The Sunday Skater

The 2009 ISU European Figure Skating Championships were held in Helsinki, Finland between January 20th and 26th.  Russia lost out on the gold medal by a huge margin to Germany in its premier skating event, the pairs, but did manage to take gold in the ridiculous charade known as “ice dancing.”  And Russia’s eighth-place ice dancing team also tried to offer some consolation to fans in the audience when its female member, Ekaterina Rubleva, performed a striptease during her routine. Either that or the bra has not yet made itself known in Russia as yet and it was all a horrifying accident. If you are so inclined, you may click the jump to view the carnage for yourself. Yes, they went right on skating through the end of the routine. The show must go on!

WARNING: Contains nudity.




Want even more? The video is here.

One response to “The Sunday Skater

  1. But this has nothing to do with what is wrong in Russia — this is just an accident that could have happened to some other participant from some other country. I think it would be better to keep the attention focused on Russia’s real problems, rather than on incidents that look like material for Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show.


    Not sure where you get the idea that every single post on this blog must document Russia’s political problems, we have a broad range of interests. Also not sure where you get the idea that this post doesn’t do so; it shows Russia has once again lost out on the gold medal in its beloved pairs skating, indicating that the government’s priorities in attacking Georgia for example may be diverting resources from such tasks.

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