The Mailbag: Annals of Russian Ignorance

Letters, we get letters, we get lots of cards and letters ever day!

Dear La Russophobe,

Thanks for excellent blog, here’s a tip which might be of interest for you:

There is a Chinese website you can find the worldwide academic ranking of universities by Shanghai Jiang Tong University, a source hardly bothered by human rights issues etc, which lists world universities mainly by their economically important statistics (ie. science, medical etc. publications, Nobel prizes etc.):

By taking a look at the whole list some interesting facts will surface. On the top 500 list of universities Russia has just two, Moscow and St. Petersburg State universities. The comparison to even some very small advanced countries is startling. Finland has six universities on list and Sweden eleven. Japan, comparable in population to Russia has 31, even Brazil has six. It must be also pointed out that top Russian university on the list, Moscow State University, has the position 70, hardly comparable to ranks of top institutions of other large European countries. Russian scientific and technological ability seem to have strong positions…

Yours Truly,


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