    This is an anti-neo soviet russia blog.
    Please try reading the articles and engaging your brain before commenting.

  3. No, it’s not racist.

    And no I’m not a neo-Soviet man. But if there’s any label applicable on me, let’s just say that I’m a political realist (Realpolitik). And I admit, I’m quite sensitive to criticism aimed at any Slavic nation (even at muslim Bosniaks), that kind of makes me a pan-slavist.

    I actually really do enjoy some articles posted here, some of them point out real vices that are present in Russia and let’s be honest, in most slavic countries as well. We are not perfect, unfortunately.

    That’s also, why I kind of don’t get, why you bash Maria Sharapova. Yeah she failed, but that’s what happens, when you do sport professionally. Why her anyways? Like you said in the beggining, she’s a “Russian”, not Russian.

  4. How did Serena Williams do today against that Russian, Kuznetsova?

    Are there any of your fellow Americans left in the draw, La Russophobe?


    Nobody says America is a dominant force in women’s tennis (although Americans have still won the last three grand slam events in a row and have two of the top ten players). The fact that Americans lose doesn’t have anything to do with Russians being great, does it? Why are you trying to change the subject? The question is whether Russians are great or not, that’s all. They’re not, and in fact most of the time they’re an embarrassment to the sport and their country. End of story.

  5. Pavel, What the hell is ” Slavophobe” . That’s
    new terminology for me . I was under the impression that L.R. only has issues with
    ” russians ” ( more correctly moscovites ,
    moscovians , moscovitians etc. , you take
    your pick ) , who really are not Slavs anyway .
    Being a Slav myself , I do not take the slightest
    offense at bashing moscovites since I don’t see
    any connection there . Although the moscovites
    always try to establish kinship with Slavs , we
    know Pavel , don’t we , that the slavic input into
    the Ugro-Finno-Mongolo-Tatar conglamoration
    is negligible and calling yourselves Slavs is
    certainly not going to change that . Moscovite
    affinity for anything slavic is of course due to the fact that the ” Duchy of Moscovia ” , was
    fostered by the Kievan Rus’ from whom they
    got their language , Christianity , laws and
    government . Imagine for one moment if Mexico
    decided to call itself Spain and all Mexicans with
    all their diverse ethnic mosaic decided to refer
    to themselves as Spanish .

    • Geneticists have found that genetically speaking, Russians are a mixture of Slavic and Finnic genes. Ukrainians are a mixture of Slavic and Turkic genes. However, the percentage of Slavic genes in Russians is higher than in Ukrainians.

      This difference – Finns vs. Turks – may explain why, according to the CIA World Book, the Russian standard of living – GDP per capita – is more than twice times higher than Ukrainian:

      Russia 15,800
      Ukraine 6,900

      Russia has almost the same GDP as the other successfully emerging Eastern European, while Ukraine is trying to keep up with places like Thailand (Ukraine’s main competitor in supplying prostitutes to the World):

      Thailand 8,500

      Until 1992, Ukraine did fairly well because they were fed and clothed by Russia and the Baltic republics. But upon independence, Ukraine collapsed. Ukraine was not the only country that had depended on Russia to feed them until 1992. Cuba is another example.

      In fact, back in 1993, the CIA reported the following GDPs per capita:

      Cuba $1,250
      Ukraine $3,960

      Yet, after the Russian support dried up, Cuba first went into a tailspin but, thanks to the genetic strength of its people, rebounded and now has a per capita GDP of:

      Cuba 9,500
      Ukraine 6,900

      In other words, even though from 1993 to 2008 Cuba had a communist economy, while Ukraine transitioned to free market economy; Cuban economy collapsed in the mid-1990s due to the loss of Soviet financial support; Cuban economy suffers immensely from the USA blockade —
      — yet, Ukraine went from being more than 3 times wealthier than Cuba in 1993 to being much poorer than communist Cuba in 2008. Amazing!!!

      Next we need to find out why Ukraine sucks so big at tennis and other sports, as the only good ethnic Ukrainian tennis player is a Russian: Davidenko.

      • Robert - Canada

        Your logic boggles the mind. GDP per Capita is no measure of standard of living … Russia has a terrible standard of living (High HIV per Capita, short life expectancy for males, high TB incidence etc.)

        Russia is rich in natural resources (oil, gas, minerals) but this belongs to the state (or arguably the oligarchs) not to the common Russian, so it is not a measure of Russian productivity by any stretch of the imagination.

        As for genetics comparisons … just leave it alone, this is another subject which is very ill-constructed. Eugenicists under the Nazi German regime tried to construct arguments along such lines; surely you do not want to follow such line of thinking.

        I hope that this site tries to denounce xenophobic behaviour not encourage it.


        We do indeed! Just click the “racism” category in our sidebar to read our denunciations.

  6. The fact that Americans lose doesn’t have anything to do with Russians being great, does it?
    Isn’t it great to take down great Americans? What is exactly your definition of greatness?

  7. This pathetic sophomoric infatuation with the recent failures of Sharapova not to win every single f’n’ match that she plays smacks of only one quality – jealousy.

    Why do you continue to sully the 95% poignant and topical links and posts on this site by prolonging your obsession with Sharapova?

    Conclusion: it has nothing to do with Russia, nationality, place of residence or, especially, tennis. It boils down to an “ugly-girl” inferiority complex.

    Please, continue to comment on and present news/links such as the following (; and dispense with the arbitrary and pointless insults of a single person that no-one has ever upheld as a paradigm of some perceived “resurgent” Russia.


    How do you dare to complain about “pointless insults” while making one against us, calling us “ugly” — when you’ve never even seen us? You’re an amazing hypocrite!

    How do you dare to tell us what content should and should not appear on our blog? Have you appointed yourself Stalin?

    You’re a very ignorant person. MANY people have held up Sharapova as proof of Russian success in sports, she’s by far the most successful “Russian” player in history so we have every right to discuss her. We don’t say she has to win everything, we simply point out that she wins NOTHING, and loses in disgraceful fashion.

  8. Dermovinov, thanks for the link.
    That is a typical act for the current Russian government, well spotted.

  9. What’s the old adage: “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

    Your juvenile response speaks volumes and requires not comment.

    Waiting for your snarky retort, and some response to this article, seeing as how you fancy yourselves “newshounds.”


    You think it’s mature to call us ugly? Dude, look in a mirror!

    Sharapova is Russia’s golden girl, and she’s been Russia’s OFFICIAL SPOKESPERSON, for example in the bid for the Olympics. She’s held up as an example of Russian success, and we’ll keep exposing her Potemkin fraud (and betrayal of her country, where she doesn’t live or pay taxes). If you don’t like that, don’t read our blog. Make a better one, if you can, and see how many people will read it. When you host more than 5,000 visitors in a day, as we did yesterday, then come back and give us advice.

    Did you notice that all your “stories” come from A SINGLE SOURCE, the only serious newspaper focused on Russia in English? Does that qualify as great discovery in your book, are you proud of your ability to read the Moscow Times? We’re not impressed with your “scoops.” Dig a little deeper.

    Didn’t think you’d deny you have the hots for Maria. Thought so.

    It’s a little bit disturbing that you don’t seem to think it’s possible you could be wrong. In actual fact, yesterday this post was more popular with readers than our “Lions” or “Soldiers” posts, about political topics — and it doesn’t seem you left a comment praising either one of them. Perhaps you need to get your own house in order?

    It’s also rather disturbing that you think you can influence our content by insulting us. Only a really stupid child acts that way, so it really doesn’t seem you are to be taken seriously at all.

    • Sharapova is **not*** Russia’s golden girl as far as tennis goes.

      Yes, she has the looks of a supermodel, but Kournikova was prettier and much sexier.

      In recent years, Russia has had a dozen or so top-notch tennis players, three or four of whom are simply great.

      Yes, so far, Sharapova has been the most awesome among them.

      Sharapova had won 4 (four) Grand Slam titles and a total of 22 (twenty two) WTA Tour titles by the age of 21.

      She was WTA Player of the Year at age 17.

      She injured her shoulder exactly 1 year ago at the 2008 French Open and is still in recovery

      She is a fast-court palyer, and thus never won the French Open (the only Grand Slam she hasn’t captured)

      Her reaching the quarterfinals in the French Open this year with the shoulder injury and slow court indicates that she will soon recover her form and will win dozens more Grand Slams, since she is only 22 year old now.

      However, there are plenty other Russian players who will keep Russia on top of the tennis world even if Sharapova never recovers from her injury, including Dinara Safina, the best player in the World this year, Kuznetsova, Dementieva, etc. And in Russia, Sharapova is actually less respected than the other girls.

      Here is the current (pre-French Open) Russian WTA ranking:

      1 Safina, Dinara 27/04/86 RUS
      4 Dementieva, Elena 15/10/81 RUS 21
      6 Zvonareva, Vera 07/09/84 RUS
      7 Kuznetsova, Svetlana 27/06/85 RUS
      9 Azarenka, Victoria 31/07/89 BLR
      11 11 Petrova, Nadia 08/06/82 RUS

      Five out of top eleven. Not bad, eh? And Sharapova too will be there soon.

  10. I’ve stated that 95% of your content deserves to be complimented. I read them on a regular basis, and I have commented on them.

    It’s the other 5% that detracts from the legitimacy; especially this pathological infatuation with Sharapova. It borders on “cyber” stalking.

    “Dude”? You didn’t really type that, did you?


    “Pathological”? You didn’t really type that, did you?

    Why did you spend so much time commenting on this one, ignoring the FIVE others in this issue? Isn’t that also “pathological”?

    Isn’t 95% good enough for you? Do you really need to agree with 100%? Isn’t that rather Stalin-like?

    Is a comment the same as a compliment where you come from? When was the last time you gave us a compliment? We can’t remember one.

    Do you do anything else besides comment? Do you use DIGG to favorite the posts you approve of?

  11. Gee, this is women’s tennis for pete’s sake. All the hot girls are out.

    On to more important stories, Belarus is bankrupt (surprise) and Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko, a former collective farm director who has kept an iron grip on the country since 1994, has bluntly slapped Moscow in the face.

    Last week, Lukashenko lashed out at Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin, who had questioned Belarus’ worthiness of getting the last $500 million tranche of the Russian loan and speculated that the country might be insolvent by the end of the year.

    “[Kudrin] joined ranks with our hoodlums who bark for Western money and teach us how to work,” an angry Lukashenko said.

    He said Belarus would not “whine and weep” if things did not work out with Russia but “look for better luck in other parts of the world.”

    President Dmitry Medvedev retorted Wednesday that the outburst was unacceptable. “We have never tolerated and we will we never tolerate giving personal characteristics to other countries’ leaders,” he said at an economics meeting, Interfax reported.

    The clashes throw into doubt long-standing efforts to form a “union state” of both countries.

  12. I’ve just recovered from the hysterics-induced strained rib cage induced by having read the latest retort.

    Bringing needed attention to the Russian government’s heavy crackdown on human rights, freedom of assembly, the selective application of the law, the shifting from “private” oligarchs to “government” oligarchs, the insistence on being an equal member of the G7 + 1, the institutional corruption, society’s lack of mutual respect etc., is commendable. There is enough praise from other posters. I’m calling the other 5% to the floor – the content that is derisible.

    But, as has been pointed out, it’s not my blog, so I have no say in the content. I suppose a readership of sycophants, lackeys and lapdogs would be preferable, so all apologies for the “carpet call.”

  13. La Russophobe is right again. Russian women have once again been deeply humiliated:

    Out of a whole horde of presumably high-ranked Russian superstars, only 2 (only two!!!) managed to reach the Final.

    And I bet that come the Final game, yet another Russian will bite the dust.

    On the other hand, the American tennis players have performed much better than expected.

    Sharapova had all the luck going for her. With her major shoulder injury, she got almost a year of rest from tennis. You would expect that with all this rest and with her shoulder still in pain, she would win again. But no!!!!!!

    Instead, the two best women in the World are once again the Somali women: Safina and Kuznetsova.

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