When Will Guilty Russians be Called to Account for Terror?

Hero journalist Yulia Latynina, writing in the Moscow Times:

Throughout 10 years of terrorist attacks on Russian soil, not a single official has ever been held responsible for negligence of duty. Nobody was fired after terrorists seized Moscow’s Dubrovka theater. Nobody was called on the carpet after the massacre in Beslan and bomb attacks at Moscow’s Rizhskaya and Avtozavodskaya metro stations and in the Vladikavkaz, Astrakhan and Samara marketplaces. Even when the Nevsky Express train was bombed twice in separate incidents, nobody thought to take Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin to task.

But when a suicide bomber blew himself up in the international arrivals hall of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport, President Dmitry Medvedev told all of Russia that the guilty parties were none other than the owners of the privately held airport.

Who else could it have been?

Based on Medvedev’s remarks, four of the airport’s managers now face criminal charges. As you might have guessed, not a single one of the Federal Security Service officers responsible for protecting Domodedovo from terrorist attacks has been blamed. There is just one obstacle to the criminal investigation. There is not, nor can there ever be, a law that holds people accountable for preventing terrorist attacks in an airport’s international arrivals hall or any other area open to the public, including streets and shopping centers.

Happily, on Feb. 8, just two weeks after the Domodedovo attack, the Transportation Ministry found a way around this obstacle by issuing an order on “requirements for transportation security.” The order spells out in black and white that “subjects” in transportation infrastructure are obligated to “identify individuals who prepare and commit … terrorist acts.” The “subject” referred to here is defined as “any person who legally uses the transportation infrastructure.”

This means that not only are Domodedovo owners Dmitry Kamenshchik and Valery Kogan responsible, but also the 21 million passengers who use the airport every year. We are all responsible: every last one of us who has ever used the metro, a public bus, a country road or a crosswalk because the directive considers each of us to be a “subject of the transportation infrastructure.” According to the order by the Transportation Ministry, the entire population of 142.9 million, including infants, is responsible for all terrorist attacks carried out on Russian territory, and we all potentially face up to seven years behind bars.

The only exceptions are Federal Security Service and Interior Ministry officers because they are not “subjects of the transportation infrastructure.” They are members of the security services and therefore not responsible for anything. I am not joking. This is actually how the directive is written. The mere fact that the Transportation Ministry has issued a weighty document retroactively assigning responsibility for terrorist attacks is worthy of the pen of the great 19th-century satirist Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin.

Of course, suckling infants and cheery-faced schoolchildren won’t be thrown in the slammer for the latest bombing in Makhachkala for the simple reason that the directive is aimed exclusively at the owners of Domodedovo Airport. But because there was no conceivable way to lock up Kamenshchik and Kogan for failing to infiltrate rebel leader Doku Umarov’s camp and predicting his next move, responsibility was placed on all citizens simultaneously. Now, if God forbid another bombing takes place anywhere in Russia, we’ll know who to blame: the owners of Domodedovo.

Hey, I wouldn’t mind it if the managers of Domodedovo and Lubyanka swapped jobs. Of course, this would turn Domodedovo into a circus. But terrorist attacks in Russia would probably end.

16 responses to “When Will Guilty Russians be Called to Account for Terror?

  1. Manfred Steifschwanz

    Q: When will guilty Russians be called to account for terror?

    A: As soon as our Almighty LR Team tell them to show up at the court.

    Today is April 1st — and LR’s birthday too! What a marvellous coincidence!

    • You are an ignorant jackass. April 1 is not our birthday, if you could read, you illiterate baboon, you’d see that we only said this is the MONTH of our birthday. The blog was founded on April 2, 2006.


      A fact you could easily discover by reviewing our archives.

      Do you realize that your ignorant, illiterate comments make Russia look like a nation of drunken idiots? Was that your intention in making them.

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Oh, I see. That changes everything. LR is sooo serious — wisely postponing the blog’s launch past April 1st. My mistake.

        My comments, for whatever they’re worth, are attributable to Sweden, not Russia. Seems to be a curiously problematic issue around here :-)

        • Actually, they’re not. When you defend Russia like a rabid dog, you are seen as either Russian or might as well be Russian, you purport to speak for the nation. Your statements are vapid, unsourced, ignorant, illiterate, lazy and idiotic. As such, you confirm the worst stereotypes of the Russian people and make it seem that they have only the likes of you for their defenders. Which, as it happens, may well be true.

          Your comments, in other words, are worth nothing. In this particular case, as in so many others, they are actually SPAM, having nothing at all to do with the content of this post (which was, you probably don’t even know, written by a Russian). As such you are simply polluting the blogosphere with garbage, likely all you are capable of.

  2. Хуй тебе в жопу!

    • По самые помидоры…

    • Klaine schwaine – praklatyie obosranyie ruskiye bydlo – etot otvet typiczniy dla ruskovo bydla -kakaya etot prelest smotret kak ryskiye zdykhayut kak sobaki….

      • The maturity level of commenters in this sblog is unique even by the blogosphere standards.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Correct, and that’s what you’d naturally expect given the blog’s contents and the “talents” of its proper owner.

  3. A Hidden History of Evil
    Soviet Archives
    150 million people put to death


  4. Moscovy , will never EVER become a legitimate , civilized nation in the
    eyes of the world , until it admits and , apoplogizes and begs forgivenes
    for the untold atrocities , and genocides perpetrated on all the nations
    they came in contact with during the moscovite expansion . Until they
    admit this first to themselves , and then to the rest of the world , they
    will remain , as they are now ; a third world country , with very limited
    capabilities , but paradoxialy limitless ambitions and images of empires .
    Of course following that , the moscovites must take a long HONEST look
    at their so called history and revise it , so that it reflects the history of
    MOSCOVY , not what it is now ; a composit , stolen from their neighbors .

    • What is Myscovy, ukro imbecile Mahsymko?

    • Manfred Steifschwanz

      In exchange for what, exactly? Hasn’t some wise Fukuyama guy already stipulated we made History history 20 years ago? Bourgeois triumphalism doesn’t last too long, ha! Only bourgeois brainrot.

  5. Maksym!

    My accolades for your superb and extremely accurate article.

    One only has to look at the then Western Germany and how it paid in hard cash and the written and spoken word for the atrocities (numbering in the millions) committed by the Nazis – an evil blot and permanent scar, whichever way one looks at it, on their long history.

    And how sadly the Russian communists, who slaughtered and murdered in the 10’s of millions, to this day deny the facts of their evil empire, one which enslaved 100’s of millions built on a huge eternal lie that everyone in it “lived in the luckiest paradise in the world”. Ha, ha, ha.

    To this very day they continue to deny the truth, and continue to brazenly lie, cheat, steal and murder to allow the rotten to the core minority to live a life of unparalleled luxury, splendor and opulence while the average Russian struggles to eke out a living just to stay alive.

    This, to use the late Ronald Reagan’s words, “Evil Empire” will, no buts or ifs, one day fall as it destroys itself from within, and outside too. Then, and only when, it admits to its evil past and faces the music by admitting it and atoning for it will it be able to claim its rightful place amongst the leaders of this world!!!

  6. @ Pupsik ,
    Moscovy ? What is Moscovy you illiterate little katsapchyk ? Why
    It’s the sewer of the world , the prison of nations , it is the land of
    the backward , semi-savage moscovites , where lying , stealing and
    drunken stupor is a way of life . If you could read anything other than
    your cheap moscovite propaganda , you would find that ; that this
    is what the rest of the world called you until that degenerate , Peter l
    appropriated the new ” Rasseya ” . Just like he appropriated the
    ” new ” flag ( stolen from Holland ) and the ” new ” national symbol ,
    the two headed eagle , ( stolen from Byzantium ) . If you need any
    more clarification regarding Moscovy , I would be glad to help .

    • I agree 100% with this comment – now comes the fun part – the world has to let russia rot slowly so the entire world can enjoy every humiliating minute of this historic process – Russia is heading the same way as the mongol empire did – WHERE IS MONGOLIA NOW, MAY I ASK???????????

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