EDITORIAL: Unhinged Medvedev on the Warpath

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Unhinged Medvedev on the Warpath

As neo-Soviet nuclear weapons and tanks prowled Red Square two weekends ago, Russian “president” Dima Medvedev boldly declared (clearly and repeatedly referencing Russia’s invasion of Georgia): “Russia’s defense is our holy duty.  Any aggression against our citizens will be rightfully repelled.”

Anyone who still thinks this maniac might be a liberal clearly needs to have his head examined.

Medvedev’s remark was fully psychotic.  Let’s leave aside his crazy reference to Russian military aggression in Georgia being annointed from On High, implying the onset of a “holy” Russian empire.  Let’s focus instead on his suggestion that when Russia attacked Georgia it was undertaking a “defense” of Russia.

That’s simply a lie. Russia wasn’t defending Russia, it was at most defending South Ossetia, which wasn’t then part of Russia but part of Georgia, as recognized by every nation on the planet including Russia itself.  Ossetia only became part of Russia after the military activity ceased.  Ossetians weren’t Russian citizens then, and most of them still aren’t even now.  This is the kind of insane rambling gibberish we used to hear in Soviet times from the Politburo, and here it comes from Russia’s so-called “liberal” savior.

The psychotic revelations didn’t stop there.  Medvedev then praised “those who have proven the high capability of Russia’s current military.”  But invading tiny, defenseless Georgia wouldn’t prove “high capability” of Russian forces even if they had done well, and they didn’t.  Russia’s army was exposed as lacking all sorts of basic technology (officers were reduced to communciating on the battlefield by cell phone) and the hated Saakashvili regime remained in power despite their best efforts.  The world rallied to Georgia’s cause, and NATO just finished holding a massive joint military operation on Georgian soil, ignoring Russian wishes.

If that’s success, Russia would never survive even the slightest hint of “failure.”

This man is, quite simply, a maniac.  The notion that his is some kind of “liberal” fervently struggling behind the scenes to preserve the last vestiges of democracy in Russia is a shameless lie told by those who want to give the weak, confused Kremlin time free from external pressure to consolidate the Putin dictatorship.

He is the enemy of Russia.

149 responses to “EDITORIAL: Unhinged Medvedev on the Warpath

  1. He’s a small man with big issues. The more he blusters, the more the rest of the world needs to point at him and laugh.

  2. For Adrian
    I do not remember that someone in the West was laughing since 08/08/08 to 15/08/08.

    • We did not laugh when Hitler invaded weaker countries either. WE do not laugh at evil actions!

    • Hitler and moscow laughed when Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia were invaded, occupied, and enslaved. But, to continue their brainwashing, the kremlin removed lessons on the molotov-ribbentrop pact when they rewrote the history books.

  3. Oh dear god. If an embarrassment of a military campaign against Georgia is the pinnacle of this new velikaya derzhava we keep hearing about, then I think the world remains pretty safe. Russkii medved? Net! Russkaya koshka. You can’t even find pilots for your planes…

    Now what annoys me more about sovoks like yourself is that you’re the reason your country is so destitute. It’s the Russians who suffer under idiots like Putler, as it was the Russians who suffered under Stalin. Why don’t you spend your energy advocating for a real democracy, an independent judiciary, real civil rights, real property rights, and real prosecutions for corruption? If you want a strong Russia, this is where to start, not pretending that you’re a superpower when you’re rapidly sinking further into the third world. I’m serious about this. I’d rather see your country happy, prosperous, and law abiding than kleptocratic, poor, and desititute, but if you would rather have criminals in power robbing you then little will ever change, and you’ll never get the respect you so desperately crave from the West.

  4. Thank you, Adrian, for your excellent answer to the russkie. Most of us here think the same way and hope that one day this sociopathic nation will join us in living in a normal world striving just to be happy.

  5. Adrian

    I`m lawyer and I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I spent many time to fight against corruption and I defend the rights in courts. So I know that there are many terrible problems in my country, as well as there are many ones in USE, EU, China,India Brasil etc. Our country is similar to many another countries, but it RUSSIA IS MY MOTHERLAND.
    It`s really clear that West (USA and EU) have not any rights to teach us. Your human rights violations are more horrible then Russians ones. And your governments and secret services interfere to inner affers of another countries to destroy ones. For examples Georgia and Ukraina. Despite your blabber about democracy it is obviously that there is a tyranny in Georgia and anarchy in Ukraina. Moreover in Ternopol region of Uraina the rightmost anti-Semite NAZY forces seize a power. NAZY took power again in hole region of Europe and it has happened the first time after may 1945. The West are responsible for it because it is result of orange putch in 2005 as well as Georgian war was a result rose putch in 2003. So go home with your democracy, you must solve your own problems at first!

    • I `m Russian, you are a good laugh because on the internet you can make up any bio that you want and only a fool would believe it.

      Fighting against corruption while defending Pootie’s courts is an oxymoron, you fool.

      Please, get better material. You can do better.

      Working for the FSB doesn’t mean you have to act THAT stupid.

    • I’m Russian: + many thousands!
      A perfect answer to this idiot.

    • @”EU) have not any rights to teach us. Your human rights violations are more horrible then Russians ones.”

      Tell me about them.

      @”NAZY forces seize a power. NAZY”

      About them too.

  6. Really “I am Russian”, I doubt you have any experience fighting against corruption.
    Given your imbecile statements on this blog, you are much more likely to be a beneficiary of corruption than anything else.
    I point to your disgusting remarks about the deaths of Markelov and others who actually DID defend human rights and attack corruption.

    Russia is far, far more corrupt than western Europe or the US. Russia is now 143 out of 160 countries, worse even than most of Africa.

    Just take a look at transparency internationals country ratings.
    Also note that the corruption has massively under the Presidency of Putin.
    If you really wanted to fight corruption, you would be taking the current regime to task, but as you are a slavish Putinista, I doubt that will ever happen.

    “The international watchdog’s newest “Corruption Barometer” report finds that Russia has slipped from 120th to 143rd place, out of a total 160 countries. As RIA Novosti reports, Russia received a rating of 2.3 on a 10 point scale, equating it with countries like Gambia, Indonesia and Togo.”



    • What about this double standards in relation to all the events from the world community in assessing of facts and cases ?Why to talk of Medvedev when there are so many mistakes from the leading countries of the West?


      Because this blog is about RUSSIA not those countries, you mindless zygote.

    • Dear Andrew,

      He may be the one that prosecutes the people that the kremlin tells him are corrupt, and defends the “rights” of the nashi and FSB? They say that, “99% of the lawyers give the rest of the lawyers a bad name.”.


  7. Here is a report from Ukraine about how rights are “defended” in Pootler’s russkaya koshka – the defenders are thrown in jail:


    If a Russian journalist reports the truth, they are fined for “libel”:


    And, above all, Pootler has declared that nossing, absolutely nossing, will interfere with Eurovision.

    So the cops, at a ratio of 3 cops for every gay, have arrested gays trying to exercise their right of free speech.

    Notice, at the end of the video, how the oily rooshan orthodox “christians” are free to block the streets and to whatever they want.

    Is there free speech in rooskaya koshka? Click on the little video camera to see. The claim is that for these 40 people, there was no “permit”.

    This is from a Ukrainian newspaper. In Ukraine, there is freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

    For “defender of rights – I am russian baboon” – freedom of speech is anarchy.


    • The Russians are Orthodox in name only.
      Like the Abkhaz, they twist the intent of the Orthodox Church.
      Look at the Orthodox believers and Churches in real Orthodox countries such as Georgia, Romania, Ukraine, and you will see a very different Church to the Russian KGB Church, or the dissident ROCOR for that matter.

      Russians poison everything that they touch.

  8. Because if a leading nation of the West, someone in, say Austria or Belgium (let alone the US), then there would be an AVALANCHE of criticism. Bush calling Afghanistan or Iraq a “holy mission” would have millions screaming on the streets.

    One day people will mark Medvedev’s speech as the moment that Russia formally crossed the threshold from simply autocracy into fascism.

    • Because Bush never claimed God told him to invade Iraq amirite.

    • Гы! Most likely, this “holy duty” is a translation of “святая/священная обязанность”. “Святая обязанность” was a very popular expression among soviet communists (typically, atheists, I have to note). I think La Russophobes need to spend more time learning about the subject of their obsession. So, an exercise… Who can provide a more accurate translation?

      • Or maybe you have to stop playing with words to hide their meaning?

        Both “святая” and “священная” translate as “holy” and have very similar meanings. They replace each other depending upon the context, but convey approximately the same.

        You say “священная” “when you can’t apply “святая”, like for a war.

        “святая” has a closer, more specifically religious meaning, while “священная” includes “святая” and extends a bit beyond, kind of extending religious ecstasy on other subjects with no direct religious meaning, like “holy war” or “holy Motherland”.

        Commies did say so? So what? It’s not the first time when they mangled the meaning of a word.

        • 001:
          I studied rooshan as a fourth [fifth?] language in college over 40 years ago and I think:

          “святая” = holy
          “священная” = blessed or blessing?

          If the DCKT did not remove these words from their dictionary, maybe the rooshan trolls can correct or agree? :)

          as in: The water from the faucet was blessed by the priest and became holy water.

          • You’re rusty in your “rooshan”.

          • I would suggest that the difference, if we magnify it, between the two words MIGHT be similar to the difference between words “saint” and “sacred” (where both words actually mean nuances of the word “holy”).

            See here, in the dictionary:

            “святой” – holy; sacred; saintly; saint; sainted; spiritual; saintlike etc. …

            “священный” – holy; sacred; heavenly; hieratic; sacramental; sacrosanct; taboo; tabu; consecrated; hiero; sanctified; blessed; sainted; etc. …

            But this principle is not followed strictly. For example, they say in Russian “Святая Русь” when they would have to be saying “Священная Русь”. It is supposed to mean “Holy Russia” while in fact seems to refer to the early Kievan Rus and literary says “Rus the Saint”. Anyway, thus these two words seem to be interchangeable.

            Any comments?

          • Regarding your example: Funny, but the “blessed water” actually is referred to in Russian as “святая вода”, not “священная”. So it is literally “Saint water”.

            And, there is another word : “освященный” – something that “has been blessed”.

            It is getting even more complicated.

            But it begins to look to me even more, that those two words mean about the same and can change their meaning a bit depending upon the context of their actual use and the tradition.

        • You can check Ушакова, both “святой” and “священный” are used in Soviet Union as “истинный, великий, величественный по своим задачам, исключительный по важности”, literally, “most important”. There is no God in Medvedev’s speech, so “holy” is too religious. I’d say “sacred”.

  9. For Elmer, Andrew, Scott and for other fascists.

    You say that according to different ratings Russia is in top list of corrupt countries in the world. Let me ask you what about Ukraina or Georgia, then you`ll tell me some blabber about democracy and non corrapcy regimes. Sorry but I see another picture. Russia is considerably less autocraty than Georgia and really less coorrupt country than Ukraina. I see that results of our interferences into inner affairs of such countries had very negative and criminal character. You created provisions for Georgian War and you made a situation wich permits NAZY to take power in West Ukraina. You colled my country as fascist. So I ask you there are some fascist gangs in our country as well almost any country in the world. Those fascist gangs are criminal groups and our government and society fight against them. Suh gangs placed in the extreme side of our political life, the most of them are being in prisons and jails now, and anti – Semit and fascist propaganda are stopped by Russian authority. There are any conditions to seize power by fascists groups in our country because we have capable government.Unlike Russia Ukraina have no able to function authority as result of orange putch in 2005. The second result of such putch is insolent NAZY propaganda in Ukraina (anti Russians, anti-SEMIT, anti-Ruthenian, anti-POLAND, anti-Hungary, anti-Romania etc.). So it create conditions to seize a power by fascists and it has already happend in Ternopol region! The winner of recent election in that region was movement LIBERTY (ВО СВОБОДА) which is undubiously NAZY. I do not exaggerate it. I gave necessary links in latest messages. But I repeat one with citation from ВО СВОБОДА official site: http://www.forum.vosvoboda.info/viewtopic_3519.php
    ЖААААААХХливі традиції жидів!!!
    Сьогодні, я хочу розповісти про свято «пурім», яке наступає кожного року, навесні в березні місяці. З цим святом пов’язані страхітливі звичаї, опис яких може шокувати читачів Вашої газети. Саме тому мені хотілося б заздалегідь вибачитися на випадок, якщо це неприємно зачепить почуття окремих людей……………………………………………………..….
    Річ у тім, що жиди зобов’язані дістати людську кров, яка під час свята «пурім» буде активно використана жидівськими священиками в процесі приготування святкової випічки. Іншими словами, жидівський релігійний звичай, як данина святу «пурім», не може обійтися без пролиття людської крові! Перш ніж я перейду до подробиць, хочеться особливо підкреслити те, що пролиття людської крові, яке проводиться жидами з метою підготовки святкової випічки, є історично і юридично доведеним фактом. Саме цей факт і служив в головній мірі причиною переслідувань і гонінь жидів, які відбувалися в різні часи, як в Європі, так і в Азії…………………………
    А зараз, я коротко розповім про те, як видобувається людська кров, яку застосовують у приготуванні святкової випічки. Жертвою обирають молодого, зрілого хлопця, котрий, звичайно ж, не має бути жидом. На цю роль підходить християнин або ж мусульманин, кров якого ретельно переробляється в гранули. Надалі, рабин змішує ці гранули з тістом, з якого готуються жидівські ласощі – випічка. Одна з цих випічок може зберігатися до наступного свята.
    Від себе згадаємо:…………………….

    «У боротьбі проти вічного жида, я продовжую справу Господню!» (с)
    This dirty anti-Semit site is a real result of your interferences in independence countries affairs. You do not wanna NAZY so we say you GO HOME WITH YOUR DEMOCRACY AND YOUR NAZY! We capable solve our problema without you!

    • One more time, sweetie, working for the FSB does not mean that you have to act as stupid as you do.

      You are too dumb to be a lawyer so that lie is shot down. Yoiu are too inarticulate and dogmatic to have much of an education or life experience. Face it, your postings aren’t working out too well for you.

      • @penny

        You clearly overestimate the avarage prosecutors and judges in Russia. They’re typically dumb, corrupt and Soviet-minded.

  10. Тупая пиндоска Yankee trollop Kim Zigfeld truly needs a remedial reading course. She somehow failed to notice President Medvedev’s words that were right under her nose: “Any aggression against our citizens will be rightfully repelled.” On 08.08.08, Georgian military attacked Russian citizens in Tskhinval with MLRS and artillery, and Russian Army came to their defence with far more right than the Yankees when they used “defence of American citizens” as a pretext for the invasion of Grenada in 1983.


    Ossetia was part of Georgia until Russia invaded, you illiterate ape, it was not part of Russia. Russia was not defending ITSELF as Medvedev said, it was defending part of Georgia. We clearly said so in our post. If you don’t have the common good manners to read our post, you should not comment on it. The fact that you can only justify Russian actions by talking about Grenada proves our point is totally valid. Medevedev didn’t say he was defending Russian interests, he said he was defending RUSSIA. The U.S. attacked REBELS in Grenada, Russia SIDED WITH rebels in Ossetia so your point is doubly imbecilic.

    Rude and illiterate moron. Your lies make Russia look like a nation of cretins. Was that your intention?

  11. Да ну… это ж такая практика в английском. :-D

  12. > Medevedev didn’t say he was defending Russian interests, he said he was defending RUSSIA

    I see you are afflicted with a severe form of dyslexia, Miss. ;-) therefore, I repeat once more: Medvedev talked about protecting RUSSIAN CITIZENS in the South Ossetia. There was a bloody conflict between the Georgians, the Abkhazians and the Ossetians back in the early 1990s when Georgian fascist leader Zviad Gamsakhurdia denied Abkhazia and S. Ossetia the autonomous status they had in the USSR. After the Georgians were defeated, Russians peacekeeping forces were installed in both breakaway republic. Since the Abkhazians and the S. Ossetians were at the very least not very eager to get Georgian citizenship, they became Russian citizens since anyone born in the USSR could claim Russian citizenship at that time. Such are the basics of history that only such a Pindostani ignoramus like you does not know. As to Grenada, there were no “rebels” there until the bloody Yankees inspired a coup that led to the death of the lawful Grenadian Prime Minister Maurice Bishop.

    Lastly, in August 2008 the Russian troops did not seize Tbilisi not because they were afraid of American ass-kissers Kaczynski, Ansip, Freiberga, etc. We just did not want to feed again the ingrateful Georgian parasites who we had once saved from the Turkish swords to our own harm. However, if Mad Mishiko decides to step on the same rake again, Russia will probably have no other choice but to squash the nest of vipers called “Democratic Georgia”. :-)

    • Oh. And what exactly the white knight Medvedev did to save the “Russian citiziens” (and in fact largely ethnic Russians) in Grozny under attack from “MLRS and artillery” (and aircraft and ballistic missiles and totally inhuman vaccum/thermobaric/FAE weapons), so many times and for so many years?

      So it’s not a “genocide” when the Russians kill Russians by tens of thousands, leaving them in mass graves among the ruins of an ACTUALLY leveled MAJOR city? So you think Russia has some “other choice but to squash the nest of vipers” called the Kremlin (and the Lubyanka)? Or maybe you think Grozny with all those ethnic Russian babushkas was “the nest of vipers” to be “squashed”?

    • “Although it is important to note that there have been times that Saak did abandon democratic principles and declare martial law.”

      – You know, I have been in Georgia when he did it and I CAN’T BLAME HIM for that. He had no other way.

      1) RUSSIA – PUTIN/military/FSB(KGB)/Propaganda…

      2) 2 occupied regions.

      3) Crazy, illiterate oposition.

      3) No balance in media freedom. (There are no brakes in media freadoms in Georgia – YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING! DEMAND ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING!) –


      Yet he managed to fight and pretty much destroy the corruption, it still breaths, but it’s in much worse shape than in any country nearby…

      HE HAD to shut that channel down! It was 24/7 working on a Russian-Goergian Oligarchs and was working on overthrowing Saakashvili VERY HARD! HE HAD TO DO IT! I speak Georgian and ANY democratic lieder would acted in a way as Saakashvili did. Besides few days of anarchy do not change the real vision of this man, I can see this time and time again when I come to Georgia.


      Georgian opposition is NOT constructive, I’d even call it anticonstuctive.

  13. South Osstia is not the part of Georgia – ut was given to Georgia by Stalin ? and with the collapseof the USSR Georgian Socialist Republic did it either /
    It is a shame on you that you yet do not knowthe truth /
    Pity you oresonally were not in the houses of the town of Tskhunval ? WHEN IT WAS SEVERELY AND FIERCELY BOMBARDED BY gEO SYSTEM Grads
    iF YOU WISHED that Medvedev was supposing o watch all this you are mistaken and poor / I am sory for such incorrect approauch you are making and silly .

    • And the today’s Kalingrad was given to Russia by Stalin. Do you think it’s not Russian?

      “Pity you oresonally were not in the houses of the town of Tskhunval ? WHEN IT WAS SEVERELY AND FIERCELY BOMBARDED BY gEO SYSTEM Grads”

      Were you just as shocked when Grozny was bombarded by so many more Grads (and Uragans, Smerchs, Buratinos) for weeks and months in 1994, 1995, 1996, 1999, 2000? Just curious.

    • South Ossetia is a part of the ancient Georgian region of Kartli, it had the mediaeval title of Samachablo.
      Georgians lived there for thousends of years before the Ossetes came south of the mountains.

      The Georgians built a fort in Tskhinvali in the 3rd century AD, and had garrisons guarding the southern end of the Daryl pass in the 9th century.

      Ossetians entered the area as refugees from Mongol rule in the 12th century.

      There was no south Ossetia untill it was created by Moscow in the 1920’s as a punishment for Georgia having refused to join the USSR and having independance for 3 years.

  14. Rashan Yam; “Semit and fascist propaganda are stopped by Russian authority. There are any conditions to seize power by fascists groups in our country because we have capable government”.

    Writing this in LaRussophobe is the height of stupidity was it not?

    “Rashan Yam” attacks political party in Ukraine because of group’s blog. No censorship and that stuff even happens in Italy and any other parts of the world sometimes (no rashan needed)


    Russians killed thousands of Jews and complaints made by Jews appear mostly about Rasha. Many sent their kids to be educated in Ukraine in the early days of Savok because it was safer. Hasidim was founded in Ukraine. The re-introduction of Rashan former allies the Nazis is found in Putin’s Nashi youth league. So rashan yam, what about this capable rashan government? At the end at least you acknowledge that you have a problem, you can solve yourself, but I suggest you stay in your own fly infested country to do it.



  15. Russian –

    Quick definition of fascist. When you’ve basically put power in the hands of one guy (in this case, Putin) and justify the concentration in militarist and nationalist terms, as Putin-puppet Medvedev has done, that’s fascist. And, as sorry as I am to say it, that’s now Russia.

    A fascist is not simply someone who disagrees with you much as you may believe it to be so. In fact calling someone fascist because he has a different opinion than you do (much as you have done in your accusations) is pretty much the textbook definition of fascism.

    Likewise, anarchy and autocracy have different meanings than you would like them to believe. If the opposition has a decent chance to win an election, like say Burburadze does in Georgia and Yanukovich does in Ukraine, that pretty much contradicts the definition of autocracy. Autocracy means that if one suggests that the opposition may win, one does not immediately fall into fits of convulsive laughter at the very preposterousness of the idea as one may do at say, Kasparov becoming President of Russia. It also means that when you protest, the president actually tries to talk with you (as Saakashvili did) rather than, say, take your name down so that he can have you kicked out of college later (as Putin did.) Although it is important to note that there have been times that Saak did abandon democratic principles and declare martial law.

    Anarchy in turn means that no governance is going on at all. While Ukraine’s government is fractured into three squabbling factions (Yushchenko, Yanukovich, and Tymoshenko), it still somehow manages to maintain social order. It would be better for Ukraine if the three came together, but as long as Yanukovich takes his marching orders from the Fascists in Moscow, Tymoshenko keeps angling for Yushchenko’s job, and Yushckenko screams “treason” every time something doesn’t go his way, that probably isn’t going to happen.

    By the way, the one point I agree with you is about the appearance of Tyanibok and the fascists in Ternopil and the danger they pose to Ukraine as a whole. The difference there, however, is that while fascists have taken control of one oblast in Ukraine, they are pretty much in control of the entire country in Russia.

  16. AsArtem

    Это прекрасная практика английского для меня = как и возможность постоять за Россию хотя бы словами. Зачем мне докучать своими ошибками и иногда путанными мыслями нормальным людям. А такого подонка как Эндрю мне не жалко. Он больной на голову и похоже не вылезает с этого блока. Когда я начинал, он разбирался в таких моих запутанных фразах, в которых я сейчас сам не понимаю что хотел сказать. Он полезен мне как бесплатный препод и мне приятно ставить этого идиота в дурацкое положение.

  17. Rashan Yam,

    If you come here because you have contempt for Andy and want to practice your flawed English to “defend russia” you should be banned. You have nothing to say, but dribble mud in the Rashan language. Practice your pathetic English. Personal attacks, ignoring the conversation and topic disgraces your Rashan lineage of inbred swamp dwellers.

  18. Scott-

    Tyanibok is really fscist and it is very good that you agree. He won in Ternopil, but it only beginning. Obviously that movement LIBERTY will seize power at least in West Ukraina. It became possible after 2005 orange putsch. Because Yusch. 1) has been flirting with NAZY (including Tyagnibok who provided supporting of Yush. in 2005 in West Ukraina); 2) destroyed state institutes (police, secret services, prosecutor servic etc.). The West countries have been permanently supported Yush. If orange putch took place in 2005 so Tyagnibok and his LIBERTY woud not seize a power! So I do not exaggerate when suppose that people who support Yush. and orange rev. are fascists. And you supported them.
    As for Russia there are no fascists in Russian`s authority bodies. Moreover they fight against such social evil and nip NAZY propaganda in the bud. But there are some opposition parties wich may be related to NAZY and which get suppoting from the West countries. For example national-bolsheviky and NDS of Kasjanoff. All of us want democracy, but we do not want any loophole for extremists which are supported by you! So I approve some rough methods of our government, but it is not fascists methods and you know it!

  19. Scott-
    I repeat – If orange putch DID NOT took place in 2005 so Tyagnibok and his LIBERTY woud not seize a power!
    Yoush. is a “forerunner” of Tyagnibok as well as Kerensky was “forerunner” of Lenin. And Kerensky also supported by west!

  20. George
    It sounds good to me because you are obviously enemy of my country!

    • Enemies of Russia are not born they’re made. As a matter of fact Russia has much fewer enemies then they currently think they do. But you are looking for enemies, calling people enemies, this has become a Russian passtime. Convincing your citizens that you are beset by enemies is rule number one in keeping control.

      Take a deep breath, and stop seeing enemies everywhere. For God’s sake you even hate Ukrainians and they are 50% RUSSIAN, if you can be friends with Ukraine, then you have to realize that something deeper is wrong. Yes, many of the commenters here are knee jerk reactionaries who feel very cornered by the swing back from the right that the US has taken and apply the stress that this creates into their rage, BUT you are the opposite extreme, you’ve gotta stop watching so much Channel 1 and try to get a real grip on why international diplomacy is a mess in Russia. Who are the real enemies, and how they are hurting Russia? It’s not Ukraine, and it’s not Georgia, and it’s not colored revolution names, which as you can plainly see don’t even change much, and aren’t really revolutions.

      Stop making enemies and start making friends.

      • In rewriting their books, it appears that the kremlin removed the words Ukraine and Ukrainian from their dictionary and replaced them with the word orangestani. In spite of the kremlin’s many decades of disinfommation and propaganda, the world realizes that Ukraine is a seperate and distinct culture, language, and nationality. When will the kremlin stop their incessant whining and realize that they failed?

    • I mean, stop looking for enemies, and start looking for friends.

      • Well said Marc

      • Wow! Unless, it’s a different Marc – we are on completely different poles of US political spectrum (and according to him, I feel very cornered by the swing back from the right that the US has taken). Yet, I have to admit – well said, Marc!

  21. AsArtem asked LR what she wanted from Russia. I don’t speak for her, but I could tell him what I would like to see.

    1. Stop intimidating your weak neighbors such as Georgia or Ukraine. They are independent countries. They may be good or bad, may have a democratic or authoritarian regime or be corrupt or tolerate Nazis or whatever. You may like it or may dislike it, but it’s their lives and their countries not yours anymore. It’s not up to Russia to tell them what to do. They do not have to ask Russia for permission or approval as to anything they say, think or do within their own territory. If they want to join the EU or the NATO, it’s irrelevant how Russia feels about it.

    2. Stop lying about everything, particularly about being an industrialized country. Yours is not a developed country, and it’s about time you admit it. Russia does not produce anything but raw materials such as oil, gas or metals. I have never seen any Russian made goods (other than vodka and caviar) in any store in Southern California, while we have stuff from everywhere in the world. Russia cannot produce food in sufficient amounts even to feed itself. Over half of all food sold in Russia is imported, isn’t it true? What is going to happen if commodities become even cheaper? Where is Russia going to get hard currency to pay for all the imported goods.

    3. After Russia has admitted it is not quite developed, she should leave G8. It is clearly not the eighth most developed economy in the world. My home state of California has the size of the economy which is probably three times the size of Russia’s. The county of Los Angeles alone probably has larger gross economic output than entire Russia. Why does Russia insist on being a member of G8? There are dozens of a lot more developed countries that are not members. Why is that?

    4. Stop pretending Russia is a democracy. It’s so autocratic that saying it’s a democracy is just silly. Elections are all sham, journalists are killed left and right, and on, and on, and on. There is no shame in admitting the truth so long as there are genuine efforts to improve. I see no such efforts anymore (I believe, Russia tried under Yeltsyn, but it’s all i the past).

    5. Stop pretending yours is a “great culture.” Yes, we all know about Tolstoy, Chekhov, and Tchaikovsky. But those men have been dead for a hundred years or more. What has Russia done lately in the cultural realm to qualify as a great culture. I don’t recall anything.

    Enough for now? I have plenty more

    • LR couldn’t have said it better HERself. I mean literally. You left out the idiot ape, and other personal attacks. You didn’t say that Russian people are by nature dumb, and get what they deserve on a regular basis. Where’s the hate, fear and anger? Don’t let me down! I come here watch people flip out over S%*t they don’t even really understand, you’re being way too thoughtful.

      • Oh I understand all right.
        Sister in law raped by Russian soldiers & Ossetian militia last year (She was working for Georgin Red Cross).
        Several cousins-in-law killed and their children murdered in Abkhazia by separatists & Russian “volunteers” in 1993 in Abkhazia.
        The bloody history of Russian occupation of Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Azerbaijhan, Poland, Hungary, Czecheslovakia etc.
        FYI, my daughter was baptised by a Russian.
        Its the state I hate.

    • @RV:
      I calmly wonder: in which kind of incubators the idiots like you are bred.

      “Russia does not produce anything but raw materials such as oil, gas or metals.”

      Do you know, what to produce most of metals you need industry? Even converting iron ore into stainless steel is a multi-step process, which needs a lot of industrial facilities.
      And there is also a chromium, titan, molibdene, vanadium, gallium, germanium, tungsten, uranium… But you probably never herad of any of these in your life.

      • The problem is the extremely poor standard of workmanship of any manufactured item from Russia.
        Just look at the Morrocans returning Mig-29’s due to quality issues, and the Indians complaints about the shoddy quality of equipment from tanks to the aircraft carrier they were purchasing.
        Made in Russia = JUNK.
        Always did, always will.
        Just look at the number of Russian tanks killed in WW2 due to extremely substandard welding of the armour.
        Or in the Gulf war, and Arab-Israeli wars for that matter.

        • There was a saying in soviet times, “If I come to work and work, I get paid, if I come to work and do no work, I still get paid.”. Where is their incentive to do quality work?

          The penalty for coming a few minutes late to work was a sentence to the gulags. After all, their slave labor camps needed people in the frozen north for the kremlin’s projects. After all, based on the kremlin’s interpertation of Darwin, human beings were the same as cattle that the kremlin may use for the benefit of the state.

          Even today, hundreds of thousands (100,000,s) of workers have not been paid for their “work” for months, and many have had their salaries cut in half.

          So, many steal from work. Steal the cement and use more sand in the mixture. If someone happens to notice, I just give them a piece of the pie. Who cares if the building or infrastructure crumbles in a few years? The soviet mentality lives on!

    • Dear RV,

      Thank you for a well written comment with many good points. I will add to your points [1 thru 5] as follows:

      1) They have been intimidating the world for years. They want to conquer and reoccupy Ukraine again! The kremlin’s new slogan, “sphere of influence”, comes from the twilight zone. If I have a farm in New York, does that give me control of my neighbors’ back yards? They are like the big bully in kindergarten that never matured. The kremlin has been executing genocide on the Ukrainian people, language and culture for ages. Yet, they state that Ukrainians are their brothers?

      2) You can not tell a compulsive liar to stop lying. Disinformation is the fantasy world in which the kremlin lives. They do not care about the following:

      If you say that someone is lying when they are telling the truth, that makes you the liar! By the way, the louder you scream doesn’t make what you say any more true. To the contrary, the louder you scream, the more desperate you must be to shout down the truth! Truth is not dependent on volume or the power of your lungs. Truth is not mindless repetition of rhetoric. The Nazis were big believers in slogans and loud lying. They started out strong and look where they ended up. The arrogance of power deludes you into thinking you get to define the truth, as if truth were some kind of malleable commodity, subject to be determined by those in power. Those in power may believe, may hope that to be the case, but truth is not determined by consensus or by majority vote. And truth is not what you hear on TV just because the mainstream media are broadcasting a message the current administration wishes to promote. In case you don’t know, that’s not truth, that’s propaganda. That’s not informing people, that’s indoctrinating people. And it damn sure isn’t enlightenment–it’s manipulation! Thank God–and I do mean that literally!—we still have enough freedom in this country to express our concerns.

      3) Regarding G8, I never gave this much thought, but will try to respond to your question: “Why is that?” The kremlin spin doctors convinced the world that they were industrialized [not true because many of the factories were in the occupied territories of the other nations that finally became independent in or about 1991], and lulled the world in thinking that they are a democracy.

      “The concept of a forum for the world’s major industrialized democracies emerged following the 1973 oil crisis and subsequent global recession. “


      4) So true, except that I would not use the “PC” term “pretending” but I would say “spreading blatant lies that” . Also, please see #2 + #5.

      5) They steal and lay claim on the culture of others, so they do not need to expand their own. Hohol, pronounced Gogol [due to the russification of Ukraine] in rooshan, was Ukrainian. The russification of Ukrainians is beyond the belief of most Americans. A child’s birth certificate or a person’s passport could only have the name IGOR, when the parents baptized and called him IHOR. English-Ukrainian and Ukrainian-English dictionaries that were printed there had many, if not most of the Ukrainian words substituted by rooshan words. About eight years ago, I went to visit family members in Ukraine. One of them is an author of several books that were printed in Poland. When I asked, “Why Poland?” the response was, “You do not understand. Other books are printed in “moscow” and they would not print my subject matter.” The russification of Ukraine continues to this day. Although President Yushchenko has done much to reintroduce the history and language in Ukraine, the Division of certified kremlin trolls repeatedly tries to create false flags. The kremlin trolls call for impeachment, dividing Ukraine, early presidential elections because the kremlin does not like President Yushchenko, because President Yushchenko will not lick the kremlin’s boots the way yanykovich would. Etc. In the 1920’s the kremlin killed over 80% of the Ukrainian intelligencia [this was just another one of the kremlin’s many genocides of Ukrainians]. After 1991, the kremlin has killed well over two hundred journalists. They are still killing the cream of their own crop. These men and women could have become great poets, authors, playwrights, etc. The kremlin is now culling their own, because it is harder to kill Ukrainians because the Ukrainians have their own land finally. The kremlin executes genocides of other nationalities also [modern day example is Chechnya]. To hope to improve the % of their demographics? A 2001 census showed about four million less people in Ukraine that identified themselves as rooshan, as compared to the 1989 census. Throughout the USSR parents were raising their children to be rooshan, even though they were not. When Moscow gave people in South Ossetia [and others] passports, did that make the people rooshan?


      PS Not enough. Please do many more.  :)

  22. With all due respect, your reasoning linking Yushchenko to Tyanibok is faulty. Why?

    Let’s take the counterexample here from one of Russia’s great military heroes, Brusilov. Brusilov’s offensive broke the back of the Austr0-Hungarian army and forced the Germans to concentrate more of their own troops on the Eastern Front, therefore earning him partial credit for Germany’s defeat in World War I. Hitler later used the anger over that defeat to come to power. Therefore, Brusilov was obviously a fascist. As was, therefore, Woodrow Wilson, just so you don’t think this is merely Russophobia talking.

    Of course, the argument is ridiculous.

    Unfortunately, the right for the Ukrainian people to elect their own leaders also means that they have the right to make some really stupid mistakes when having the election. Some Russians voted for Zhirinovsky. He’s a foul Russian Nazi if ever there was one, but when Russia was still a democracy he still had the right to run. (Now of course, he’s a “Friend of Putin” and therefore entitled to his Duma seat without the fuss and bother of a fair election, but that’s another story.) The same is true of Tyanibok.

    The point is that winning the Ukrainians the right to choose their own leaders rather than have them hand picked by a coterie of gangsters who spent their last eight years in power stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down doesn’t make Yushchenko a fascist simply because the next guy they choose may be a fascist. Tyanibok’s fascists supported Yushchenko in 95? Well EVERYONE in Western Ukraine supported him. The strength of the Liberty Party today has much more to do with Yushchenko’s failures than his successes. If he were able to make the changes he wanted, the Liberty party would be a handful of discontented nutcases. Since he couldn’t, however, many Western Ukrainians lost faith in both him and Tymoshenko and turned rightwards. You can even put some of the blame on the Putin/Yanukovich team for their part in ensuring that Ukraine suffered after the Orange Revolution. The same is true of Kerensky. He was a democrat. He messed up the job of running the Russian Republic. Lenin had a revolution. This makes Kerensky a poor leader, but it hardly puts him in the vanguard of the proletariat.

    As for how far the Liberty party will go, you may be right, although I hope you’re wrong. Ultranationalism in Ukraine doesn’t really sell well outside Halicina and Volhynia but times are bad in Ukraine, and sometimes desperate people do desperate things. I’m currently thinking that Tymoshenko will be President next, but I’m also putting a lot of hope in the ability of the democratic movement to put their differences aside to beat back both Tyanibok’s Nazis and Yanukovich’s RussoFascists.

  23. Scott-
    There is no relate between Brusilov and Hitler but there is clear one between Yush. who destroyed country and burned the fire of NAZY propaganda and Tyanibok who has used it. Zhirinovsky does not like Tyanibok because you won`t be able to find any appeals of Zhirinovsky or his party officials to kill someone unlike Zhirinovsky and his LIBERTY officials anti-Semit;Russian;Ruthenian etc. appeals. I gave more links about it. Yes we have fascists bands in our country – RNE and skinhead groups, but the most of them in prison now and nothin of them in athority body now.
    “You can even put some of the blame on the Putin/Yanukovich team for their part in ensuring that Ukraine suffered after the Orange Revolution”. Of course you can only find a guilty aside but you never confess that you guilty yourself in creating such situation in Ternopil.

    • Zhirinovsky called for killing (for example) the Chechens, even using nuclear weapons. He also called for killing many others (individuals, groups and whole nations), sometimes also using nuclear weapons (Japan, UK). Actually it would be easier to find out who he doesn’t hate (that is besides pure-breed Aryan Russian Ubermenschen), as he’s even a self-hating Jew.


  24. Sorry, at this point I can’t help you. If you can’t even see Zhirinovsky for the fascist demagogue that he is (something that is hardly difficult even for the most ardent of Russophiles), I don’t see any reason to continue this conversation.

  25. Do as you like. But I see that you can`t say anything per se.

    • Zhirinovsky has been repeatedly calling for the expulsion of all Georgians from Russia, and the killing of Georgians in general.
      Not too mention he called for the extermination of Chechens etc.

  26. Ukrainian National Socialism may be different than the sensationalism. There was also an anarchistic group that had a motto of “Out with them all”. That demonstration in Kyiv was beaten up by mysterious uniformed individuals. Germany had the largest communist party in Europe before the Nazis took over. Hitler had to get rid of the SA or brown shirts before the military would join. This whole thing is overblown in Ukraine where the Political Stalemate continues. Politicians have to become more radical to get attention. Rooskie spin doctors influence the international media a lot. Throwing the bums out is a normal reaction in Ukraine. Finding a natural leader and a political force without money, banking and oligarch support without the ever present Rooskie interference is making nation building difficult, especially in a politically unsophisticated country. Look at the Kyiv elections and “Mayor Cosmos” whom got reelected by giving out a bag of buckwheat. Getting screwed over by government is a way of life. I would want to punish the lot for theft, murder, conspiracy, degradation and Human trafficking, watching the criminals in government with immunity since soviet times can make it dangerous. Even in India the “peaceful cow worshipers” can riot and kill hundreds. This government was not removed by the Orange Revolution as the same people hold office. The Revolution never was completed. Heads have to roll as lives are wasted anyway.

  27. Lets see,
    The Georgian President has offered the following to the opposition.
    1. Joint (equal) representation on a comission to rewrite the constitution.
    2. Joint (equal) representation on a comission to review and improve electoral law.
    3. Seats on the comission that manages public broadcasting.
    The Oppositon parties holding protests have refused these offers, and want to overthrow the democraticly elected head of state (53% of popular vote, a real result as opposed to Mdevedevs rigged numbers).
    The opposition has suffered a massive drop in support due to the following.
    1. Requesting support from Russia (enough said)
    2. Threatening to block the main highways which bring food into the city
    3. Attempting to politicise May 26 (Independance day).
    Saakashvili has made mistakes, name a politician who hasn’t, but he is handling these protests in a fair and democratic manner.
    Unlike the fascists who currently occupy the Kremlin.

  28. Andrew,

    I love Latynina’s articles on Georgian opposition… Even more important, though, is how Georgian opposition is reported to Putin. His minions tell him what he wants to hear; so he obviously thinks that the coup was about to succeed, and Saakashvili government will be toppled. But then again – he probably sincerely believed that Fox News anchor really coughed over that Ossetian girl and her aunt last year.

    At least Soviet bosses didn’t believe what they read in Pravda… that was for suckers (лохов) like “Unkneeling Russian” over here!

    • Well said Felix.
      Gachicheladze’s younger brother (the one doing the “Prison” protest has caused a great deal of anger amongst the Georgian public by giving a live interview to one of the Russian TV stations where he basically requested “Russian assistance”.
      The opposition, in true Russophile style, have forgotten that the voting public have eyes and ears. They have basically just scuppered themselves.
      BTW, I really enjoy Latynina’s articles too.
      Here is a VERY good one about the August war.

  29. Here is a VERY good one about the August war

    E-e-e-h… I prefer Russian originals :))) It is just one of the series (5-part, if I remember correctly) at ej.ru (or ЕЖ – hedgehog, as they refer to it).

    Note, that she strongly distinguishes between Abkhazia that made perhaps unfortunate choice, unlike Ajaria, but the choice that deserves respect; and South Osetia, that similarly to Hamas is a gang of thugs that need perpetual war as the source for their power.

    She also believes that Gamsakhurdia brought a lot of misfortune to Georgia, including through Abkhaz war. She certainly sees Saakashvili rule as an island of democracy in otherwise very brutal region, and as such a thorn in Putin’s back (and for personal reasons – Lilliputin – as well).

  30. Yes, I understand her position on Abkhazia.
    I (and most of the Georgians I know) agree that the Apsua language and culture should be protected, but that the fact that the Georgians were the largest single ethnic group and subjected to massive ethnic cleansing must be addressed. Apsua were only 17% of the pre war population.
    As the UN resolutions make clear, Abkhazian independance cannot be valid unless supported by a majority of the pre-war population.
    Then there is also the matter of the ongoing oppression of the Georgians who have returned to Gali district in Abkhazia where they make up 96.1% of the population.
    A fair deal for both sides is in the interests of all, but the Russians have consistantly blocked the internationalisation of conflict resolution in Abkhazia.

  31. First, I am russian.
    Second, for you, little boy, our President is Dmitry Anatolievich, not Dima.
    Third, when you write such posts, which are full of cheap propaganda, you should be more honest and logical. Cause russians, who have good Soviet education, read it too.
    Forth, such sentences like “Russia attacked poor Georgia”, “Putin dictatorship”, “psycho Medvedev” are funny jokes for us. You know nothing. Your (I mean europian and american) goverment, mass media, politicians and democracy are manipulated. If you don’t know it, your knowledge level is very low.
    Your activity in blog works against Russia. But only liberals in Russia read such cheap materials. And liberals are not the majority. Most of russians respect Soviet Union and, oh my God, Stalin. May be your target audience is people of Europe. But we really don’t care, what other people think about us. Leave you democracy and human rights to yourself.
    We do not need trash ideas. :)

  32. some loose thoughts:

    1) by the logic of “defending Russian citizens”, Russia is entitled to nuke any country where a Russian so much as gets bitten by a mosquito. Yes, yes, reductio ad absurdum but that is what Russia claims. And if I recall correctly, Russia already got is ass handed to it during the Crimean War on the same issue (ok,. so back then it was “the slavic people” instead of “Russian Citizens”, same difference in this context since Russia has been handing out Russian passports like candy over tha past 6 months or so) by England and France. That was 150 years ago. Which, in turn, shows just how far Russia has developed since then.

    2) The fact that “the Western countries” do not put anyone sprouting nationalist (or otherwise) nonsense in a mental institution or on an electric chair is NOT an example of a weak society that’s prone to extremism. It is exactly the opposite. It is an example of a system where even the craziest ideas are allowed to be spoken so long as no-one actually starts harming others. it’s called Free Speech, look it up sometime.

    3) “holy cause” is, yes literally a “holy cause”, but here more like an “anointed task”, implicating something to the effect of “the ends justify the means”

  33. President Yushchenko of Ukraine called on Russia to be a “good neighbor.”

    President Medvedev of Russia chants about the “holy duty” to “defend” Russia.

    What is Russia “defending” against? Its own people.

    Pootler and Medvedev are clearly afraid of — Russians.

    The kind of Russians who are able to speak and think freely, and to act freely, and to vote freely, to organize, to prosper.

    President Yushchenko of Ukraine has called on Ukraine to remove all communist/soviet symbols, on the occasion of the remembrance of Stalinist purges.

    Here it is in Ukrainian:


    Here’s a translation in English:


    The president attended a memorial service at the Bykivnia mass grave on the outskirts of Kiev, where up to 150,000 people executed in the Stalinist purges were buried.

    No doubt in Russia, Medvedev, Pootler and others will view this as “alarming.”

    Side note: I am sitting here, rolling on the floor, laughing.

    “I am russian” posted a long excerpt about historical facts related to Purim.

    It was all in Ukrainian.

    Russians like “I am russian” would rather die and choke to death than utter anything in Ukrainian.

    Or even acknowledge anything in Ukrainian.

    No doubt, we will hear more about “fascist Yushchenko” and the “orange putsch” and “orangestani.”

    No doubt we will hear more about the “holy duty” of Russia to preserve and protect the symbols of one of the cruelest regimes in the history of mankind – soviet communism.

    Kudos to President Yushchenko!

  34. Oleg Voronin (above) essentially explains in good English why Russia is and will continue to be in a dump that it is now:

    … we really don’t care, what other people think about us. Leave you democracy and human rights to yourself.

    Add a little bit of projection:

    Your goverment, mass media, politicians and democracy are manipulated. If you don’t know it, your knowledge level is very low.

    and you know all you need to know.

    This discussion is not new. It has started 150 years ago, whether Russian people deserve the governments that they’ve had; or they were imposed by higher powers… Oleg Voronin proves that they deserve…

    • Dear Felix,
      massmedia, politicians and etc. manipulating is a real fact in Western countries. I am very surprised, than people of other countries are very worried about Russian future. Thank you very much for your interest, but in Russia we understand, why so “kind guys” pay a lot attention for our country.
      We don’t really need democracy, human rights and bla-bla-bla, ’cause we guess, that this things are in practice.
      Democracy is a myth. For example all politicians in USA are strongly controlled by financial capital. In fact, USA have only one political party. Human rights are used for destroing domestic cultures and implementing social deviations (such as homosexualism). Every element of liberalism is dangerous for Russia. We have our own way and let us live as we want to live.
      Or we send your couple nuclear bombs… Just kidding. National russian joke :)

      • Yes, unlike demonstrators in the West, Russians are happy to be unlawfully arrested and beaten up by the police, and journalists are happy to be shot by “unknown” murderers. Just like Afghan women like to be raped by their husbands, North-Korean dissidents like to be executed by the regime and the opponents of Mugabe like to be beaten to death by Mugabe’s death squads. Human rights are only for Westerners, probably because Russians, Chinese or North-Koreans who don’t agree with their governments consider themselves not to be human.

  35. 2Paul: in that case, these “Russians, Chinese or North-Koreans who don’t agree with their governments” should pack their stuff and go to the Paradise on Earth called “Democratic West”. When you have them, please зге them on a diet of human rights and civil liberties but deny them bread, rice, Cola or water – such things are not essential to a REAL human being, are they?

    • They are already here, they are called political refugees. And apart from food we give them the possibility to express their opinion – which is more than people like you who apparently deny the right of your countrymen who don’t agree with you to live in their native country. But as I said before, most people in the West are in reality bigger patriots of Russia than the zelots trying to impersonate someone who really loves his country.

  36. 2LES: Because “Ukrainian” isn’t really a language, it’s only a dialect of Russian.


    That’s odd, since Russians can’t speak it. In any case it hardly matters, since Russian is going the way of Latin as we’ve reported previously many times.

  37. 2LR: Do you know the demography statistics of the Democratic Paradise called Ukraine? It makes Holodomor pale in comparison! :-((

  38. 2Paul: you may keep those boot-lickers of yours if you like them, since they are of no use to anyone here. As long as a single man from the generation who lived through the Terrible Nineties in Russia is alive, you won’t fool us with all that “rights-and-liberties” crap again.

  39. 2LES: You’re right, Kremlin doesn’t like the Rotten-Muzzled Yushchenko because Yushchenko tries to make “heroes” of the WWII Ukrainian SS Division “Galizien” that won itself an ominous fame by mass murders of peaceful Jewish, Polish and Russian population… then it was sent to the front and the Red Army made short shrift of those butchers in just two days!

    • Eugene,

      @”the WWII Ukrainian SS Division “Galizien” that won itself an ominous fame by mass murders of peaceful Jewish, Polish and Russian population… then it was sent to the front and the Red Army made short shrift of those butchers in just two days!”

      Totally untrue. They actually went straight to front-line combat against the Red Army. Brody was their first engagement ever and they did rather pretty well compared with the other divisions there.

    • Dear Eugene,

      Were you selected by the DCKT to represent President Dmitry Medvedev on the creation of a new commission tasked with countering attempts to rewrite history to the detriment of Russia’s interests?

      Please spout your lies in front of the kremlin in moscow and your beggers cap will recieve many rubles.

      To lie about Ukraine is a typical DCKT tactic; the daily kremlin disinformation makes the people think that rooshans are great if they paint the Ukrainians as bad, nazi, etc.

      Follow the time line and facts to understand your lies. The Germans exterminated the jews when they occupied ukraine in in 1941, and Division Galicia had their first engagement just several months before the war ended in Europe.

      Himmler strictly forbid the use of the name Ukrainian for the Division. All orders had to be given in German.

      When the War started on June 22, 1941 the Soviet Government first of all ordered the execution of all 19,000+ Ukrainian political prisoners in western Ukraine (750,000 had already been killed or exiled to Siberia) and then the evacuation of 3.5 million key personnel to the east, to Russia. These evacuees included many Jews who were highly educated, and were scientists, skilled workers, Communist bureacrats, and NKVD secret police. The total evacuated was estimated to be about one-half to two-thirds of the total Jewish population of Ukraine (Reitlinger p. 251).

      As the German Army swept east across Ukraine it included German Einsatzgruppen with 500 to 1,000 men which were special mobile killing squads ordered to carry out “The Final Solution” of killing all Jews. Ukraine had been the major part of the Jewish Pale of Settlement in the Russian Empire and in the 19th century probably had the most Jews of any country in the world. Within a few days of capturing Ukrainian cities like Lutsk, Zhitomir and Berdichev in the Summer of 1941 thousands of Jews were killed. A total of 600,000 Ukrainian Jews perished. Most of these executions were carried out by the SS Standartfuehrer Paul Blobel who was the officer of the Sonderkommando 4A, Einsatzgruppe C. Only German personnel, no Ukrainians, were members of the Einsatzgruppe C and D which were assigned to Ukraine.

      Blobel commanded the killing of the Ukrainian Jews of Kiev at Babyn Yar (Babi Yar) on September 29-30, 1941. Blobel’s unit killed 33,771 Jews in less than two days which was not equaled in Auschwitz or any other death camp. Babyn Yar was commemorated on its 50th Anniversary in 1991 by the Government of Ukraine which has also built two monuments for the victims of Babyn Yar. Blobel was tried at Nuremberg and hanged on June 8, 1951 in Landsberg Prison in Bavaria, Germany.

      In all the countries of Europe the Nazis found collaborators willing to help in their crimes and Ukraine was no exception. These collaborators were criminal elements who constituted only a tiny fraction of a few thousand in a total population of 40 million. Ukrainians had proportionately the smallest number of collaborators of all 14 East European countries and most of them were caught and executed at the end of the War. All WW II war criminals should be brought to justice.

      Moscow saw an opportunity to sow discord in Ukraine and its propaganda accused the UPA, other Ukrainian nationalists and the “Ukrainian” Police of anti-Jewish crimes and other crimes. But the “Ukrainian” Police, (Ukrainische Hilfungspolizei/Ukrainian Auxiliary Police) were often not Ukrainians by origin at all, but represented many nationalities. For instance, Poles, Volksdeutsche (local Germans) and even Russians speaking the Russian language were often called “Ukrainian” Police.

      It was decided by Ukrainian leaders that it would be advantageous for Ukraine to have a properly trained and equipped army. As Germany found growing pressure on its armies it agreed to establishment of the Galicia Division renamed the 1st Ukrainian Division at the end of the war in April 1945. The Galicia Division was trained in late 1943 and early 1944 and was designated to fight only against the USSR not the Allies. About 40,000 Ukrainians were enlisted and under German officers in the higher echelons the Division was sent to fight the Battle of Brody July 13-22, 1944 where it was encircled and largely destroyed by the Soviet Army. There were only about 3,000 survivors but the Division was later increased to 20,000 with new recruits.

      Eventually the Ukrainian National Army (including the Division) was surrendered by General Pavlo Shandruk to the Allies in Austria, was interned in Rimini Italy. A Soviet three month investigation in Rimini found no war criminals. It was then transferred to England and finally members emigrated to Canada, USA and Australia. The British and Canadian authorities carefully reviewed the Galicia Division and the Divizynyky and cleared them of any war crimes. No war criminals were found in the Division, but a vendetta by Simon Wiesenthal has falsely accused them of war crimes. An intensive investigation was made by the Canadian government. Hon. Justice Jules Deschenes in his official Report of March 12, 1987, completely exonerated the Galicia Division from any war crimes.

      • “Blobel’s unit killed 33,771 Jews in less than two days which was not equaled in Auschwitz or any other death camp.”

        Only if you exclude Aktion Enterfest (Operation Harvest Festival) in Poland in 1943.


        • For you sports fans: :(:(:(

          The incredible story of the Dynamo soccer club of Kiev, one of Europe’s finest, is one of the legendary events of WW II. After Kiev was occupied members of the Dynamo team found work in Kiev Bakery No. 1 and started to play soccer in an empty lot. The Germans offered them the opportunity to train in the Zenith Stadium and then suggested a “friendly” game with a team picked from the German army.

          The Ukrainians accepted the offer, named their team Start and posters on June 12, 1942 announced: “Football [Soccer]. Armed Forces of Germany versus Kiev city Start.” The Germans, in good physical shape, scored the first goal. Then Dynamo gained its strength and scored a goal. The old talent of Dynamo started to grow and they scored a second goal to the enthusiastic cheers of the Ukrainian spectators. The Germans were furious.

          At half time a German officer came from the Commandant’s box to the Dynamo dressing room and ordered them “not to play so keenly” and threatened that they would be shot if they do not obey. The fans, completely unaware that the lives of Dynamo were threatened, cheered them on to a score of 4-1 when suddenly the German Commandant of Kiev, Major-General Eberhardt, and his staff left. The referee’s whistle ended the game before it was finished.

          The Germans then fielded a stronger team on July 17 but it lost 6-0. Two days later Dynamo had a match with the Hungarian team MSG Wal and Dynamo defeated them 5-1 and a rematch on the 26th ended with a score 3-2 for Dynamo. The German administration was outraged and decided that they had to teach the Dynamo Untermensch a lesson. The powerful and “ever victorious” German Flakelf team was invited. But this German team also lost to Dynamo and not a word about it appeared in the newspapers.

          The Ukrainian team was given three days to think about their position and on August 9th there was a “friendly” rematch. In spite of the pressure Dynamo again in its fifth game defeated the German team — for the last time. Most of the Ukrainian team members were arrested and executed in Babyn Yar, but they are not forgotten. There is a monument to them in Kiev and their heroism inspired the film Victory starring Sylvester Stallone and Pele.

  40. LES-

    “Why is it that ALL Ukrainians speak more than one language, and many Ukrainians speak several, but most rooshans speak only one and many speak only “SHYRGICK”?”

    Why do you confirm that? Did you count all Ukrainians and Russians? But Russian language is one of the most widespread ones in the world unlike Ukrainian. If you know Russian so you always can find someone who would understad you anywhere. So Ukrainians have more stimulus to learn Russian then otherwise. Of course I`d rather will to learn Englisch or French or German then Ukranian. Since 1991 the Russian became considerable more widespread in the world. So donkeys who wish to death for Russian are obviously morons, they will never see it!

  41. LES-
    Why do you confirm that? Did you count all Ukrainians and Russians? But Russian language is one of the most widespread ones in the world unlike Ukrainian. If you know Russian so you always can find someone who would understad you anywhere. So Ukrainians have more stimulus to learn Russian then otherwise. Of course I`d rather will to learn Englisch or French or German then Ukranian. Since 1991 the Russian became considerable more widespread in the world. So donkeys who wish to death for Russian are obviously morons, they will never see it!

    • Most people speak rooshan because they were FORCED to, and not because they WANTED to learn rooshan. Also, the reason why rooshan is so “widespread” is that the rooshan mafia found greener pastures and the people of roosha wanted to escape the poverty, persecution, arrests, and corruption in roosha. In fact, at one time Polish was the language of the kremlin, and then French became the official language of the rooshan court, and now SHYRGICK is becoming the language of moscow.

  42. Penny

    1. “One more time, sweetie, working for the FSB does not mean that you have to act as stupid as you do”. You are just crazy about Russia FSB. According to you Russia consist of only
    spies. No sweetie I`m really a lawyer. But it does not mean that I must be Russia`s enemies` admirers.
    2. You accuse me but you keep your mouth clouse about fascism in the west Ukraina. You keep your mouth close about west Ukraina NAZY`s march past. Torchlight processions of rightmost NAZY in Ternopil. They are celebrating now, because they seize power. They must be thankful to your supporting. Yours Yusch. destroed Ukraina as state and create positive environment for NAZY! But you silent because Yush. became president under West Ukraina support, under NAZY support. You have to say nothing about it as well as Scott and other yours fellows. I just happy so yours democracy was not penetrate in my country!

  43. Well, I see we have a good little sovok here, Eugene, who goes apoplectic, and like a good little sovok, spouts KGB falsities about the Ukrainian Halychyna Division.

    You can see the spittle foaming on Eugene’s face, red face and all, writhing on the floor as he engages furiously in KGB propaganda.

    Eugene will explode shortly.

    Here’s a bit about the Ukrainian division:


    A Canadia commission investigated charges of war crimes:

    The Deschênes Commission went on to explain that:

    56- The Galicia Division (14. Waffengrenadierdivision der SS [gal. #1]) should not be indicted as a group. 57- The members of Galicia Division were individually screened for security purposes before admission to Canada. 58- Charges of war crimes of Galicia Division have never been substantiated, either in 1950 when they were first preferred, or in 1984 when they were renewed, or before this Commission. 59- Further, in the absence of evidence of participation or knowledge of specific war crimes, mere membership in the Galicia Division is insufficient to justify prosecution.

    More on this division:


    These people were fighting for Ukraine, not for the Nazis.

    More importantly, these Ukrainian people knew exactly what the sovoks were like.

    And the fact that the sovoks killed far more people than the Nazis ever dreamed about.

    So they fought against the sovoks, and for the freedom of Ukraine.

    The recent PBS series about Stalin recounts how the NKVD slaughtered 4,000 people in Western Ukraine – and tried to blame it on either the Nazis or the Ukrainians. I have linked to that series here previously.

    How do you know a russkie sovok is lying?

    His/her lips are moving.

    2 old Ukrainians are sitting side by side.

    One asks the other:

    – What was the name of the Nazi army, and what were they fighting for?

    – It was the Wehrmacht, and they were fighting for Hitler and the 1000-year Third Reich. It’s gone.

    – What was the name of the soviet army, and what were they fighting for?

    – It was the Red Army, and they were fighting for Stalin and the Sovok Union. It’s gone.

    – What was the name of the Ukrainian Army, and what were they fighting for?

    – It was the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (Ukrayinska Povstanska Armiya – UPA), and they were fighting for the freedom and independence of Ukraine. Today, Ukraine is free, sovereign and independent.

    The other fellow replies:

    – Hail to the Ukrainian Insurgent Army! Slava Ukraiyini! (Glory to Ukraine!)

  44. For Penny, Scott, Andrew and another fascists.

    But what about civilians people who voted for fascist, who took part in their mass meetings and cry “death for Hebrews and Moskals”? Undubiously that they are not innocent victims. I affraid to be a prophet, but if situation go out control Russia will has to prevent such “Black Sabbath” as we already did it in Georgia. If it will be happened so I won`t have any compassion to Ternopil`s civilians because they won`t be innocent victims!

  45. В результате оголтелой антироссийской и националистическо-бандеровской пропаганде, безответственной политики оранжевых путчистов с 2005 года по демонтажу гос аппарата и дискредитации
    центральных властей в результате бездарной экономической политики сопровождаемой постоянными сварами и такими вот а ля Луценко выходками на Украине были созданы условия для прихода к власти ФАШИСТОВ. На последних региональных выборах в Тернопольской области такие фашисты к власти пришли. ВО СВОБОДА безусловно фашистская организация, если кто сомневается, предлагаю посмотреть их официальный сайт. Итак впервые с мая 45 у власти в отдельном регионе Европы истинные фашисты. На каждом удобном месте в столице области вывешены плакаты прославляющие бойцов СС Галичина при параде либо Бандеру либо Шухевича, либо какого то иного подонка. Создание условий прихода к власти ФАШИСТОВ является ПРЕСТУПЛЕНИЕМ, которое планомерно осуществлялось с 2005 г. центральными властями Украины при поддержке ЕС и Америки под “одобрямс” демократических СМИ, в т.ч. радио СВОБОДА. Россия в этом ШАБАШЕ не участвовала. Однако просто смотреть со стороны на ФАШИСТСКИЕ МАРШИ БРИТОГОЛОВОЙ МРАЗИ становится уже опасно. Дай Бог не быть мне пророком, но когда авгиевы конюшни демократии придётся разгребать России, то нас начнут обвинять во всех грехах.

  46. The main problem you don’t know true about russia – is that you don’t know russian and can’t read or hear thoughts of common people.

    ALL Try to talk with common russians on our forums, but not here )))) use english we know 2-3 languages. Just try to use facts….if you have it

  47. 2Elmer.

    Enjoy: http://alextv.zp.ua/modules.php?name=news&file=view&news_id=5785

    the people of the Ukrainian city of Zaporozhye (a part of Lenin’s generous present to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic – Russia’s South-Estern Regions) celebrate the Victory Day by displaying billboards commemorating the debacle of the Galizien SS Division. :-)))

  48. I am french, and I consider medvedev like a fascist since august 2008. I hate this president!
    I hate the russian army!
    on may 9 ,medvedev celebrating the…victory , warned russia’s “enemies” against any other aggression against his country!!! I found this speech really paranoiac!
    what “enemies”? no one threatens russia. no one intends to do it! but the russian army is a danger for peace, particularly for georgia!
    i will never forgive the invasion of little georgia by the mighty russia! shame on you, russia!
    that’s really fascism!
    on may 8(fortunately),john mc cain recalled that we should not forget and sacrifice georgia!
    to these ultranationalists who say :”we don’t care what other people think about us”(oleg voronin), I only answer: you’d better! you need to read and hear the truth.
    we are all georgians anyway. peace for georgia!
    russia go home!

    • You are not french, you are stupid. Stop believe to mass media. It’s not your business, how Russia has to live. You don’t really know, what is fascism. Our country sacrificed millons of soviet people to save world from fascism. And what did your country did? Gave up to Hitler without any fight. Every russian family has a relative, who was killed in WW2. My grandfather was killed in 1942. Do you have the same?
      If you, frenchs, didn’t analyze the experience of Napolean, we will help you to understand, what is bad “to advice” another country how to live. Renaissance of Russia is coming, my little foreign friends.

      • Actually they did fight, it is just that unlike Russia they did not have millions of men to expend needlessly, or room to retreat.
        And for your information, most people in British commonwealth countries lost a grandfather as well.
        And at least when we liberated people, we actually liberated them, rather than the Russian practice of imposing an even more onerous slavery.

      • “You don’t really know, what is fascism”

        Neither do you!

        Actually, the system your leaders are building in Russia right now is a kind of Fascism.

        No pun intended. It just is.

        But you are too brainwashed to realize it, becaus for you “the Fascism” is the funny pictures in children political propaganda books you were fed with when you were kid.

  49. 2christiane: Medvedev is not your President, Mademoiselle. It were Russians who elected him and so far they didn’t regret it… hope the French have the same feelings about their clown Sarco. :^)

  50. Russian,

    The facts are very simple.

    I disavowed Tyanibok vehemently as the fascist he is.

    You embraced and defended Zhirinovsky as the fascist he is.

    When dealing with fascists like you, the facts speak for themselves.

    And that is all I have to say on the matter.

  51. Leonid Kravchuk, Ukraine’s newly elected president, took his oath in a festive session of the assembly held to celebrate the 90 percent vote ratifying independence.

    A choir decked out in Ukrainian national dress exuberantly sang a religious hymn, and flag-waving legislators then voted unanimously to annul the 1922 treaty that bound the Ukraine to the Soviet Union.

    The vibrantly colored 16th-century Peresopnytska Bible, the first translation of the scriptures into Ukrainian.

  52. Robert

    @”EU) have not any rights to teach us. Your human rights violations are more horrible then Russians ones.”

    Yes it is true because thereare many examples of your cruelty. E.g. Croatia and Kosovo. As mentioned the former prosecutor-general of Hague`s tribunal the albanians ethnics gungs created laboratories and special jailes for people who were enslaved for getting implantation organs. Such people were murdered after operations. But according to Carla del Ponte the NATO-EU authority prevented any investigative actions. Also almost 200000 Serbian people was drived away Kosovo and those of Serbians who stay in Kosovo are living in GETTO now. It has happend under NATO-EU control and it did not disturb EU because the most of EU countries recognize such criminal formation as “independence state”! Thousands of ortodox Serbian church were destroyed by Albanians Gangs and their combatants and commanders who are really military criminals took place in Kosovo authority. EU does not prevent it. Some years ago EU countries military bombed Yugoslavia. Some years ago EU countries help to Croatian NAZY to drive out 100000 people from Serbska Kraina republic. Those crime were more then you accused us ones. It `s certainly only a bit part of yours cruelty and crime.

    @”NAZY forces seize a power. NAZY”

    Yes I just tired to explane it you because you do not want see it. I sent many message and you can see it. Or you can see official site ВО СВОБОДА – LIBERTY MOVEMENT which had a victory in Ternopil region – elections. This is fascist movement and his leader Tyagnibok are fascits. For example they official site confirms that Hebrews use the Christians blood to cook their religion meal. If they are not fascists then Hitler was humanist! http://www.forum.vosvoboda.info/viewtopic_3519.phphttp://www.tiahnybok.info/
    They write about more Russians but I know that you are not interested in Russian people lives, so I gave some example about Jews.

    • Serb crimes in the former Yugoslavia were always worse than the other sides’ in all the wars. But it even doesn’t matter as no country of the war-torn FY (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro) was in the EU in the 1990s, so try again.

      Also Russian killed over 100,000 people in Chechnya, “disappeared” thousands, and made hundreds of thousands refugees – in the republic of only 1 million.

      @”Thousands of ortodox Serbian church were destroyed by Albanians Gangs and their combatants and commanders who are really military criminals took place in Kosovo authority. EU does not prevent it”

      Well, at least the Russian peacekeepers paratroopers (commanded by the current Ingush president) did. Oh, they didn’t? So, it’s a Russian crime and Russia is oh-so-horrible just for this very reason?

      @”the most of EU countries recognize such criminal formation as “independence state”!”

      Most countries in the whole world, actually.

      “NAZY” – I wonder what you mean by this word, because I never ever heard it before.

      According to Urban Dictionary, “nazy” is:
      1.Smoothe motherf*cker
      2.Nice; Getting nice
      3.A fine ass honey
      so I’m still very confused.

  53. It were Russians who elected [Medvedev]

    That’s why I say that it is pointless to argue with Unkneeling Russians. Obviously, Eugene has a different definition of the word “elected” than the rest of the world. Which is OK, as long as “the rest of the world” understands that words “election”, “court”, “market” have completely different meaning for Unkneeling Russians.

  54. Oh, geez, another rooskie sovok – Assartem – shows up to tell everyone the great news – the whole world is rashan, and noone knows history except for rooskie sovok rashans, and people started calling themselves “little rashans” because they “don’t know true.”

    So, Eugene, you think that a billboard proclaiming victory in WWII, and one guy spouting something about “fascists” is something to rejoice about.

    I don’t rejoice about war, Eugene. No true human being does.

    There were about 15,000 men in the Halychyna Division, as both of the articles I linked to point out.

    And both of those articles point out that they were badly defeated at the Battle of Brody.

    They were undermanned, and underequipped.

    It happened over 60 years ago.

    Do you find joy and amusement in all of that, Eugene?

    World War I was the war that was supposed to “end all wars.”

    For rooskie sovoks like you, Eugene, WWII never ended.

    Why? Because rooskie sovoks always have to divert attention away from how bad the sovok union was.

    So they created bogeymen – “nationalists” – “fascists” – “capitalists”.

    That way, all of the failures of the sovok union could be blamed on bogeymen.

    And that’s what you continue to do, Eugene.

    Abramovich and his buddies stole billions of dollars from Rasha?

    Don’t blame the stupidity of the Russian people for allowing it to happen.

    Blame Yeltsin. Blame “the West.” Blame the Pope.

    Blame anyone.

    Just don’t look in the mirror and blame the Russian people.

    Abramovich has a fleet of $50 million yachts?

    Blame Bush.

    That’s because the rashan people are soooooooooo, sooooo smart, Eugene – you and little rooskie sovoks like you rejoice in billboards about “fascists” in Ukraine.

    Does that make your life better, Eugene?

    Does it get you a yacht, like Abramovich?

    Who needs yachts, Eugene, when you can have billboards about “fascists” in Ukraine – right, Eugene?

    And Medvedev prattling on about the “holy duty” to “defend” rasha.

    • “So they created bogeymen – “nationalists” – “fascists” – “capitalists”.”

      Today the names of the bogeymen are “Russophobes”, “pindoses” (Americans), “liberasts” (liberals, from “liberal”+”pederasts”), “dermokrats” (democrats, from “dermo” (crap)), “grantososy” (grant suckers = liberal democrats who do not align with official “vertical of the power”).

      The Russian government does not use exactly this wording (except for “Russophobes”, whoever they are), but the official list of enemies is like this.

      It kinda shows you what society we are dealing with here.

  55. 2elmer: I don’t care about Abramovich’s yachts. If they make him happy, let him have them. In 1917, the Bolsheviki already called for “dividing fortunes equally and fairly” – that didn’t do anyone any good, including the Bolsheviki themselves. But I DO rejoice that the murderous SS-men from the Galizien division were wiped off the face of the earth – because at least since 1945 no one dared a military attack against Russia.

    • What exactly made them “murderous”? (Not exactly “wiped off the face of the earth” too.)

      The world superpower called Chechnya “dared a military attack against Russia” (or counter-attack). And guess what, won.

  56. I am afraid La Russophobe will have to lock comments or to introduce members-only posting. This trolling is getting out of hand. A bunch of loose empty-headed Rooshan teens have jammed comments to the degree were they are becoming unreadable.

    And if only those postings would have contained a grain of common sense, knowledge and logic, aside from readiness to “fight for Motherland” right or wrong.

  57. To 001: FREEDOM OF SPEECH is one of fundamental democratic values you guys advocate, isn’t it?

    • Oh, yes. And so is the freedom of movement. But that, for example, does not allow you to go sh*tting or dropping dead raccoons under your neighbor’s windows.

      • “this blog has more dictatorship and violation of freedom of speech when even in USSR”

        How come you were not arrested, executed and buried in a mass grave by the blog owner(s) yet?

    • Dear Eugene,

      Sorry, but I partially agree with 001. Many comments are such gibberish, that I reread them and I am still clueless. Lack of grammar, or misspelling, is not a problem, because I have hundred’s of friends who are not fluent in English. But, additional passwords and procedures are for spring chickens.

      There is a big difference between a brainwashed useful idiot [even if he has a pea-sized brain that was washed, a debate may open his eyes and he/she can learn], and an evil troll [do not pass go, do not collect $200.00, and go directly to hell!].

      4Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like him. 5Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.

      4 ¶ Нерозумному відповіді не давай за нерозум його, щоб і ти не став рівний йому.

      5 Нерозумному відповідь дай за безумством його, щоб він в очах своїх не став мудрим.

      Chapter 26

      artem directs you to a link, within a link, that has a potential virus. This is the first time this has happened to me, and my anti-virus is not bootleg, but I pay annually. That is evil!!!!!!!!! It also shows that info therein was created by the kremlin and is BS. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  58. I can say that there is no other site like this one, a web page that just FULLY UNDERSTANDS WHAT’S AT STAKE AND KNOWS THE DETAILS! I read all the western papers with great deal of shame… Some many morons want to write articles about Russia or Georgia…

    Why not learn basics first? It is a little complicated for a trivial mind… and is dangerous to mess with.

  59. RaSSiya started out as an outpost of 2 Mongol camps. Moscow and Tver Suzdal or some other F@ctards. Moscali had invited the other prince over for dinner, from which Moscow’s Guest never returned. (arrow in the back) The slaughter of the freedom loving slavs and others in the region was getting so bad that even the Khan had enough and started poisoning his cousins. Mongols were getting sick of loosing so many men. Interbreeding did not help with the situation as the moscali grew stronger. Calling Czars to Mongol Central and Poisoning leaders was the norm for regime change. Moscovia became Russia after Peter the First because he said he had a Russ relative. Filthy Beards were removed and the name changed. Greater Russia was really a term meaning Further Away. Just as the Greeks called Sicily Megas Helles. Why do moscali claim their history as starting in Kyiv?

    Ukrainian born filmaker made a movie in rasha, Ilya Morometz and his battles with the Tureg. But we really know whom were the filthy turegs.


  60. 2elmer: I don’t care about Abramovich’s yachts.
    Well, Eugene, that’s precisely the problem.

    That’s why the oligarchs – and Pootler- are worth billions, and the rest of the Russian people are sucking eggs. That’s why there are 30,000 stray dogs all over Maskva, which Pootler decided had to be killed for Eurovision. That’s why kids starve on the streets in roosha. That’s why Russia’s economy is in the toilet.

    Les – thanks for setting ASSartem straight.

    Stupid moskali keep lying, and lying and lying, and they think that everyone believes them, or if forced to pretend to believe them.

    As far as you rejoicing in death and war –

    you are sick. Very, very sick.

  61. “Разговорный язык

    В 2003 году в ходе исследования языкового состава населения Украины, предпринятого Киевским международным институтом социологии, было опрошено более 22 тысяч человек, репрезентативно представляющих все регионы Украины. В ходе исследования было выявлено, что русский язык граждане Украины предпочитают использовать чаще, чем украинский:

    * русский — 52,8 %
    * украинский — 47,2 % [15]

    from this link


    it’s full publicised data of ukrainian census in 2001.
    It’s says that 52,8 % speaking russian. Just think! in “Foreign” country! it’s because the two countries are like brothers (except western Poland-ukrainians )

    • You can carry out a research on how often in interpersonal communication at the streets in Riga Russian is used and how often Latvian. I bet Russian will be used more often. Then you can draw a conclusion that Latvia also is a Russian, “brother” nation and Latvians just “naturally prefer to speak Russian” .

      But the explanation is different – Russians do not speak local languages. Even if they do know it they still stick to Russian, even if they know, that the person they are addressing is Latvian and this is happening in Latvia. Sometimes they seem to enjoy forcing others to switch to Russian.

      I , personally, think that doing so is damn rude at the least, at most it is showing out one’s chauvinism and feeling of imaginary superiority of former and wanna-be-again Overlords, boosting their nationalistic egos.

      Though possibly it just shows the low level of intelligence and education of the local Russian speaking population who by large were brought there from USSR to work at the factories Soviets built for their needs there.

      I guess the same may be true for Ukraine.

      Not that Ukrainians prefer their own language to Russian. Russians there are just too **$%* to speak Ukrainian. Hence the data.

    • After clicking on artem’s link, I clicked on ref#15 (or 14?), and my anti virus program stopped + removed: Trojan:JS/Gamburl.A software?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  62. And they (english men) just don’t know that the regions showed as 90% with ukranians are western and central regions which are just depopulate astronomical regions. Only one eastern oblasts (regions) like Dnepropetrovskaya(3.5 mil of people), neighbouring Donetskaya(4.4 mil) and AR Crimea (2.1 mil) have total population of 10 millions and it’s like 7-9 of your western regions with average population 1.2 million of people…. And that regions are russian speaking and anti-nazy-fascist regions who never stopped to be russians and think and feel as russians. It’s the region as I told was Malorossia (Small Russia) Don’t try to give me the links about my hystory, I know it well and from ukranian books and from normal sources (including documents of travellers and historians and books).
    In this case your result opens another side of the medal.


    What language do we need to speak to inform you that the next time you attempt to publish seven comments in a row on the same post, you sociopath, you will be banned from publishing at all. Permanently. You are a very rude little maniac.

  63. Robert

    1. Quote:”Well, at least the Russian peacekeepers paratroopers (commanded by the current Ingush president) did. Oh, they didn’t? So, it’s a Russian crime and Russia is oh-so-horrible just for this very reason?”.

    No there were only 800 Russian people against EU and USA “peacekeepers” were more then 50000. And we argued against your agression since beginning! If you however decided to attack Serbians so you would owe to solve security problems. But you did not try to safe Serbians. Obviously it was according to yours planes. Really EU and USA officials hated Serbia and Serbians for its historical links with Russia!

    2. The most Great and upcoming countries are not recognize Kosovo. E.g. China, Russia, India, Brasil etc! Even Georgia and Ukraina did not! Yours “The whole world” is pro American dependent territory which is becoming as hole-ridden sieve.

    3. Quote: ““NAZY” – I wonder what you mean by this word, because I never ever heard it before.”.

    None of your damned nonsense! It is not funny! You know exactly sence of word that I wrote! NAZY=FASCISTS and they takes power in West Ukraina. LIBERTY MOVEMENT are anti-Seminic, anty-Russian, anty- Ruthenian, anty- Poland etc. fascist party. But EU society keep silence because without supporting such kind of movements the democracy pro-western forces will be fail in the next election!

  64. @”1222 b.c* – is a mistake . I meant after Christmas off course. The data of tatars attack.”

    This stuff is so awesome. Please don’t spoil all this fun and don’t disclose you (“artem”, “I am Russian”, etc.) are just trolls only pretending to be a really, really dumb folks from Russia :)

    • atrem, please try and grow a brain.
      Your pointless, unsubstantiated dribble is even more of an embarrasement to Russia than “I am Russian”, and that takes some doing.

  65. Yeah, my comments also just don’t show here.

  66. @”Today the names of the bogeymen are “Russophobes”, “pindoses” (Americans), “liberasts” (liberals, from “liberal”+”pederasts”), “dermokrats” (democrats, from “dermo” (crap)), “grantososy” (grant suckers = liberal democrats who do not align with official “vertical of the power”). ”

    Can you explain me the term “NAZY”?

    • “Can you explain me the term “NAZY”?”

      :)) He meant Nazi, of course.

      It is a buzzword in Russian information space. Just like “Fascist” is.

      Not that they would know the true meanings of these words.

      To the Resurgent Great Russian Sovoks eveyone who disagrees with them is Nazi.

      Whole world is Nazi. :)

      Sometimes, if you listen to them, it seems that there is nobody else than themselves and their slaves on one side (once it used to be called “The Progressive Mankind”) and the Nazis, which encompass everyone else, on the other one side. There is no third or n-th side. Because everyone should be either with Rooshans or with the Nazis. There are no other options (they think).

      Actually, majority of Russian folks are living in a very strange world. They are looking at the world through a prism of a weird mythology.

  67. Robert
    1. Explain you it yourself about NAZY.
    2. Unlike USA we did not ask any country to recognize a new states. Moreover there aren`t any reaction of Russian government in relation to such recognition by Nicaragua. Russian position is that we made own decision and we won`t make any country to do the same. We are confident in our forces and our capability to make foreign policy without help of somebody.

    • 1. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Nazy – just tell me which one you meant.

      2. USA did not ask anyone to recognise Kosovo – Kosovo asked (9 years after the end of the war).

      “No reaction”:

      Russia Welcomes Nicaragua’s Recognition Of South Ossetia And Abkhazia

      “The foreign ministry also called on other countries to “recognize reality” and follow the example of Nicaragua, which is the first country after Russia to recognize the two self-proclaimed republics.”

      Yet no one else in the world recognised Russian “reality” :)

  68. A Strategy With No Dangers
    Vitaly Portnikov
    May 15, 2009

    Having signed the National security strategy for Russia until 2020, President Dmitri Medvedev gave the chance for Western – you almost want to say “Sovietologists” – to talk once more about Russian foreign policy. Perhaps this is a signal for Barack Obama, the new American president? Perhaps the new Russian president in such a way demonstrates confidence in his own strengths and a continuity of policy? Since it is absolutely indispensable for the American President, who plans to come to Moscow, to understand that the Russian leadership will continue to regard siting elements of US missile defense in Europe as all but the most important problem of their country’s security.

    Any sensible Russian could tell her president about the major threats to the country’s national security. In the natural resource dependence of the economy, which would turn Russia into a third-world country the next day after a fall in oil prices. In the corruption suffocating the country. In the catastrophic population loss, which calls into question the physical capability, not even of the development, but simply of populating Russia’s expanses. But who among the Russian political elite cares about these trifles?

    In the minds of the people who have by some accident ended up in Moscow’s corridors of power at the start of the new millennium, present-day Russia is a sort-of clone of the Soviet Union, rising from some imagined knees. Naturally, the threats to this clone, which lives its life in a virtual Kremlin-televised space, are completely different. Its major opponent is those same United States, who dream of beating Russia down and hindering its renewal. Its major betrayer is the former Soviet satellite states, who dared to regard the happy years of sitting in the shade of their “big brother” as not quite the best times in their history, and are now entering into cooperation with the overseas adversary. Its major ally is China, whose leadership hardly dreams about joint battle with the adversary, as it economically – and the crisis has clearly proven – depends on its well-being.

    Remarkably, all the threats thought to be serious at the start of the century have practically disappeared from the new strategy. The current authorities aren’t worried about the growing divisions in society, terrorism and separatism, despite the anything-but-simple situation in the Caucasus, the crisis of social welfare and public health, and the criminalization of social relations. Is there actually none of this left? One would really like for it not to be there – and so issues actually critical to Russia’s future are simply culled from the strategy. Even allowing that this is an ordinary, bureaucratic document, at least it used to give evidence that the authorities understood what country they lived in.

    But now, the strategy approved by its president has no relation to the problems of actual Russia. From the document, we can learn everything we need about the fanciful day-dreams* of Russian officialdom. About how every clerk, landing a job at the Security Council or in the head of state’s administration, thinks of themselves as a Napoleon, and what image of Russia takes shape in his mind on the road to Rublyevka**. But we won’t learn anything about Russia itself, just as we won’t understand at all, what kind of country it will be in 2020. One thing is evident – if the documents passed by the highest leadership of the country continue to be so far removed from the actual situation in Russia and the world, ten years down the line, Dmitri Medvedev’s successor won’t be concerned with disseminating strategy any longer.

    *trans. note. Portnikov references Manilov, a character from Gogol’s “Dead Souls” who has a lofty imagination.

    **an unofficial name of a prestigious residential area West of Moscow, Russia.

    translation by theotherrussia.org


  69. 001
    I said that mouvement of Freedom in West Ukraina is a fascist movement! It is true! And they wish to fight against another nationality in Ukraine and they state that Herbews e.g. drink the cristian blood! It is not my exaggeration it is written on their official site. They justify Holocaust! So it is really fascist movement and it got a victory in recent local -election in the West Ukraine but you do not want to see it because you are interested in supporting of anti-Russia movements in Ukraina and mouvement of Freedom is one.

  70. oleg voronin,
    your reaction is extremely furious!
    I have not written this message just to hurt you : I have written it just because it’s the truth.
    I ‘m trying to help you understand that when your country’s mighty army invades a the (heroic, but) defenseless little georgia, it’s the worst war of the 21th century.
    I’m trying to tell you that it’s immoral, but you don’t understand,because you are too much nationalist!
    it’s not the first time, that a russian answers such things as “we don’t care what other people think about us”,when someone dares to blame russia for the war against georgia!
    occupation,then annexion of south ossetia and abkhazia,after ethnic cleansing against georgia, this is the reality, and it’s unforgivable!
    maybe you are unable to hear that with serenity, but it’s very important for russia’s neighbors, that you change, you and all ultranationalists in russia.
    we live in 2009, and I don’t care napoleon…(oh! I was not even born at his time!!!!!!!!!).
    I am not a boron.
    the russians were strong enough to win against the germans, and then to free themselves ; but then, they occupied many eastern countries during 45 years. on the contrary, our allies really liberated us. russia did not liberate france, so we don’t have to be grateful!
    I’m 44 years old, I did not live during world war two.
    the russians have chosen medvedev for president…and the georgians have chosen saakashvili for president!…but you don’t tolerate their right and freedom! you want to close georgia behind a new iron curtain! and the west only wants to protect her!

  71. oleg voronin,
    you talk exactly like your president!

    I consider medvedev like a hard-liner, even more than putin:
    2004 : the baltic states joined the european union and nato, when putin was president.
    2008 : georgia wanted to join nato and the e.u, so medvedev’russia launched the bloody war against her.

  72. eugene,
    I’m very glad hat medvedv is not my president!!! at least, sarkozy has tried to help georgia. maybe that’s the reason why you despise him.

  73. “Blobel’s unit killed 33,771 Jews in less than two days which was not equaled in Auschwitz or any other death camp.”

    Actually the Operation Harvest Festival (Aktion Erntefest) killed more at Majdanek and 2 other camps in Pland in 2 days in 1943 (mostly in 1 day). Also by shooting (about 42,000).


  74. LES!!!

    For such educated parents, the child (you) turned dull. This is apparently a common feature of degeneration of Europeans, when each successive generation dumber previous. Ukraine has always been Russia. Ukrainian Hetman asked to take Ukraine into Russia to escape the vile European influence. All your European civilization and democracy, there is a cover-up of ugliness and greed of your leaders. A good example is your colonial past. You plundered their colonies, killing the Aboriginal and neither of which was not built. We do Russian people have always built into our lands and republics. Formed the local population. Today, all CIS lives only by building businesses and industries by the Russian people during the Soviet era. For the Russian money and Russian hands of people.
    You are dead-end. From you after 50 years of that does not remain, because your government will replace you, indigenous European immigrants from Africa and Asia. You waste material, and you or anyone does not need

  75. Русские Россияне Сограждане и Рускоговорящие. Какая же мерзость льется на нас на этом сайте. Я не думал что “демократические” европейцы способны уподобиться товарным бабкам на базаре

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