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(1)  EDITORIAL:  USA blows Gas in Russia’s Face

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russophile Bastard Ross Cameron

(3)  EDITORIAL:  They’re just being Russians

(4)  Putin plays with his Medvedev Puppet

(5)  Photo Essay:  Medvedev as Inspiration

NOTE:  Kim Zigfeld’s latest installment of her Russian column on the Pajamas Media blog continues her effort to expose the abject failure that is the Obama administration’s Russia policy.

EDITORIAL: USA Kicking some Major Russian Keister


USA Kicking some Major Russian Keister

Last year, in a major new sign of the apocalypse for Russia, its hated rival the USA produced over 40 billion more cubic meters of natural gas than Russia did, knocking Russia out of the top spot in the world for at least the next five years.

If Russians thought that rising world oil prices were good for Russia, they’d best think again.  Rising prices have made it dramatically more cost effective for Americans to exploit their vast holdings of oil shales, a byproduct of which is natural gas as well.

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EDITORIAL: Ross Cameron, Treacherous Russophile Bastard


Ross Cameron, Treacherous Russophile Bastard

Aussie MP Ross Cameron, Rat Bastard

Back in 2004, a nasty little Australian rat named Ross Cameron was sitting in his comfy seat in the Aussie parliament when something rather uncomfortable happened.  Cameron, who had “marketed himself in previous election campaigns as a staunch family man with deep Christian convictions,” was caught cheating on his wife.  And not just cheating, but carrying on with a variety of bimbos while his wife was pregnant with twins.  Maybe God told him it was OK?

He was then drummed out of office and divorced. He remarried with his new wife five months pregnant. Yikes. Yuck. And that’s only the beginning, dear reader.  Hold on to your chair, because it gets worse.  Much, much worse. This fellow is truly pond scum.

Right-wing wackos of his ilk, like Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, are drawn to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin like flies to a pile of rotting garbage, like swastikas to a neo-Nazi.  Undoubtedly, they see in Putin some kind of kindred soul, who can satisfyingly liquidate anyone who criticizes them, obliterate “undesirables” like homosexuals and Jews and Blacks, and build the kind of world they’d like to live in. They are, quite simply, as un-American as you can get.  That they lay claim to the ideological or political lineage of Ronald Reagan and Dwight Eisenhower is nothing short of blasphemy.

But even still, the fetid cesspool of utter filth that Herr Cameron spewed out on the pages of the Sydney Morning Herald recently was shocking and disturbing, a clear reminder that there are still plenty of treacherous rat bastards among us who will jump at the chance to help Putin create a neo-Soviet state and a new Iron Curtain, applauding as he wipes out democracy using the most bloody and brutal tactics imaginable.  As one commenter on the article points out:  “The author is either deliberately distorting truth or simply repeating Kremlin lies about Putin’s deeds.”  Whether Cameron, who has of course never lived a day in Putin’s Russia, speaks out of apelike ignorance or malignant complicity with the regime hardly matters.  He’s evil either way, and a threat to not only Russia’s future but the security of the Western democracies.

We condemn him. Pravda, meanwhile, thinks he’s the bee’s knees.

Let’s be clear:  This man has absolutely no credentials where Russia is concerned, yet he purports to lecture the world on what a wonderful fellow this proud KGB spy really is.  What you read next will turn your stomach. You have been warned.

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EDITORIAL: They’re Just being Russians


They’re Just being Russians

“I have never seen anything like this, I have never even heard of anything like that. I can’t recall such things happening in the NHL. And they couldn’t happen there because of the rules.”

That was former Pittsburgh Penguins NHL star Jaromir Jagr last week, commenting on a savage brawl during a Russian professional hockey match that lasted only four minutes.  During warm-ups, a Neanderthal player for the Vityaz Chekhov team fired the puck at the head of an opposing player.  Then, just minutes into the game, both benches cleared and war broke out on the ice, resulting in a barbaric 691 penalty minutes and $133,000 in fines.  With every player on both teams packed into the penalty box, the game could not continue and was cancelled, fans having seen less than 10% of they match they paid hard-earned cash to watch.

What can we say? We told you so?  That hardly seems adequate to cover the stunning display of animalistic violence on display here, or the extent to which, remembering the inhuman murders of civilized members of Russian society under Vladimir Putin, from Statovoitova to Estemirova and beyond, this bloodletting is characteristic of Russian society as a whole.

Right about now, the has-been Jagr is wishing he’d stayed in the Great White North in his rocking chair.

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Putin plays with his Medvedev Puppet

David Kramer of the German Marshall Fund, writing in the Moscow Times:

Comments by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in late December must have come as an unwelcome surprise to Presidents Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev as they try to conclude a new U.S.-Russian arms control agreement to replace the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, that expired on Dec. 5.

But this was not the first time that Putin has thrown cold water on Medvedev’s efforts. In June, Putin stunned Medvedev and leaders in the West by announcing a change in Russia’s approach to pursuing membership in the World Trade Organization just when everyone thought that Russia was about to cross the WTO finish line. In both cases, Putin reminded Medvedev and the international community that if you want to get things done, it isn’t good enough to just have the Russian president on board. The prime minister has virtual veto power.

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Photo Essay

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