August 2, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  There’s Sick, and then there’s Russian Sick

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Putin’s Disastrous Economy

(3)  Investors Beware of Putin’s Russia

(4)  Dymovsky Speaks

(5)  Putin’s Spies were Idiots

NOTE:  LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment on the mighty Pajamas Media megablog exposes the outrageous misconduct of American PR firm Ketchum as it helps Vladimir Putin to undermine truth, justice and the American way in Russia.  If you have any dealings with this odious, noxious little firm and have any conscience at all, you will immediately divest.

NOTE:  Neo-Soviet spy Anna Chapman speaks. Well, spoke.

NOTE:  In any civilized country, a famous abused orphan gets loads of offers from new families.  Care to guess what happens in Russia?

4 responses to “August 2, 2010 — Contents

  1. Police investigator shot dead in Russia’s south

    Associated Press

    Three militants broke into the home of a senior investigator in Russia’s restive North Caucasus region on Sunday and shot him dead after binding his wife and son with tape in the next room, police said.

    A convoy of elite police troops was attacked while traveling to a mountainous region Saturday and 12 were wounded in a two-hour firefight, Gasanov said. It was unclear whether any of the attackers were wounded.

    In Chechnya, three unknown men armed with Kalashnikovs ambushed a police patrol early Sunday in Grozny, the capital, and killed two officers, police spokesman Magomed Deniyev said.

    Read more:

    • You think European Athletics meet is an event of such importance that it deserves even mentioning here? In all honesty, I have never heard they even have such championships.


      Well, if you can’t win at the Olympics, and if you can’t win in the World Championships, then you pretty much have to take what you can get.

      And if your government is arresting former deputy PMs for criticizing the current PM, it makes you pretty eager to talk about just about anything else.

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