The Sochi Olympics: A Disaster in the Making

The New York Times reports that, as we predicted long ago, the trouble is already starting in Sochi. Who knows how many athletes and spectators will perish if the world is actually crazed enough to hold the 2014 Olympiad there, a stone’s throw from Chechnya and Georgia, which could soon become the New Chechnya.

Two people were killed and three others injured by an explosion on a beach in Sochi on Thursday, Russia’s popular Black Sea resort which will host the 2014 Winter Olympic Games, local police said.

“At 10:10 a.m. (2:10 a.m. EDT) an unidentified explosive device went off at Loo beach,” a Sochi police spokeswoman said by telephone. “The blast went off around three meters from the water. Russia’s internal security agency, the FSB and local prosecutors are both trying to determine the cause of the blast,” she said “The beach is more popular around noon, so there would have been more people injured if it had occurred later,” she added.

Sochi is one of the most fashionable Russian resorts especially favored by the elite and Russian presidents use Sochi as their vacation site.

Russian news agencies quoted the Kremlin spokeswoman as saying President Dmitry Medvedev phoned his envoy in South Russia, Vladimir Ustinov, and told him to take personal charge of the investigation. The government has allocated over $10 billion dollars to reconstruct the aging resort ahead of the 2014 Olympic Games, attracting both business and criminal groups. So far police have said who might be behind the blast Interfax quoted witnesses who said they had seen a young man and a woman approach the package, which exploded when the woman picked it up.

Sochi is also situated just miles from the border with Georgia’s breakaway region of Abkhazia, where looming tensions between Moscow-backed separatists and Tbilisi have fuelled fears of a possible new war.

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