EDITORIAL: Russia and its “Religion”


Russia and its “Religon”

Last week, Patriarch Kirill, the Russian Pope, spoke about ” a country of poverty and crime, hunger, drug addiction, corruption, and a loss of moral values.” He opined that “many of these troubles are caused primarily not by failed social policy but by defects in the depths of the human spirit.”

Even though Russia is documented as being one of the most corrupt and immoral nations on the planet, with a raging drug and AIDS epidemic, horrendous crime and one of the highest murder rates on the planet, to say nothing of its vast ocean of poor folks (the average worker earns just $3 per hour, so imagine how the poor are doing) and its obscene disparity between rich and poor, Kirill was not speaking about Russia.  Instead, he was referring to Haiti, which he apparently believes got what it deserved when it was rocked by an earthquake that killed 150,000 of its men, women and children.

Kirill apparently feels that since a natural disaster hasn’t struck Russia recently, this proves Russia is a moral nation which enjoys God’s blessings and approval.  But what about the Beslan and Dubrovka terrorist attacks, and the conflagration of fires that kills thousands of Russians every year, more than in any other nation on Earth.  Aren’t they signs of divine condemnation of Russia, of Putin and indeed of Kirill himself? What of the fact that Russians don’t rank in the top 130 nations of the world for average adult lifespan?  Isn’t that, too, proof that God reviles Russia?

When right-wing nutjob Pat Robertson made similar comments about Haiti, the Obama administration immediately denounced him as “utterly stupid.”  Will they now issue the same condemnation of the Russian Patriarch?  We are waiting, Mr. Obama.

There is, of course, a gigantic difference between Robertson, who is properly viewed by most Americans as a senile extremist, and Kirill, who is not only the official representative of Russia’s dominant religion but who has been invited into the closest councils of power by the Kremlin itself, and who as such can only be seen as the Kremlin’s official spokesperson on religion.

And  such, his crazed ravings are truly terrifying.  It is time for the craven Obama administration to speak out against the increasingly horrifying outbursts being made by the maniacs who govern both the Russian state and its church.

17 responses to “EDITORIAL: Russia and its “Religion”

  1. Dear La Russophobe,

    I cannot add much to your excellent and astute observations here.
    The corrupt/immoral/bloody/repressive rulers of Russia, both in the visible-KGB-secular/military government, and in it’s captive ‘church’, the Moscow Patriarcate, only tell lies.
    Their KGB-actor-‘Patriarch Kyrill’ only mouths the official Kremlin line of bull, and nothing more.
    Arrogance is a major part of their superior-communist-‘Russian’ mindset.
    But, you are quite correct, in noticing this neo-soviet Russian-self-arrogance, that….somehow, inspite of ALL that is so obviously very very wrong…and EVIL, and failed about neo-soviet Putin’s-Russian Federation ,(& indeed about a lot of past Russian history) that nevertheless, their version of ‘Russian Culture’ (and they themselves) are….better than…. any and all other nations.
    What national self-delusions!
    I firmly believe, however, that plenty of intelligent & moral Russians, both inside Russia and outside, painfully….know otherwise!
    Perhaps, because those criminal present rulers of Russia, of both state and church, MUST BE athiests, they do not fear to anger a God, Whom they don’t believe even exists, and Who therefore cannot possibly punish them, anyway.
    But, the common people might! see God’s hand of disapproval, IF they are hit by major catastrophies….well, more than is already befalling them.
    Haiti, is a convenient example of a perpetually impoverished failed-state, for them to run down with an especial vigour, and which to favorably compare themselves to.
    At this time of heart-rending national disaster and major tragedies for the Haitian people, for Russian-Kyrill to utter such smug/judgemental words about them, is truly DESPICABLE!
    Perhaps, he feels it is acceptable, even ‘pious’ because they are mostly BLACKS-? (as if all ‘Russians’ can be classed as, ‘white’!)
    Perhap, too, in their twisted arrogant minds, they think that….compared with devastated Black-Haiti, their ‘White’–Russia DOES SEEM to be better (?)
    Is it? Is it really?
    But, what delusions!
    What insensitivity to the mass-sufferings of fellow human beings!
    As far as hoping for our B.H. Obama and his bungling incompetant leftist government to wake up and to speak the truth to Putin or to Putin’s-‘Patriarch’, …good luck, as they say.
    ‘Patriarch Kyrill’ around the world now, to the Vatican, and to various Ecumenical Protestant leaders and European governmental entities, is widely respected and listened to, as ‘The Leader
    of The Russian Orthodox Church’, and as an official spokesman for’ RUSSIA’, a serious religious voice of conscience, etc.
    But….what rubbish!!!
    Just watch him, listen to him, and try…. to not vomit!

  2. I’ve cross-posted this, let me know if this causes a prob….

  3. @But what about the Beslan and Dubrovka terrorist attacks, and the conflagration of fires that kills thousands of Russians every year, more than in any other nation on Earth.

    The biggest disaster in the last 10 years was Hurricane Putin, which completely destroyed the largest city in the region (Russian North Caucasus) in 1999-2000, killing still uncounted thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands homeless and/or displaced for years or even still now.

    I’m often amazed how many people either already forgot or even never heard about this probably worst disaster in the history of Europe since 1945, especially if considered as a one double-feature incident along with the earlier Hurricane Boris which hit the same city in 1995 and on a smaller scale in 1996.

    A snippet from the aftermath of Vladimir in 2001 and survivors:

  4. How can a man of the cloth forget that pride is a deadly sin?

    • Re: “How can a man of the cloth forget that pride is a deadly sin?”:

      Well, because KGB-agent-actor-‘Russian Patriarch’ Kyrill, is a…bogus…man-of-the-cloth, direct from the Kremlin’s Central Casting/Special-Clerical Division.
      Thus, the only ‘sin’ to the communists, is to go against them, otherwise in pursuit of their aims, anything goes.
      Apparently, those cynical athiest rascals do believe that, ‘clothes make the man’.
      Unfortunately too, many of the Russian common masses of the people ARE fooled by the same, holy-appearance, holy-titles, of supposed ‘men of God’.
      Also, many outside of Russia, seem to also want to believe that Kyrill is a sincere religious man , who speaks for conscience and for firm moral rightness, etc.
      Let him who has eyes to see, see!

      • Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia, whom many say is the greatest of contemporary Orthodox theologians, celebrated the Liturgy with Kirill at the Dormition Cathedral in Moscow Kremlin on the Feast of the Dormition last year. He was Kirill’s honoured guest and sat at his right hand at the festal meal afterwards.

        “Let the blind lead the blind”.

  5. Well, that settles it then.

  6. Joseph Hostetler

    The interpretation of natural disasters as being connected to human behavior is certainly not anything new, but dates back into ancient history, as seen in, for instance, the famous story of the Prophet Jonah. In fact, in the Old Testament this reciprocity and interdependence is repeated time again in the life of the Jewish people. It flows quite logically, really, if one actually believes that God is above all and works through all and that nothing is an accident. All is given for man’s salvation. There are spiritual laws and nothing is meaningless, all is in the providence of God. Only when one refuses to acknowledge the meaning of suffering or believes that all comes to end with death can he see no connection. Now, why *exactly* it has happened – for what reason, for what apostasy from the paths of salvation – is a matter of interpretation and I suppose only those who want to see and learn and make a “good thought” after and in the midst of suffering will makes sense of it. At any rate, the Godless – that is, those who “have not God” because they reject Him – will certainly find the Patriarch’s words unacceptable.

  7. KGB kirill is back in Ukraine.

    Paul Goble :

    In short, Malyutin suggests, Kirill is overplaying his hand in the religious sphere even more than Vladimir Putin is doing so in the political one, pursuing an approach that is so Moscow-centric that even those who would be willing to cooperate with the Russian center more closely are being driven away.

    One reason for the counterproductive nature for Kirill’s approach, the religious affairs specialist says, is that the Russian churchman has shown no interest in going to Western Ukraine, “an inalienable part of his ‘canonical territory’” and the location of a large fraction of Orthodox parishes in Ukraine.

    Kirill has tried to reach out to the faithful there by opening a Ukrainian-language version of the official site of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate this month, but the patriarch has shown no interest in going to a place where Ukrainian national identity is strong and where few people would accept his ideas about a single “Russian world.”


    • yanukovych is following in the footprints of stalin. Children sing a song about Uncle Vitya .

      Uncle Victor

      People rejoice , all the big Donbass ,
      We hear everywhere: ” At last we have . ”


      Uncle Victor strong and big
      Uncle Victor – his uncle willed,
      Uncle Victor – his uncle’s better than no
      Uncle Victor Yanukovych – intelligent president .
      Of course, he loves to play with the children ,
      It is well with him will live and prosper .


      Let the song everywhere now flies
      Throughout Ukraine Let it sounds .

  8. Bishop Yakiv: Patriarch Kirill is attempting to restore communism

    Head of Odesa regional All-Ukrainian Svoboda Association Pavlo Kyrylenko, in turn, said the patriarch’s visit was a visit by a Kremlin mentor and agent of the State Security Committee (KGB) and the Federal Security Service (FSB) of the Russian Federation.

    “The present Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow Patriarchate, in common with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (of the Moscow Patriarchate), supports those political forces that, in fact, have [attempted to] destroy the Christian Church, and the Orthodox Church since 1917… How can such people support political forces that eliminated hundreds of thousands of Orthodox priests and destroyed the Orthodox Church? So, we can conclude that all these veritable patriarchs are Kremlin mentors and agents of KGB and FSB,” Kyrylenko said.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/nation/detail/74870/#ixzz0uixOOnd4

  9. UPDATE: Police arrest anti-Kirill protesters in Kyiv

    Yesterday at 10:33 | Interfax-Ukraine

    The police have detained eight representatives of the national organization Svoboda (Freedom) who tried to stage a protest in the center of Kyiv against the current visit by Patriarch Kirill to Ukraine.

    According to information, on Monday morning special police detachment employees detained the active participants outside the Hyatt Hotel.

    Read more: http://www.kyivpost.com/news/city/detail/75368/#ixzz0uu1IHd59

  10. Stalin {the kremlin} created Russian KGB patriarch :

    Dear LR,

    Could Dave Essel translate this link?



    • Useing google translate on above link :


      September 1943 .

      09/04/1943 , I was summoned to Comrade Stalin, where I was asked the following questions :

      Once , when I have given answers to the above questions , I was asked three questions of a personal nature :

      Following this, Comrade Stalin said :

      – We need to create a special body to be implemented in connection with the leadership of the church . What you have any suggestions ?

      Stipulate that the issue is not quite ready, I made a proposal to organize at the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Department of Religious Affairs and the proceeds from the existence of the Central Executive Committee for a permanent Commission on Religious Affairs .

  11. KGB found a “new” place to recruit KGB “priests” for the kremlin’s moscow (MP) “church”.

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Window on Eurasia: Butyrka Prison Now Helping to Spread Russian Orthodoxy

    Paul Goble

    But today, thanks to the efforts of the ten Orthodox priests whom the late Patriarch Aleksii II appointed, the jail has become “a forge of cadres” for the Church, with many of the prisoners there become advocates for opening new Orthodox congregations in other parts of the Russian penitentiary system

    ( http://www.pravmir.ru/tyurma-novomuchenikov/ ).

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