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June 14, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Legion of Liars

(2)  EDITORIAL:   The Soviet Legacy of Lies 

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russia’s Main Olympic Sport is Long-Distance Lying

(4)  On Russian “realism” just say NObama

(5)  Ryzhkov on Russian History Fascism, Part II

NOTE:  A special issue today, devoted to exposing the rancid lies of the neo-Soviet regime past, present and future.

NOTE:  Care to watch the Aral Sea disappear before your very eyes after being wiped out by Russian mismanagement?

EDITORIAL: Putin’s Legion of Liars


Putin’s Legion of Liars

The most damning argument against the rule of Vladimir Putin is the pathetic character of those who seek to defend him.

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EDITORIAL: The Soviet Legacy of Lies


The Soviet Legacy of Lies

To round out our trilogy today on lies and the lying Russian liars who tell them, which began by exposing the lies told by Putin’s sycophants and will conclude by documenting the lies he himself spews out on a daily basis, it’s fitting to turn to the topic of history.  Putin himself is firmly anchored, of course, in Russia’s Soviet past. He’s a proud KGB spy who spent most of his life working to advance the goals of the USSR.

Which included, of course, relentlessly lying about anything and everything, all the time.  Take for instance the USSR’s recently exposed jaw-dropping duplicity on the subject of commercial whaling.

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EDITORIAL: Stormclouds over Sochi


Stormclouds over Sochi

A few weeks ago, we reported that the Olympic organizing committee was shocked at a recent inspection of Sochi to see how little progress the Putin regime had made in constructing the basic facilities that will be necessay to host the 2014 Olympics there.  As always, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin gave assurances that everything was fine.

As always, Putin was lying.

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On Russia “realism,” Just say NObama

Lev Gudkov, director of Levada Center, Igor Klyamkin, vice president of the Liberal Mission Foundation, Georgy Satarov, president of the Russian nongovernmental organization Indem Foundation and Lilia Shevtsova, a senior associate at the Carnegie Moscow Center, writing in the Washington Post:

As intellectuals and liberal Russians, we have read with great interest many recommendations American experts have compiled for President Obama regarding the U.S.-Russian relationship. While there are several constructive ideas, many of these reports reflect a serious misunderstanding of the situation in Russia and the course it is following.

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Ryzhkov on Russian History Fascism, Part II

Last week we carried Vladimir Ryzkhov’s essay in the Moscow Times condeming the Kremlin’s efforts to rewrite Russian history.  His next column continued the drumbeat of warning:

The only way to fight a real battle against the falsification of history — something that President Dmitry Medvedev has made a priority after creating a special commission to handle this issue — is to keep government archives as open as possible for historians. Unfortunately, the government is doing the exact opposite, depriving historians access to the most sensitive and important historical documents. Among other things, this is a violation of the Constitution.

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