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(1)  EDITORIAL:  Kadyrov the Beast

(2)  Essel on “The Soviet Story”

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russia the Mental Case

(4)  Drunken Russia

(5)  Annals of Sharapova

EDITORIAL: Kadyrov the Beast


Kadyrov the Beast

We always know when the Kremlin is starting to panic, because the rhetoric of its malignant denizens goes from infantile to senile to simply bestial.  With four major attacks on leading Caucasus Kremlin puppets in as many weeks, the Kremlin is getting desperate and its utterances are getting scary.

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Essel on “The Soviet Story”

The Soviet Story

by Dave Essel

ssposter0509smI recently bought and watched the documentary The Soviet Story on DVD, which has just recently become available by mail order. I would now like to heartily recommend to LR readers. In the same way that I was astonished by the BBC having found genuine colour footage for its documentary on WWII (to me, a post war child, that was an event!), Edvins Snore, the Latvian director of this film about the evils of Soviet communism, has unearthed stunning, heartbreaking, and extraordinary footage in illustration of his cogent and withering attack on the very foundations of the Soviet philosophy.

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EDITORIAL: Annals of the Russian Mental Case


Annals of the Russian Mental Case

It’s ironic, to say the least, that Russia’s neo-Soviet overlords so often attempt to put their political rivals into psychiatric hospitals (we have a whole category in our sidebar devoted to documenting these efforts).  Ironic, since it’s the overlords themselves who are so much more in need of such treatment.  Our lead editorial today about the literally crazed remarks of Putin’s puppet in Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, is all the evidence any reasonable person needs on this point. But there’s lots more.

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Drunken Russia

Reuters reports that the classic stereotype of Russia being a nation of reckless drunkerds is, well, quite simply true. Maybe instead of attacking as “racist” anyone who dares to point out basic demographic facts, so-called “russophiles” ought to be working to change the status quo and save lives:

Cheap and illicit alcohol kills more than half Russian men and women in their most productive years and the government must act urgently to reverse the trend, a study to be published in The Lancet at the weekend said.

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Annals of Shamapova

Another ouchie for the lanky "Russian"

Another ouchie for the lanky "Russian"

Last week we exposed the outrageous rigging of the Wimbledon ladies’ draw in favor of “Russian” Maria Sharapova, who was given a seed her ranking did not merit — the only player to receive such a gift.  Tournament organizers freely admitted they were doing it to build interest in the tournament, which offered the propsect of repeating the all-Russian final seen at the French Open a month earlier — one of the worst grand slam finals in tennis history, unwatchable and indeed simply embarrassing from start to finish.  Tournament bigwigs were right to worry, since a few more grand slam finals like that and the entire sport would be washed up.   But rigging the draw for cheap theatrics is no answer.

In her second match at the All-England Club, Sharapova met journeywoman Gisela Dulko of Argentina.  Ranked #45 in the world, well ahead of Sharapova at #59, Dulko should have been expected to win the match (even though she had only won three games in four previous sets against the “Russian”). But if we believed the Wimbledon organizers and their seeding, it was going to be Sharapova who easily prevailed against her unseeded rival.

The organizers fraud was exposed and Sharapova went down in flames. 

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