June 3, 2009 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Give Poland her Missiles, Mr. Obama!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russians Destroying Themselves

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Domashnaya Klassika

(4)  EDITORIAL:  Another Major LR Milestone

(5)  EDITORIAL:   Is Charles Ganske a Kremlin Agent?

NOTE:  Russian dictator Vladimir Putin will be in Finland on June 3rd, and a public protest by human rights advocates is planned to demonstrate opposition to his neo-Soviet crackdown. If you are in Finland, be sure to turn out and show your support!

NOTE:  As we point out in #4, today we celebrate yet another major milestone in the history of our blog, the first month in which we were visited more than 100,000 times and the first week with more than 25,000 visits.  In honor of the occasion, our issue today contains 100% original content, five editorials.

9 responses to “June 3, 2009 — Contents

  1. Let’s hope there are more protests like this in Putin’s future:

    ST. PETERSBURG, Russia – Hundreds of out-of-work Russians have shut down a major highway west of St. Petersburg to protest the closure of two big factories.

    Roughly 500 people chanted “Work! Work!” as traffic backed up on the road in the town of Pikalyovo.

    Most protesting Tuesday were either relatives or workers from a cement factory, which stopped operations in February.

    That left 2,500 people out of work, more than a tenth of the town’s population. The factory also provided heat and hot water to the town


  2. Also link on Drudge this morning:

    Russian police thwarted opposition plans for a protest against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in central Moscow on Sunday, detaining a prominent Kremlin critic and more than 30 other government opponents in a show of force.

    The leader of the banned National-Bolshevik Party, Eduard Limonov, was among at least 10 people seen being grabbed by police and dragged into buses as they tried to protest in Triumph Square. Moscow police said about 100 people had tried to protest, and 33 were detained.


    • National Bolshevik party is awesome. I think that they should rule Russia.

      By the way, only 33 detained protesters? That’s nothing. Recently in my great country. 40 people protested against my government. 40 of them were detained :]. And I thought Russia was better at everything than my country :/.

      • And what country is your “great country”, Pavel, and do you have a verifiable link to those detained protesters?

        You wouldn’t be gaming us now would you?

        Facts matter.

        • Well, this website is about Russia so I didn’t to provide any more info. But if you really are interested… I live in the Czech Republic. That thing I was talking about happened on 24th May.

          The problem is, do you understand Czech? I’m not aware of english sources.

          But here are some photos and some info…


          Anyways, what kind of bugs me now is the fact that you for some reason support National Bolshevik Party… Are you aware, who are those people and what they want? Honestly, I’m not surprised 33 of them were detained.

  3. And, one last item, Paul Goble has linked and translated an article on the electronic MVD database which is being assembled to track human rights “extremists”:



    Thanks Penny, with all this rich material you are surely a blogger in your own right whether you know it or not. You really should consider sending us something we can post as an item on the main blog itself!

  4. Fresh new peace index, Russia rather sadly in the very back of the bunch 136 out of 144, ahead only of countries like Pakistan, Chad, Congo, Sudan, Israel, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq: http://www.visionofhumanity.org/gpi/results/rankings.php

  5. er,
    Interestingly enough, Ukraine an ex-Soviet Republic is ahead of the United States, number 82 and 83.

    Now if Ukraine can manage this, they are on their way to a bright European Future. RaSSiya only wants to drag it back into the mud.
    Slawa Ukraiyini.

  6. And here is more to add to Penny’s post about special department of MVD in Russia, so-called Department “E”


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