BREAKING NEWS: Boris Nemtsov Arrested

Former first deputy prime minister of Russia Boris Nemtsov, being arrested in Moscow on July 31, 2010, for taking part in a peaceful demonstration in support of basic human rights in Russia. Numerous others were jailed before the protest had hardly begun by the jackbooted thugs of Vladimir Putin. Apparently, Putin is afraid of what Nemtsov might say and how many might applaud him if he were allowed to speak.

The Associated Press reports:

Russian police arrested a leading Kremlin opponent and dozens of fellow activists Saturday at a demonstration demanding freedom of assembly.

Several hundred protesters gathered in a Moscow square chanting “Freedom! Freedom!” at the rally city authorities tried to ban.

An Associated Press reporter saw Kremlin critic Boris Nemtsov dragged to a police car and driven away. The rally had barely started. Three or four others appeared to have been detained.

Police spokesman Viktor Biryukov said he wasn’t sure how many people had been detained in total, but human rights advocate Lev Ponomaryov said there were as many as 30 arrests.

“Authorities are just not listening to our demands,” Ponomaryov told AP.

Nemtsov signing an autograph moments before his arrest (courtesy of Radio Free Europe)

Police encircled the remaining protesters, who defiantly held aloft signs reading “31” to symbolize their movement, Strategy 31. The name refers to a plan by Kremlin opponents to hold such rallies on the last day of each month with 31 days — a nod to the Constitution’s Article 31 guaranteeing the right to peaceful assembly.

Moscow authorities rarely give permission for the rallies, often saying another group had requested the same site for a different event. On Saturday, there was an automobile show on the square.

Meanwhile in Kiev, about 30 Ukrainian activists held a simultaneous rally at the capital’s main railway station in support of the Moscow demonstration. Police swiftly detained several of them, breaking up the rally.

At the time of his arrest, Nemtsov was doing nothing more than autographing a copy of his latest publication for a fan.   Other photos are here.


31 responses to “BREAKING NEWS: Boris Nemtsov Arrested

  1. President Dmitry Medvedev’s chief human rights advisor resigned Friday, saying she was unhappy with the atmosphere in Russia in an apparent blow to Medvedev’s efforts to cast himself as a liberal.

    Veteran rights activist Ella Pamfilova told Reuters that her resignation was “connected to the general atmosphere in Russia today,” but she declined to elaborate further.

  2. Meanwhile in Caucasus, chemical warfare:

    “Operations with the use of poisons will continue,” the special services source told Rosbalt, adding “Even knowing the approximate location of militants, it is difficult to destroy them –they are very mobile [and] know the locality well. After the poisons act, the bandits cannot run anywhere. Furthermore, it allows [us] to avoid losses” (, July 29).

  3. putin’s KGB friend and puppet is cooperating with moscow.

    Meanwhile in Kiev, about 30 Ukrainian activists held a simultaneous rally at the capital’s main railway station in support of the Moscow demonstration. Police swiftly detained several of them, breaking up the rally.

    Read more:

  4. This kind of brazen action with no cover or pretense at all is a sign of weakness and a lack of confidence. They know the demonstrations would rapidly spread. Their backs are against the wall.

  5. hahaa militiaman looks like retard!

  6. All Russian militia (police) look like inbred douchebag retards with vodka destroyed brains!
    No wonder that local populiation all across Russia hates them so much, that people even starts eliminating them not only in Caucasus (Prymoryan partisans, Bashkortostan etc)!

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  8. Hello. I am from Russia. We believe Nemtsov bastard, for what he delal.On was in power – and nothing has changed. And now he is in exile.
    With Putin’s me and my family live well. Better than the liberals.
    My English is bad, I apologize.


    “We”? You speak for all of Russia?

    Do you have any poll data to support your claims?

    Putin is proud of the KGB, which murdered MILLIONS of Russians. He’s not a bastard?

    Live well??? Russians don’t rank in the top 125 nations of the world for life expectancy! Did you even READ Nemtsov’s report??? You don’t say a single word about it, much less offer any facts to contradict it. You are simply repeating neo-Soviet propaganda you heard on TV, TV owned by Putin. You are repeating the mistakes of the USSR, which collapsed and failed. Nemtsov had nothing to do with that.

  9. I’ll start from the beginning.
    My Account – are the opinion of my friends, and no one supports the opposition. (I read the report, by the way, Nemtsov’s very, very deceitful collection)

    Under Yeltsin, I was ashamed for my country. Now – no. We have a neo-Soviet propaganda – you have an American. All of Europe has sent soldiers to Afghanistan where they kill civilians as well. And the whole of Europe thinks that America is good.

    I n your democracy, we do not need. We are an authoritarian state. We do not need your advice – we know what we need. We have failed – but still has many glorious victories. Your foam from his mouth tells us only that we are on the right track. That I am writing to you – the officer of the Russian Army

    • How many of your working and/or retired army officers recieved their promised housing so that their children and grandchildren can live in a decent place?

    • When you have your next famine, don’t crawl to the West with the pleas for help for the starving children and elderly. You don’t want a democracy, fine, we all knew that anyway.

      You are an independent country and have a right to have a dictatorship if you want to. But don’t be surprised that you cannot find any friends except similar dictatorships like Nicaragua, Iran, or Venezuela. Don’t be surprised why your country is a pariah to the civilized world.

      And, because of your choice your country will remain poor, and will become even poorer when the oil prices drop, which is possible. Should that happen, don’t ask for handouts. Just remember that your hero has squandered billions for the Olympics when he could have had some relief for the poor using that money.

  10. Palvis is a russian idiot,his brain is smaller than the brain of a rat,no wonder,that thousands of russian girls are flooding my email every week because they search for a western man.Guys,Hitler should have wiped out this problem called “russian men”,he even killed not enough of these microbes!!!!

    • Wait a minute Ron, Palvis is at least honest, or seems to be. While other Russophiles scream bloody murder when Russia is accused of the absence of democracy, he has admitted that. They have an authoritarian state, he said (I guess, just a more polite expression for “dictatorship”), but he likes it and does not pretend they are a democracy.

      Of course, we all knew before that Russia does not want democracy, but he has admitted that.

      • RV,

        “Ron” is an another nickname for this dude who used to pose, among others, as a “Dagestani mujahid” and “Kadyrov fan” (not ironically), and many more personalities from various countries and regions (supposedly). Now he’s Hitler fan. How cute.

        Short, the guy is either a troll or he’s insane, and he’s really easy to recognise if you look at his posts.

  11. I love my country. I love her very much.

  12. Pulvis:

    If you really loved your country you would fight and die for the basic political rights of it’s citizens. You would not knuckle under to the cheap gang of criminals occupying the kremlin.

  13. i dunno–what, 200 demonstrators??? reading pipe’s russian revolution—hundreds of thousands hit the streets in 1905—all across the country. and there was no internet, blogs, etc–just revolutionaries who talked to the people, went into factories, etc—makes me wonder if all this internet/cyper stuff is counterproductive—just a thought—LOVE the russophobe.

  14. HMG) Europe as a flock of sheep. The Greeks came to demonstrate against higher taxes – and what was the result?
    We have bitter experience of revolutions. Decisions need to take a different path. The Americans and the majority of Europeans just do not understand this. You do not pass this.

    You better think about what to do with the threat of Islam in France, Holland, Germany.

    Ron, a rat – it is the most tenacious creature. They survived even after the nuclear explosions in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Your comparison of me flattered, but yet I Homo sapiens.))

    • Actually “Pulvis” (are you trying to tell us that you only think with your pelvis), Russia has a much bigger problem with Islam than western Europe.

      Hope you get sent to the north Caucasus soon old chap.

      • “Problem”? It’s going to be a Muslim-majority Chinese province, in future, maybe. But there’s no “problem with Islam” whatsoever nowadays, because actually is an an Islamic country, even one of the pillars of the Islamic world, according to Putin (and also a Southeast Asian Country):


        December 14, 2005


        He had a chance to measure the efficiency of his own state machinery during a helicopter tour over Grozny, which looked as much like Stalingrad after the epic battle of 1943 as the republic capital had during his previous visit in May 2004 (, December 13). He placed a strong emphasis on rebuilding Grozny as a “crucial test” for both the local authorities and the federal center, but Dmitry Kozak, the presidential envoy to the Southern Federal District (who for some reason was absent from the meeting), has so far failed to establish any control over the use of reconstruction funds, which tend to rapidly disappear without a trace.

        An even stronger emphasis in Putin’s presentation was on Russia’s positive view of, and strong support for, Islam (, December 13). Describing the hard times that Chechnya had gone through, he singled out the “distorted interpretation of the Koran” by the irreconcilable opposition as “the most dreadful” feature of that violent chaos. Elaborating further on that questionable point, he argued that Russia had always been “the most reliable, trustworthy, and consistent protector of the interests of the Islamic world.” Perhaps feeling the stretch of such logic, Putin mentioned that he had initially missed the point himself, explaining that in seeking to destroy Russia “those on the other side” were in fact destroying “one of the pillars of Islamic world.”

        Even for the carefully selected Chechen parliamentarians that claim could have been a proposition too far, but Putin reassured them that the leaders of Islamic states understood him perfectly well. As “proof” the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has decided to grant Russia observer status.

        Some Moscow experts immediately suggested that the President aimed at wider Islamic audiences with these comments and implicitly emphasized Russia’s disagreements with the U.S. stance as presented by President George W. Bush only a few hours earlier in Philadelphia (Kommersant, December 13). Indeed, Putin popped up in Grozny en route to Malaysia, where the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) was meeting (Vremya novostei, December 14). It is also possible to read the statement as a reaffirmation of Russia’s support for Iran, including the sale of surface-to-air missiles, despite U.S. pressure (see EDM, December 9).

        Putin’s words, however, were so muddled and oddly chosen that they probably reflect his worries about the Islamic challenge at home. Earlier this year, he refused to hear about the Islamic networks in the North Caucasus, the so-called jamaats. Now he might feel that he is missing something, as violence spreads across the North Caucasus despite the widening series of military and police special operations. In late Chechen President Akhmat Kadyrov, Putin had an ally with solid Islamic credentials, but he has few doubts that the son, Ramzan Kadyrov, who had a place of honor to the left of President Alu Alkhanov, donning a pinstriped suit at the meeting in Grozny, is just a gangster, a warlord whose loyalty needs to be bought.

        The deepening crisis in the North Caucasus relates directly to a theme that Putin did not mention at all in Grozny; December 12 also marked the 12th anniversary of the approval of the Russian Constitution. It was the first time that this day was not celebrated as an official holiday, which reflects the widespread indifference to the basic law in Russia (Ezhednevny zhurnal, December 12). Within this law it was possible to start one war against rebellious Chechnya, then make peace with it, and then start another one. This law also did not prevent the cancellation of regional elections and concentration of all authority by the executive power that has so efficiently subdued the parliament and the courts. Only 19% of Russians are aware that the people of Russia are the only source of power and sovereignty in their state according to the Constitution, while 55% are certain that it is the president (, December 12).

        That probably suits Putin just fine, but he should know better. He was in Dresden in 1989 when crowds filled the streets and asserted their right to be called “the people,” throwing away the East German police state that was far more organized and efficient than his.

  15. It takes a long time before homo sapiens will return to Russia. The evil and brainless species of homo sovieticus is still dominant.

    Most of the russians are sheep and that is a pity for both the country and it´s children…I feel sorry for them.

  16. The threat of the “putinization” of Ukraine

    Boris NEMTSOV: It would be great if the opposition created a coordination council for the defense of Ukrainian democracy

    By Natalia ROMASHOVA, The Day

  17. It’s me – pulvis. I change my nick name – you, the Europeans would be so easy.

    If we’re so bad why are you upset? “We should be glad. You – Russophobes – Rejoice. I was amused by your position. Irritating only fascist republic Baltic. Marsha Waffen SS veterans for example.

    But in Russia everything is wrong, I know: Vodka, lawlessness, Homo Sovieticus, Putin, murder of journalists, Chechnya and so on. Leave us. You are sick people. Do you have FOBIYA.RUSSOFOBIYA. A disease should be treated


    Politburo said folks like Solzhenitsyn had a “disease” that needed “treatment.” Russia continues the pattern of failure:

  18. Russian police detain opposition leader

    Today at 14:05

    MOSCOW (AP) — Moscow police have detained opposition leader Boris Nemtsov and another activist after they attempted to lead a march through the center of the Russian capital.

    Read more:

  19. Man they will start arresting ppl for breading the fresh air if they continue the way they started

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