EDITORIAL: Pain and Humiliation for Russia in Latvia


Pain and Humiliation for Russia in Latvia

Last week, the voters of Latvia spit directly in the eye of the Putin Kremlin.

Despite polls and vociferous claims of Russian nationalists, the pro-Russia party known as “Harmony Center” was soundly defeated by anti-Russian forces in national parliamentary elections. The pro-Russian contingent garnered just 29% of the seats in the legislature and its rivals quickly and easily formed a coalition that thrust it out of power.

The Moscow Times reported:  “Harmony Center, which has Latvia’s large Russian minority as its traditional base of support, had been hoping to woo ethnic Latvians to vote for it after the crisis. It had hoped this would propel it to first place in the election and a possible place in government for the first time since the Soviet collapse. It has called for softer anti-crisis measures and closer ties with Russia.”

Russians continually underestimate the extent to which they have poisoned the post-Soviet world against them. They simply do not and cannot see how much hatred they have instilled throughout Eastern Europe by failing to acknowledge and atone for Soviet crimes. As a result, Russia now stands utterly alone in the world, without any serious credible allies, even as it faces a host of bitter, brutal social and economic challenges.

Russia is a lost nation, headed for the scrap heap of history.


41 responses to “EDITORIAL: Pain and Humiliation for Russia in Latvia

  1. the pro-Russia party known as “Harmony Center” (well, actually, a party block, political alliance, but what USian knows of party blocks existance?):

    So, the Harmony Centre in modern Saeima:

    Seats: 29.

    Change: +12.

    Nearly doubling number of their MPs is now a “sound defeat” in the Russophobe world.

    Cool work, team. Dirty Obama will have to do something about the US educational system sooner or later, and you’re the reason. Be proud of yourself:D

    PS. Lavian nationalists’ parties led the country’s economy into the deepest crisis it has ever seen, with the GDP change in 2009 at -17.8%, and unemployment of 23%, highest in the EU. In January, 2009 the country saw hunger riots of dozens of thousands people. And here’s what they get after the elections: “For a Good Latvia”: Seats: 8, Change: -25; National Alliance – seats: 8, change: 0.

    • Dmitry, HC will stay in oposition for 4 more years. You know the fact, that HC is 100% proPutins party and no latvian will allow them tu rulle the government. :) FHRUL ( ZaPchel) didn’t handle the 5% barier, so the “voices” went to “Harmony” centers “account”. :) It seems, taht proRussian partys will never take over Latvia, cause every body knows the meaning of “Russian rule”

      • Sure thing, boy, and this is exactly the logic our team uses when they say 29 MPs, and a +12 MPs change in a parliament of 100 MPs is “a sound defeat”.

        +10 MPs, and 27 places would be a “crushing” defeat:D

        No wonder your economy contracted 30% in a year, dude…

  2. dymasha;

    The standard of living in Latvia, during the deepest crisis, is 58% higher than in Russia….by the way, are you prepared for the winter femine in Russia……

    • RIA Novosti: Third of Russian grain crop destroyed by drought
      Yesterday at 22:43

      Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/russia/detail/86064/#ixzz12CoDGo4U

    • I guess that explains why all those ethnic Russians living in Latvia and other Baltic countries incessantly complain about those racist policies of these countries (imagine the horror — one who wants to be a Latvian citizen must speak Latvian), yet they are not in a particular hurry to return to their beloved historic fatherland.

      • What about those who want to be Swiss citizens – what language “must” they speak? Belgian citizens? Spanish ones? Georgian citizens?

        What you say is sooo XIX century…

        • Each of those countries has a constitution determining what the national language is

          • RV, “national languages”, not “language”.

            How many percents of Swiss speak Romansh (ever heard of such national language in Switzerland?) as their native language?

            I’ll tell you – 0,5%.

            National language. And all the rights of these people to use their language and study their kids in Romansh are respected.

            And please name any other country where a language minority, comprising 40% of population is denied the right to use their language in public affairs and education.

            Please, one state.

            • “language minority, comprising 40% of population ”

              Well, you see, we must address the point of how they got there.

              Well, as a matter of fact they are illegal immigrants, brought in by the aggressor in violation of the international law to colonize the occupied, illegally seized independent country.

              They must be happy they were not thrown out back to where they came from, as their presence in the Baltic countries is, well, illegal. Baltic people are being were generous allowing them to stay, all those occupation army officers and arrogant Russian chauvinist colonists and their offspring. Though not that they would very much appreciate that, ’cause they still believe that it ALL belongs to them and the lost PRIVILEGES are, in fact, their RIGHTS.

              • @”Well, you see, we must address the point of how they got there.”

                They got there from their mother’s belly.

                It’s not their fault they live there. It’s just they were not lucky enough to born not in a racist country that judges you by your ethnicity, and by the place where your grandfather lived.

                @”illegal immigrants”

                Under what law, stupid? They were all Soviet citizens, as well as you yourself was. Or were your parents told they are Latvian “non-citizens” of the USSR?

                And are you a lawlessly born child, BTW? If you are born before 1990, Latvian nazi, you’re not lawfully born, according to your own logic. Because your parents got only the USSR papers about your birth.

                • “They got there from their mother’s belly” – Congratulations. I just wondered if they weren’t born from their father’s hip, as in Greek mythology. You learn something new every day.

                  “It’s not their fault they live there.” – And nobody says it is. That is why they have a full right to become naturalized citizens nearly in an instant.

                  “racist country that judges you by your ethnicity” – You are lying. It doesn’t. Yes, and it is not a “racist country” in any way.

                  “by the place where your grandfather lived” – It is called “citizenship”, dude.

                  “@”illegal immigrants” – Under what law, stupid?”
                  Under international law, Einstein.

                  “They were all Soviet citizens” – Yes.
                  “as well as you yourself was” – Yes.
                  The difference is, my ancestors WERE citizens of the illegally eliminated Republic. But theirs were not. Theirs were occupiers/colonist/illegal immigrants, illegally settled in occupied and annexed territories. That’s why they are non-citizens. It is simple, really. Also, please bear i mind, that they are not prohibited from becoming citizens by naturalization. No obstacles at all. It is very fair and democratic.

                  “If you are born before 1990” – I was.
                  “Latvian nazi” – I am not a Nazi. I am centrist liberal democrat. And consider both Nazis and Commies to be evil wackos.

                  “you’re not lawfully born” – I was born “lawfully” in accordance to both Soviet and Latvian law.

                  “according to your own logic” – You can’t sort out your own logic, so there is no hope you can comprehend the reasoning of someone else.

                  “your parents got only the USSR papers about your birth” – Correct. But those Soviet papers were “legalized” after restoration of the Republic, so everything is in its finest order, my friend.

                  • Sure thing, boy, if your daddy lived there in 1940, you’re white, if he didn’t you’re black.

                    Not a racism, no. Just a funny citizenship law, right?

                    All are born equal in Latvia, but Latvian new-born babies are born a little bit more equal?

                    And Russian new-born babies are mostly “illegal migrants”, from the moment of birth, is it what you say?

                    Calling you racist? Who could possibly do that, no…

                    @“you’re not lawfully born” – I was born “lawfully” in accordance to both Soviet and Latvian law.

                    Not sure, boy, not sure about it. You were born, and lived until 1991, illegally, according to your own government.

                    Until, finally, your birth was “legalized”, as you yourself claim. Only then, when they Latvian nazis came to power, they “legalized” you. But did not “legalized” hundreds of thousands of your peers.

                    So then it came to this “finest order”, right? You get work, you get representation, better wages, they teach your kids in their native tongue – you get it all while native Russian speakers are denied all these rights.

                    Finest order?

                    Ja, jetzt hat alles seine Ordnung in der Lettland.

        • dymasza wrote;

          What about those who want to be Swiss citizens – what language “must” they speak? Belgian citizens? Spanish ones? Georgian citizens?


          Is there ONE person in the whole wide world who would want to be a Russian citizen???

          • you’re too fat.

            • dymasza – below is your question;

              Is there ONE person in the whole wide world who would want to be a Russian citizen??

              and your answer;
              you’re too fat.

              My comment;

              So there is NOBODY INDEED who would like to be a Russian – spasiba.

              By the way, I must congratulate Russians on their new sophisticated manu served during the diplomatic dinner for the German president to Moscow – LIVE WORMS.

          • “Is there ONE person in the whole wide world who would want to be a Russian citizen???”

            O guess there are some, like people in South Ossetia, but mostly because they just do not have the choice to become, say, EU citizens by getting, say, Latvian citizenship.

            Well, right, there are some who do indeed reject Latvian citizenship in favor of the Russian one – those are Russian seniors living in Latvia, who prefer to receive Russian pensions and some of them even manage to hold both citizenships, which is illegal but hard to control due to practical reasons – lack of cooperation from the side of Russian Federation.

            Also, pay attention – even those getting Russian citizenship in Russia prefer to stay in the “fascist” “Nazi” Latvia, which “oppresses” them so terribly. Instead of moving to the Great Russian Wonderland just few kilometers to the East. – I would call that symptomatic. Wouldn’t you?

            • People don’t want to leave their homes and friends?

              You call it symptomatic?

              I call you, calling it symptomatic, – symptomatic:D

          • aaausa, look up Russia’s immigration rate… actually quite a few people are lining up to become Russian citizens.

    • ORLY, aaausa?

      That’s perhaps the cause why Latvians held hunger strikes in 2009 in front of their parliament and government buildings?

      Or was it they just had no food, living such a wealthy life in Latvia?

      • dymasza wrote;

        ORLY, aaausa?
        That’s perhaps the cause why Latvians held hunger strikes in 2009 in front of their parliament and government buildings?

        Or was it they just had no food, living such a wealthy life in Latvia?


        The poor Russians have been put on starvation diet for the last 400 years by their governments communist, pre and post communist alike [the only time Russians were well treated was under Golden Horde domination] – by now, even you, dymasza, should conclude that you Russians are being kept hungry so your own government can control you better. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to come to this conclusion…

        By the way, the Latvians held the hunger strike in 2009 and SURVIVE, imagine the Russians on strike – they would be slaughtered in cold blood by their own government. Dymasza, do you see the DIFFERENCE….

        • Can’t see why you don’t post this BS of yours under my name again, stupid?:-)

          • dymasza wrote,
            Can’t see why you don’t post this BS of yours under my name again, stupid?:-)

            dima, thanks for agreeing with me; but if you are not sure organize political strike in Moscow and then send me a post card from some of those real estate complexes called gulags.

      • Latvia is not a wealthy country, so? Unlike Russia, she does not pretend to be one, and their economy will improve as time goes on. It must be still better than Russia because I don’t see any report of any Russian exodus from there

        • RV, many “Russian-speaking” non-citizens stay in this status because they can freely move to Russia and across the EU any time they want. Freedom of movement and work across all the European continent is a benefit they don’t want to lose.

          As to your implicit claim Latvia is an attractive country in itself: no, it is not. Latvia loses it’s population, it’s “full” citizens, both ethnic-Latvian and “Russian-speaking” alike. Right when Latvia became independent, people started to flee the country en masse.

          But you don’t really check numbers? You live in a beliefs world, right?

          • Latvia is what gave that freedom of movement, not Russia. Latvia may be less attractive than Germany or Sweden, I freely agree with you on that. But we are talking Latvia vs. Russia, not whether Latvia is attractive as such. And the Russian-speaking population in Latvia has clearly made it’s choice. Latvia may have a lot of problems, but it is still at least a clean civilized West-minded country that is much better than barbarian Russia.

            And so they do leave the country but not for Russia. And when they arrive, for work or otherwise, to France, they miraculously forget about their “cultural heritage” and their “great language” and other crap like that, and just learn French. And so do ethnic Latvians who left Latvia.

            One lives in a country, one must speak the principal language of that country. Very simple. Russians residing in Latvia don’t seem to understand that or perhaps they together with the Kremlin have a more sinister agenda.

            • Not exactly. EU gave them that freedom from one side, Russia from the other. Ordinary Latvian citizens have to get visas, RV.

              In Latvia vs. Russia, for many younger Russians Russia was more attractive. Check the population movement in Latvia.

              “clean civilized West-minded country that is much better than barbarian Russia”

              Sometimes, I start to think you’re able to produce reasonable arguments. Then you prove me wrong.

              • Visas to Russia you mean? To EU they don’t need that as Latvia is a member now. If you are telling that there is a population movement leaving Latvia for Russia, show me the statistics.

                • http://balticreports.com/?p=6424

                  40 applications/ month in one small city? Sure, Lavia is attractive. But then, who counts Russkies leaving, right?

                  • 40 applications a month makes about 500 a year. This data is meaningless because it covers only one city; however, the articles says it’s a particularly poor region and with particularly large Russian population. Overall, I am not impressed, but more data may make it clearer.

                    • The charts above are not convincing either?

                      500 citizens applying each year for Russian citizenship in a city of 104,000 is not much now?

                      As to “particularly large Russian population”. not that particular, you know. Just like in Riga, the capital of the nation – 42% in Riga, 55% in Dvinsk/ Daugavpils. Nothing outstanding for cities. See, ethnic Latvians were always living in villages.

                      So, ethnic Russians make 56% of population of Daugavpils (61,000), yes, but you have asked me to illustrate why Russia is more attractive for ethnic Russians living in Latvia.

                      As to the nation-level data: http://soderkoping.org.ua/page14554.html 86,000 left Latvia to work in the EU. So where are the other 300,000 out of 400б000 they lost since 1989 (1990 – 2,665,770, 2010 – 2,245,357)? All just died out? Hope not.

        • And how exactly does Russia “pretend to be a wealthy country”. Russia does not pretend, Russia, like Latvia, Russia pursues its interests.

  3. The charts above just show the totals for various ethnic groups. Well, 500 out of 100,000, for which 50% are Russian ethnics, makes 1% for the Russians, which is very small in my view. I don’t know if that could be extrapolated to the entire population of Latvia, no data for that.

    Again 86,000 left for the EU, which was only possible because Latvia is a member. I bet millions of Russians from Russia proper would have done the same, but they have no chance. Russia would never be a member, or at least not in the foreseeable future.

    You engage in wide speculations regarding those “missing” 300,000 persons. Have you ever thought of emigration to the United States, Canada, Israel etc. Have you ever thought of a possibility of the drop in the birth rate and decline in population? Why is that that those persons must be in Russia?

    • Sure thing, 86,000 emigrated to the EU, and the other 300,000 emigrated to the US, Canada and Mars. Plus, died out mostly. Nice attractive nation.

      Putin once called the breakdown of the USSR a tragedy. You sound like you agree to his logic, really.

      • If you point is that 300,000 Latvians emigrated to Russia, prove it

        • No, they all just died out, as you claim. I fully agree.

          In 20 years, 300,000 of (once) 2,5M nation just died out. Another 100,000 left the country for good.

          Just a little attractive Latvian nation. Why argue?

          • Well, with all due respect, its difficult to imagine Latvians of any ethnic origin emigrating to Russia en mass just yet. The situation might be different with Georgians, Armenians, Ukrainians, Moldovans, the “stan” people etc., however.

  4. The prime minister Mr Dombroskis offered teh hand of friendship to the ‘Harmony” Party by offering them a ministrial post in his new government – the condition being that the “Harmony”party accept the fact that the Soviet Union occupied Latvia. They have refused to admit this fact (known by all the world) so they have not got their man in the cabinet. If this does not prove beyond all doubt that by “Harmony”they mean harmony between Russians in Latvia and the Kremlin, then I do not know what does. Poor Latvia having all these enemies in its midst!

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