One American is Worth Five Russians

As the chart above shows, the American share of world GDP has remained virtually unchanged over the course of the past three decades.  Asia’s share has increased markedly, but it has not impacted the U.S. share in any way.   Asia’s gains have come at the expense of Europe. And “Asia” of course is many countries with a vastly greater total population than the USA, yet together all its nations only manage to match U.S. output.  The U.S. share of world output in scientific research is even higher, nearly a third of all human production. 

As indicated by the above graph, the U.S. figures are ten times the level of Russia even though the U.S. population is only twice as large.  This means each American is worth five Russians.  As David Brooks of the New York Times points out: “The U.S. economy grew by 63 percent between 1991 and 2009, compared with 35 percent for France, 22 percent for Germany and 16 percent for Japan over the same period.”

We ask you:  Is it really such a good idea for the Russia to bait and provoke the U.S. into a new cold war?


12 responses to “One American is Worth Five Russians

  1. I agree, the new cold war would be an extremely bad idea no matter what GDP.

    Though i’d like to correct you a bit.
    Things are changing over time you know.
    So in the year 2008 one American was worth only three Russians (you can check for the details).

    I think we can apply your method to the other cases can we? As we see, one Russian is worth 3.5 Georgian or 2 Ukrainians. What politics do you propose for these two counties?

    • Take away the Russian Oil and Gas and the situation will be the opposite. If you start thinking with such margins the most “worth” people would be some Arabs from say Kuwait.

  2. One George Bush is worth… 55678 americans. One Bill Gates is worth 450786 americans. One Abramovich is worth…

    I don’t think you need to focus on this. Because Russian population is shrinking so fast and US growing so fast, there is no even reason to compare. This is tragic for Russians, there is no need to outline it so many time that americans are more successful in 20-21 century. Of cause they are! The question is – what to do to help ordinary Russians to survive this crappy situation they are in.

  3. Majority of Russians are very kind people who don’t want to nuke anyone and who want good government. Don’t forget that they live in brutal police state. I never saw any american to try to protest on Russian street, why? Too afraid!
    Stop buying Russian oil and gas unless it starts to implement real reforms. Press Germanyand Italy to stop supporting Putin. They act like fascists coalition in 1940-th.
    Italy+Germany = Putin.
    Why the do it and USA close its eyes on this?

    • The explanation “they live in a brutal state” is not an excuse. They live in a state that they themselves put into existence and overwhelmingly support — they are not under any foreign occupation. Therefore, they are responsible for what they have and what their state does, irrespective of whether they are very kind people or not. If they want good government, why don’t they elect one?

      Putin and Stalin are their own, they were not sent by evil Americans to create a dictatorship

    • “I never saw any american to try to protest on Russian street”

      You mean you saw an russian trying to protest on american street?

      “Stop … Press …”

      And these people say it’s Russia who’s starting the new cold war.

    • Majority of Russians are very kind people who don’t want to nuke anyone and who want good government.

      – Honey, they are MINORITY! Not Majority, trust me!

  4. I’d say pull information on compensations paid to the relatives of many Russian accidents and incidents. Train crash victims relatives are now receiving historically record compensations of… 500 thousand rubles or just fistful of euros. This would put a cheap pricetag on one Russian soul.

  5. Russia is not a country worth of any good comparison to the USA at all. Russia is so different and so much worse.

  6. Ouch,

    “You mean you saw a russian trying to protest on american streets?” I see them everyday. Where are they going to beg for money when nobody has any money.

    If you actually pay attention to what history is telling you, rather than you trying to tell history. You will be much better off.

    A collectivist theocracy eliminates responsibility from the indivdual at the cost of his/her liberty.

    You would first notice that history that is already written will not change unless you burn books.

    When you begin burning bibles again, they will become sacred again.

    The all seeing eye will see your successes and failures.

    Que Sera Sera.

  7. Ouch,

    Our presidante (self admittingly) will not knowingly exacerbate a nuclear confrontation.

    Don’t you idiots know that he carries the symbol of the bolshevics. He is more qualified than Lenin’s reincarnation. Just because everybody thinks he’s an idiot doesn’t mean he’s not pure evil.

  8. Just look at the Kennedys.

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