August 12, 2008 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Miscalculation

(2)  Saakashvili in the Wall Street Journal

(3)  Kagan on Georgia

(4)  The Sochi Olympics:  A Disaster in the Making

(5)  Seeing Putin for Who he Is

(6)  The Mailbag:  Annals of Russian Ignorance

NOTE:  Here are a few recent LR milestones.  Yesterday, we published our 10,000th comment.  Last week, we published our 6,000th post.  Shortly, we will welcome our 350,000th visitor (Blogger and WordPress combined) and record our half-millionth page view.  As we’ve said before, these are as much the achievements of you, the reader, as of those who produce this blog, and we congragulate you on them.  In light of recent events in Georgia, it’s clear that our work is only just beginning and we are more essential than ever.

NOTE:  If there are any readers out there with a talent for graphic design, we want to have our logo above remade in a more professional way and sized exactly 770 x 140 pixels (it’s the wrong size now which is why it looks a bit blurry). The graphic is here.  If anyone is so inclined, please forward to us by e-mail at

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