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October 22, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Corruption and Insurrection in Putin’s Russia

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity

(3)  EDITORIAL: Schwarzenegger and Chapman Party On in Moscow

(4)  Exposing Putin’s Plans to Violently Liquidate Opposition

(5)  The Wolf Pack runs Wild in Putin’s Russia!

(6)  The Russians show the NHL who they Are

NOTE:  Once again, the rebels in Chechnya have launched a bold direct assault on the government, this time attacking the parliament while both in session and being visited by a high-ranking Russian official.  Pacified Chechnya? We think not.

NOTE: Vladimir Putin’s marriage is on the rocks. What a surprise.

EDITORIAL: Racism, Corruption and Insurrection in Putin’s Russia


Racism and Insurrection in the Russian Army

In our last issue we carried two items illustrating the dire consequences of unchecked power being given to Russia’s cadre of spies and its police officers.  Today, we turn our attention to the Russian military.

Last week we were appalled and terrified by the spectacle that unfolded in the Siberian city of Perm.  The indispensable and brilliant Paul Goble, translating from the Russian press, reports how Russian army units there are in open rebellion against their officers because large numbers of the young recruits are Muslim and they face daily oppression from their racist Slavic “brothers.” What the Kremlin does not seem to have noticed while ignoring this scathing, barbaric racism is that its victims are being armed and trained to kill.

The upshot of the rebellion was the Russian officers were forced to turn to Muslim clerics and beg for their assistance in quelling the insurrection.

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EDITORIAL: Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity


Russia is an Uncivilized Monstrosity

An exhibit opened last week in Berlin, Germany, whose purpose is to confront the people of Germany directly with the active support — indeed, adoration — given by their ancestors to the maniacal regime of Adolf Hitler.  The New York Times reports:

As artifacts go, they are mere trinkets — an old purse, playing cards, a lantern. Even the display that caused the crowds to stop and stare is a simple embroidered tapestry, stitched by village women.  The household items had Nazi logos and colors. The tapestry, a tribute to the union of church, state and party, was woven by a church congregation at the behest of their priest.

The same exact thing, of course, was true of Russians during the time of Stalin, and Stalin ended up murdering far more people than Hitler ever dreamed of doing.  But instead of facing up to their hideous past as Germans are doing, Russians prefer to rewrite their past with absurd lies and misdirections, and now Russians are weaving new tapestries of exaltation to Stalin and his ilk. Indeed, they’ve even elected a proud KGB spy from the Brezhnev era as their “president.”

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EDITORIAL: Schwarzenegger and Chapman Party On in Moscow


Schwarzenegger and Chapman Party on in Moscow

Party on Arnold! Party on Anna! Excellent!

Russia achieved an impressive new low last week in national humiliation.  We can hardly keep the tears of laughter out of our eyes long enough to publish today’s issue.

First, The Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger arrived in Moscow and declared: “President Medvedev is a great visionary. He had this vision to create a Silicon Valley in Skolkovo. I love places where there is an extraordinary potential. It’s almost like looking at a gold or diamond mine and saying, ‘All you got to do is go in there and get it.'”

Simultaneously the New York Times was writing of the Governator’s home state of California:  “California can’t afford new water projects, but state cops often receive 90 percent of their salaries when they retire at 50. The average corrections officer there makes $70,000 a year in base salary and $100,000 with overtime (California spends more on its prison system than on its schools).”  But by Russian standards, of course, California is a majestic success and the Governator is a leading economic genius!

Then, as if to show Russia has never sunk as low as it can get, it was announced that the ludicrously failed Russian spy Anna Chapman had been appointed an advisor to a leading Russian financial institution.

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Exposing Putin’s Plans to Violently Liquidate Opposition

Paul Goble reports:

The way in which Moscow is arming and training units assigned to the Organization of the Collective Security Treaty suggests that these forces will be used against domestic opposition groups in the member states – not excluding the Russian Federation, according to some analysts — rather than exclusively against foreign aggressors.

Col.Gen. Anatoly Nogovitsyn, the deputy chief of the unified staff of the ODKB (its Russian acronym), said that “the international forces subordinate to him soon will begin to receive as armaments water cannon, traumatic pistols, tear gas and noise grenades – all “so-called non-lethal” weapons.

Up until now, such weapons have generally been used by the police or special services rather than by national armies or international alliances. Obviously, “tank columns are not dispersed by water cannon.” Indeed, most of the units in the ODKB are “motorized rifle battalions, the chief task of which is repulsing a foreign threat.”

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The Wolf Pack runs Wild in Putin’s Russia!

This Youtube Video is amazing for two entirely different reasons.

First, it shows a Russian policeman actually stopping a vehicle on the highway for a violation — in this case, only one working headlight.  The norm in Putin’s Russia, of course, would be for a cop to stop a driver for no reason other than to collect a fat, juicy bribe for continued passage.  That doesn’t mean, of course, that this officer didn’t intend to ignore the violation in exchange for such a bribe, just one one of many reasons that Russia’s roads are among the world’s most dangerous.

But even more shocking is what happens next.

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The Russians show the NHL who they Are

ESPN reports:

Pretty much everything went according to plan with the Carolina Hurricanes‘ recent historic trip to St. Petersburg, Russia. And if it weren’t for actually having to play an exhibition game there, the trip might have been the perfect precursor to the NHL’s staging a regular-season game in Moscow.

But the Hurricanes did end up playing an Oct. 4 exhibition game against St. Petersburg, and the game turned into an ugly affair with Carolina coach Paul Maurice pulling his No. 1 goaltender, Cam Ward, and top forward, Eric Staal, out of the contest for fear they would be injured.

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