EDITORIAL: Congratulations, President-Elect Obama


Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

This blog knows no partisan affiliations, and judges political candidates on a single-issue litmus test:  How effectively will they stand up to neo-Soviet Russia on behalf of the United States and the values of freedom and democracy for which it stands.  Based on that test, our selection in the U.S. presidential race was a no-brainer:  John McCain was right on Russia from the beginning, long before the invasion of Georgia made it hot worldwide news, long before this presidential campaign even began.  He set out a specific series of steps he would take to deal with Russian aggression, starting with ejecting it from the G-8.  Before he started running for president, Barack Obama barely even knew Russia existed.  Obama’s mealy-mouthed rhetoric about the threat posed by Russia was simply embarrassing.  Therefore, we endorsed McCain.

But we congratulate Barack Obama on his electoral victory on Tuesday, and we are willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. We hope and pray we’ll be proved to have been wrong about Obama, and we’d be only too thrilled if that were to occur. 

And there is evidence that such a thing is possible.

Writing in the Moscow Times a few weeks ago, the pathologically evil Russophile madman Edward Lozansky (whom we have repeatedly exposed and discredited right here on this blog) stated that if Obama wins “when it comes to U.S.–Russian relations, one should not expect any drastic changes for the better unless Obama overhauls his foreign policy team. The current lineup comprising official and self-proclaimed advisers on Russia is as bad as McCain’s and in some cases even worse, starting with former U.S. National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski and former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke.”

Lozansky continues, oozing bile:

Obama’s running mate, Senator Joseph Biden, is not much better on Russia than Palin. Besides lobbying in the middle of a huge financial crisis for $1 billion for his good friend President Mikheil Saakashvili of Georgia, Biden is known for blocking the lifting of the Jackson-Vanik amendment unless Moscow guarantees large purchases of U.S. chicken. This outdated obstacle to trade engenders resentment in Russia, blocks its admission to the World Trade Organization, and harms U.S.-Russian economic and diplomatic ties.

If a piece of Russophile garbage like Lozansky hates Obama that much, how bad could Obama really be after all?

And then there’s this:  Obama is black, and Russia despises dark-skinned people.  Suppose that sooner or later this fact dawns on Obama, and he’s offended?  If Obama believes even half the left-wing manifesto he’s been spouting his whole life, he’ll have no alternative but to carry cold war battle to Russia’s shores just like Bill Clinton did in Yugoslavia.

And there’s more:  Obama is a liberal, but he’s vulnerable on a wide range of personal issues to attack from the Republican right. He needs to take a certain number of very tough stands on foreign policy in order to placate the right and advance his liberal agenda.  And too, Obama will have a natural impulse to prove his toughness and resoluteness since his resume is so threadbare in terms of foreign policy experience.  Russia is absolutely made to order for such an effort.

Put these three factors together, and it’s entirely possible that an Obama adminstration will end up being tougher on Russia than McCain would have been.  We endorsed McCain because a bird in the hand is worth two Baracks in the bush, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see the possibilty that an Obama presidency could turn out to be Vladimir Putin’s very worst nightmare. In fact, the very best thing Obama could do in regard to Russia would be to name as his ambassador to the KGB regime the one man in the world most likely to emphatically defend the basic values of liberalism that Obama supposedly stands for. And that man is . . . Republican John McCain.

And there are other benefits to having Obama as president.  His mere presence totally undercuts the argument of America’s foes that somehow America is a rogue right wing nation of racist imperialists.  Obama is a person that the KGB filth occupying the Kremlin cannot possibly ever hope to understand, and that’s got to make them nervous.  A nervous and confused KGB is a weak and vulnerable KGB.

Having said all that, however, if you’d like to know why we prefer to have Republicans in charge of American Russia policy than Democrats, just read the totally outrageous statements made by Democrat Congressman Jerrold Nadler of New York, as documented on the Weekly Standard and brought to our attention by our esteemed commenter “Kolchak.” Then read Vladimir Zhirinovsky’s endorsement of Obama as documented on the Ukrainiana blog.  

Then, you will understand everything.

22 responses to “EDITORIAL: Congratulations, President-Elect Obama

  1. Thank you! We can now also predict that Vlad’s talking head Dmitri will win the 2012 Russian presidency by at least 68% percent of the vote.

  2. Congrats Obama. It is truly amazing that America has gone from Black slavery to her first Black President. I feel as though much of the hypocrisy of our country has now been lifted. The greatest of America shines through in this election tonight. Yes, America has committed wrongs, but we have tried to work to fix them and make our country and our world a better place.

    That is Obama the symbol. Symbols do not lead. They are only sources of inspiration for others. There are many grave challenges that face our country and Western Civilization. We need a leader. America did not choose a leader tonight. She may still get one. But that remains to be seen. This is a moment for Obama to show that he is much more than a heroic symbol. The world will challenge him. Now, it is time for him to prove he is up to the task.
    To McCain, I offer my condolences. I fought for you. I wanted you to lead. You were the only one left who could provide a bulwark against the foes of freedom and Democracy. As you ride out into the sunset just know that there are still those that love and admire you for all that you have done for this great country.

  3. My sympathies go out to the freedom loving people of Iraq, Ukraine and Georgia. The irony of tonights victory may rest in the belief that Black Americans can finally feel liberated; yet their liberator is no champion of liberty. He is a champion of equality. Equality triumphs freedom in his mind. A dictator who espouses equality is more righteous than an elected leader chosen by his people. Those who have fought so valiantly for democracy and freedom in their countries will not longer be able to count on the US as a staunch ally. Now, the UN will take precedent. You will be on your own. May God help you.

  4. Daily LR Reader


    As a regular reader of this blog, and one who identifies as a Liberal, I have to say I am often perturbed by the negative commentary here directed toward those who support Liberal values.

    I should also clarify I understand, and agree with to a point, the reasons you endorsed McCain in as far as Russia is concerned.

    However, though I am pleased you offered congratulations to Obama, I just wish you had you chose to do so without diluting his clear victory with statements of apprehension and second-guessing. There are four years ahead to offer criticisms and doubt.

    And since I am complaining, I might as well bring up another thing which bugs me on a regular basis when I visit La Russophobe:

    It seems to me you go overboard with negative comments about the general populace of Russia. I read this blog enough to believe I have a decent grasp of your opinions about Russia and its people, and if I am correct in my observations, then your feelings toward the average Russian are ones of extreme frustration. But, it took me a while to figure this out because my initial impression was that you just utterly hated them. I was almost turned away from this site because I wanted an unbiased source of information, and at first I had serious doubts La Russophobe could offer such a source because it appeared your main motivation was to tear them apart rather than educate non-Russians to what is happening over there.

    My point is that I think you have something very valuable here, but perhaps you are losing potential readers because they don’t take the time investigate what La Russophobe has beyond the immediately obvious contempt for Russians. I am only offering my opinion, for whatever it’s worth, that you might garner even more support if you appeared a little less caustic toward the everyday Russian.

    Please don’t insult me or accuse me of being a “Russophile” (as in the way you portray a russophile to be) because I am giving my unsolicited opinions as to how this blog could be even better. To the overwhelming degree I enjoy coming here and learning, and I hope you accept my comments with the same good will as they are intended. I just want to be able to share this blog with friends without having to explain it does not endorse the destruction or hatred of the Russian people in general. And with that thought, having as many people as possible support the potential which does exist in Russia for it to be a great, compassionate and free country which flourishes without “leaders” like Putin.


  5. well, I think I would have preferred Hillary Clinton over either McCain or Obama, and McCain slightly over Obama on the foreign policy issues.

    But if the soviets have taught the world anything at all it is that having a geronotocrat in charge is always, always a bad idea. I think that for Russia, Obama is the softer candidate and therefore for those of us afraid of Russia the worse candidate. But for the United States as a whole and for the relations of the United States with the rest of the World he is probably a better candidate than McCain would have been. He doesn’t have the “rabid bulldog” vibe, which will go a long way in calming the would-be terrorists down… I hope…

    Besides, he might seem a pinko in US but over here in Europe he’s actually quite right-wing :)

  6. er, as far as geronotocrats go Ronald Reagan was one and I would be hard pressed to discount his two terms as a “bad idea”. He ended the USSR by having the guts to call their bluff at the right time. The Iranians let our hostages go on his inauguration day because he ended the grovelling appeasements of Jimmy Carter in their eyes. Strength matters.

    Soft leftwing Europe isn’t countering Putin’s Russia very well, is it. It hasn’t make itself any safer from Islamic terrorism either. London, Madrid, what provoked the terrorists there? Europeans hadn’t “calmed” them down or appeased them enough?

    How’s democracy working out in the EU? The unelected brueaucats in Brussels have been systematically encroaching on individual freedoms. You are increasingly ruled by a committee of elites.

    Obama being “softer” and more appealing to the world will probably cost millions a big set back in human rights advancements. When there is no firm Good Cop counterbalance that is feared and respected it really makes life easier for the world’s thugs. There is no logic in that if America is nicer to autocratic powers they in turn will be nicer to their citizens.

    We will see at the end of Obama’s term if “nicer” makes the world safer. I suspect not.

  7. Daily LR Reader, LR is critical of Russia just as the name implies, expecting an “unbiased source of information” at an opinion blog is rather naive isn’t it?

    Your statement…”And with that thought, having as many people as possible support the potential which does exist in Russia for it to be a great, compassionate and free country which flourishes without “leaders” like Putin”…..is meaningless in the context that the vast majority of Russians approve of Putin in spite of their increasing loss of liberties. Ignoring that reality isn’t going to make things right in Russia. It falls under the same vacuous liberal soft bigotry of low expectations where critcism is suspended of Africans, mired for decades in a rot of their own making, as if they were children incapable of forging a better future. That liberal attitude with its suspension of responsibility and criticism has cost them dearly too.

    If I’ve missed your point, feel free to correct me.

  8. I think the Obama presidency will much more difficult for the Putin regime to continue many of their lines of Anti-American rhetoric. First, their argument for the shadowy Republican specter that caused WWI, WWII, 9/11, and the Ossetian conflict evaporates. It’s a pretty bad conspiracy if their party can’t even keep the White House.

    Second, the nationalistic line that we hear echoed so often in the Russian press that “no matter how bad things might be in Russia, they’re much worse in America” is undermined for precisely the reasons LR points out in this post: how is it possible that Americans are all racist if they elected a half-black man president?

    McCain may have led to more aggressive sanctions, but the Obama presidency will produce, I believe, a cognitive dissonance regarding the image of the US that even Russian nationalists will find difficult to ignore.

  9. Agree, except rhetoric is cheap, the real dirty work of the Russians can commence now. They’ve figured out Obama is most likely an empty suit.

    Medvedev, smelling weakness, yesterday threatened to put offensive missles near the Polish border. Dim bulbs on the left here will retort that that’s only fair because they can’t distinguished the difference between a US deployed defense shield and offensive weapons. The EU is far too energy dependent on the Russians and too weak to counter Russian bad behavior.

    The terrorists sensing weakness will most likely step up to the plate in time too.

    I’m in agreement with Steven Den Beste’s predictions that with Obama we will lose Afghanistan, Iran will get nuclear missiles and we will see a terrorist attack on us during his term.


  10. To Daily LR Reader,

    …”However, though I am pleased you offered congratulations to Obama, I just wish you had you chose to do so without diluting his clear victory with statements of apprehension and second-guessing. There are four years ahead to offer criticisms and doubt.”…

    You are a true moron ! Wake-up ! This is a specialty blog related to serious issues and most importantly deals with exposing a rebirth of the most dangerous tyrany since Nazi Germany. Please keep your formalities and platitudes for Obama to yourself – don’t make this into a St.Marks NY “Candles-For-Obama” walk.

    Thank you for regurgitating your truly unoriginal comments on how nice the Russians are.

    Let me just bring you closer to reality and shake you from your jaded view taken with a cup of Starbucks that you may be enjoying now.

    A majority of Russians have a common dream of wiping US off the map with nuclear weapons or would not give a flying fck with starting a major millitary confrontation. Their internet and mass media is inundated with mass hysteria and selective stories of US collapse and American crimes against the world. Conspiracy theories proliferate even on the main-stream news hubs and range from as silly as the ones stating that Jews skipped a day of work in 9/11 WTC attacks to archaic garbage of the faking of the manned landing on the moon are followed by crowds and even by many so called intellectuals.

    Americans are portrayed as leaches, colonialists, aggressors, child-molesters, etc. All of this is happening on a background of national xenophobia and brazen attacks on minorities not seen since brownshirts hijacked Berlin. Russian external politics is closely supported by the same majority with almost unanimous approval of Georgia action and threats against Ukraine. Not a day goes by without Russian tyrants issuing threats against the West and especially America

    Now about Obama ! That one has been mouthing-off, at least from his previous interviews about having cordial face-to-face negotiations with the same actors that are now fueling this bizarre show of political “porn”. Imagine if FDR had direct negotiations with Hitler or Mussolini and told them that we share “common values” ?

  11. Daily LR Reader


    I never said I expected LR to be an unbiased source of information, I said I was looking for one when I found this blog.

    It is clear LR wishes to reach people and educate them to what is going with Russia, and I was merely suggesting they might be able to connect with even more if they appear less intent on creating a negative stereotype (as their commentary presents itself at first glance).

    As well, to say my comment was meaningless in the context you propose is to essentially deny the value of individuals of like Oleg Kozlovsky and their sacrifices. In other words, it sounds to me like you are suggesting a why-bother attitude in regard to Russia’s future since Mr. Kozlovsky and his kind are a minority there. Considering my interpretation of your response, it is ironic and hypocritical in my view that you would say the following:

    “It falls under the same vacuous liberal soft bigotry of low expectations…as if they were children incapable of forging a better future.”

    You did not hesitate to latch onto my identification as a Liberal in order to try and prove your arguments in what you consider flaws or errors in my thinking, but for you to do so is counterproductive, and I have zero inclination to engage in further conversations with you if they contain personal attacks or even less than subtle ones. It is tedious and serves no purpose.

    At any rate, you totally missed my points, but I won’t clarify any more of them since it would be a futile exercise in this scenario.


  12. penny, Ronald Raegan was over 70 when he first came into office, was he? Hes, McCain might be sharp as a tack now but in 4 years? Or even 2 years for that matter? I’m sorry, but he also seems the kind of a guy that if upset, he WILL bang his shoe on the table just to be make a point.

    “Soft leftwing Europe isn’t countering Putin’s Russia very well, is it.”

    That’s precisely my point. Bush’s rabid right-wing warmongering hasn’t done any good either so maybe it’s time to try a third way. One that’s not as stiff as the US stance has been nor as soft as the EU. Besides, Obama can’t afford to look weak after so long a time of chest-banging by the current administration, he will have to go ahead with a lot of the plans already laid out (such as the missile shield in Poland, contract already signed) and he will have to react to the consequences.

    Iran already has nuclear weapons or close enough, you dumbasses. Russia has made damn sure of that and Bush was, as usual, asleep at the switch. And when did you ever “have” (dare I say “own”?) Afganistan?

  13. ER…, Bush was far from “rabid right-wing warmongering” with regard to Putin. The whole criticism of Bush has been his misplaced trust and naivety regarding the Russians for heaven’s sake. He invited Putin into the G7 where he does not belong. Bush wasn’t firm enough. European equivocation regarding Georgia and Ukraine admission into NATO certainly cost Georgia and leaves Ukraine very vulnerable. It seems to me that firmness with Russians hasn’t been applied and until it is and fails there is no need for a “third” way. There is enough blame to go around.

    Speculation on McCain’s mental unfitness in four years because of his age seems pretty silly when his sharp as a tack mother in her 90’s was at the Convention with him.

    The point about Afghanistan is that the Taliban doesn’t “own” it anymore.

    And, I wouldn’t place all of the blame on Bush if Iran has nuclear weapons when our allies in Europe haven’t done as much as they could to enforce sanctions and have vilified Israel at every opportunity for decades to the delight of the Iranians.

  14. Congrats to the Dems for buying the elections. The Americans are sinking as low as the Russians when electing a leader. They made the worst of all choices in Obama. If you want an articulate, presidential African American candidate, I can find about a dozen by holding additions in Hollywood. Perhaps a few may have an accomplishment.

    Yes, Obama is our American president and as a good little American I need to get behind him. As much as I try, I just can’t. The main reason is that if he was so great, a demi-god to some, then how come up until now, he has not done squat.
    At every step in his life, he has had a miraculous helping hand to lift him up. First was Paul Alinsky disciples that got him into Harvard Lawschool. He never would have gotten in on his GPA and LSAT. Then in Law school, he apparently was helped greatly by several students, whose association propelled to near the top of his class. Obama was named to the Harvard Law Review. That made him a marked figure for greater things. All the more he was black, so he would get preferential treatment and he did.

    The University of Chicago offered Obama a position to teach law when he graduated from Harvard. Obama had not practiced law for one day and he was offered such a prestigious position that many more qualified applicants coveted. But because of his skin color and “accomplishments” at Harvard, Chicago had no choice but to offer him this position. The university was embarrassed in 1991 that it did not have any African American Law professors. Obama changed that.

    Obama then went on the Illinois state senate. He did not win his seat based on his ideas. He won his seat through the corrupt Chicago machine got him elected to the state senate by disenfranchising voters.

    When he ran for Senator of Illinois in 2004, the Republican candidate was beating him. The Republican had to drop out of the race due to some improprieties discovered by the Chicago Political machine.

    Obama’s socialist ideas did not ring with the people. No one thought of him as a demi-god. You would think that he same demigod that his adherents make him out to be would be able to win some state and senate races. No, that was not the case.

    After the winning the senate seat, Obama was on the fast track to the presidential candidacy. Many thought Hillary was a lock. She never was because the Radical Left of the party saw her as too moderate. They wanted someone who spoke their language. That was Obama.

    Obama swept through the early primaries more on the strength of his newness and Blackness than on his ideas. When he was finally challenged by Hillary in the Spring of 2008, it was too late. He had locked up enough delegates to win the nomination.

    Once he was coroneted, the Democratic political machine went into overdrive. The party raised him from simple politician to a demigod or more accurately a “fuehrer”, in the sense that he stood as a symbol of hope for so many while not having to explain and sell his radical ideas or his past experience.

    Again, Obama should have gotten beat by John McCain. Obama fell behind the polls in September. Obama had lost ground after having raised $500 million in campaign contributions. Much of it fraudulently. At this point he should have been able to buy off the election. The “one” could not close the deal.

    Again, there was divine intervention. Or maybe the devil did it. I don’t know. But Wall Street collapsed and the economy was on the abyss. Having no idea what to do, Obama hid from sight, while McCain failed miserable to respond. The blame got heaped on the Republicans and McCain and Obama came out of the crisis better off.

    During the debates, Obama got another pass by John McCain. McCain had a real opportunity to expose this phony. He could have pulled the proverbial Oz curtain back. But he did not. McCain took the lead from his father and decided to go down with the Republican ship with honor.

    By October, Obama was again atop of the polls. His political machine was going full bore. He was running more television commercials than all the subprime mortgage companies combined did in their heyday a few years back. As a result, his message hypnotized the masses. Like the Fuehrer himself he rose above politics to become something more. To embody the national ethos. This carried him to a resounding victory in the presidential election.

    I am left scratching my head. What has he done to deserve such praise and enthusiasm? In this country we have not seen such irrational exuberance over a leader since Regan. However, he had had a long line of accomplishments. Not only that, Regan had ideas and philosophies that he freely espoused, which live on today. Regan had plenty of critics in the media and in academia too.

    What scares me is that Obama does not have any real critics. Our media elite and our intelligentsia have all donned on their jack boots and are marching in lock and step with their leader. Even when we have gotten a peek at what Obama believes, we, the American people, cringe, but not the brownshirts on TV or the Blackshirts at the newspapers. They gladly do the dirty work on anyone who even questions the “One”, even if he is from the working class. That should send shivers down anyone’s back who loves freedom.

    I do believe that Obama does have core values and an ideology that he would like to spread like a slow growing cancer into the heartland of America. But because it is so odious to most Americans’ way of thinking, Obama must spread it through stealth. Which brings me back to my original point that Obama is more like the “Fuehrer”. Both took advantage of the political and economic climate to gain political power. Both pretended to be what they were not. Both were raised to the level of savior and demi-gods when they were not. Both blinded their adherents more by the power of what they promised to do rather than by what they had done. Both hid/hiding their radical agenda, which they stealthily revealed over time.

    The concept of the “Fuehrer” died out after WWII. That was a great thing. It is ironic that the socialist and communists who suffered the most under the “Fuerhrer” regime have brought the concept back. It is amazing that they were able to dupe the American people in to believing in this charlatan.

    This is the reason why I want Obama to fall flat on his face. I do not want him to spread his cancer to this country. His radical ideology left unchecked could kill the patient, much the same way the “Fuerhrer” killed his country.

  15. Tower Bolshevik

    Well, eventhough I didn’t vote for him nor do I expect much from him, I as relieved that Obama won. It is unlikely he will do something as stupid as starting a war with Russia, especially during the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and being pinned down in two losing wars. McCain and Palin who thought they were endorsed by God Almighty, that would’ve been scary if they won.

    For Penny:

    Let’s talk about facts here. Reagan never called the Soviets’ bluff, nor did he end the Cold War. It was the image of a Soviet threat that kept his programs in business. He was actually hoping for a nuclear war.

    Bush war far from being a rabid right-wing warmonger with regard to Putin? Hmm, interesting. Because the last I checked Putin didn’t invade nearly as many country, and start as many wars as Bush.

    “The point about Afghanistan is that the Taliban doesn’t ‘own’ it anymore.”

    Interesting. Because every mainstream media network reported last month that the Taliban were stronger then they’ve ever been since 2001, are more organized, and dangerous. I seriously doubt the puppet government (in many ways is no different from the Taliban) would be in Kabul if not for the U.S/NATO.

  16. So, tower, you have a verifiable factual link to your comment that Reagan was “hoping for a nuclear war” with the Russians? That was found in the Reagan archives, the NYT’s, somewhere documented by first hand witnesses’ accounts? Come on, tower, you threw it out there, where’s the link?

    Tower, you keep distinguishing yourself as a bombastic fool that makes lots of comments that we are expected to swallow without factual merit. So, here is my direct and last challenge to you, please return with a link from a trusted news source or noted historian that Reagan was hoping for a nuclear war with the Russians.

    If you fail to do so or ignore that reasonable request then I call you a liar and totally ignorable.

  17. ya know what? I give up. believe your precious delusions penny.

    I will say this though: McCain approached Kissinger for foreign advice, and knowing Kissinger’s views, if it had come to “it”, Eastern Europe would have been thrown to the dogs of war in the world of realpolitik. Now, I do realise that as it is unless Eastern Europe takes care of their own, no-one will.

    If you look at history, the democrats have always been less comfortable for Russia/USSR because they pay attention to embarrassing issues such as human rights or healthcare and it doesn’t look like Obama would be an exception in this.

  18. er…, for staters, healthcare isn’t an embarassing issue, it’s a financial issue like any other service we humans pay for. No one, but, no one in the US is refused care because of no money, got that. There is Medicare, Medicaid and indigent funds for those without means. I know this as I work in the healthcare industry.

    A large number of uninsured here are young employed adults and the self-employed that choose not to purchase often very cheap health insurance for themselves. For twenty premium Starbucks a month, $100 let’s say, you can purchase adequate private health insurance at a younge age. I know this as my daughter pays for her own insurance. It’s a responsibility issue, most of her friends don’t/won’t, they expect it come “free” as a “right” failing to notice that that means higher taxes on them and others for what is basically a personal responsibilty issue.

    Most Americans refute socialized medicine. Obama’s election isn’t necessarily an endorsement especially when the public revisits the costs again. Hillary’s plans went down in flames when the details were made public.

    And, I really don’t think the Dems have a lock on human rights issues. Their cynical and divisive games of creating victim groups to prey off of each other has been duly noted. It was historically Republicans that forced the passage of the civil rights bills in this country. Bush gave more AIDS money to Africa as Bono has noted than any president in our history. Nixon did more for Native Americans than any president in our history. Other than Tom Lantos, the Dems certainly haven’t distinguished themselves as human rights advocates.

    Your speculation on McCain’s “it” that never happened is purely that, so why construct the unprovable.

    If Obama backs down on Medvedev’s missile threat he will have thrown NATO, Poland, Ukraine, Estonia, and Georgia under the bus. That “it” is the only reality, isn’t it?

    Also, when people describe the opinions of other’s as “delusions” in a dialogue it reflects intolerance, poor reasoning skills, and immaturity. My opinions are squarely rooted in facts which are verifiable, they are hardly delusions. If that’s too exasperating for you, then, you do need to “I give up”.

  19. Tower Bolshevik

    For Penny:

    No I don’t have a link to it. But that information could be found in Gore Vidal’s book “Imperial America” where he sites dates and meetings Reagan had with Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, holding prayer to bring about armageddon. In a conversation with James Mills, president of the California State Senate discussing the subject. Reagan said, and I quote :

    “Ezekiel says that fire and brimstone will be rained upon the enemies of God’s people. That must mean that they will be destroyed by nuclear weapons. Ezekiel tells us that Gog*, the nation that will lead all of the other powers of darkness against Israel will come out of the north. What other powerful nation is to the north of Israel? None. But it didn’t seem to make much sense before the Russian Revolution, when Russia was a Christian country. Now it does, now that Russia has become communistic and atheistic, now that Russia has set itself against God. Now it fits the description perfectly.”

    *Gog refers to the “heathen nations”, i.e the USSR and its East Bloc allies.

    Pick up the book if you think I’m a liar. Gore Vidal sited this quote from San Diego Magazine 1985.

    You’re a conservative American, so I don’t expect you to believe in anything logic or truth. Being that you still think Russia is the Soviet Union. Talk about bombastic fool.

  20. Tower, you fool, reciting Gore Vidal, a rabid agenda driven lefty as the source of your ridiculous Reagan smear is beyond stupid.

    Get real. You are a joke.


    Perhaps exactly the kind of joke that laughed the USSR right into the dustbin of history, and is now trying feverishly to do the same to Russia.

  21. TB, there is a very unique experience, it’s called life. Living vicariously through Vidal, Chomsky or Marx isn’t really living.

    Having someone to blame for your own failures sounds great, but there is no accountability. If you have not read any of my previous posts, that is the most important aspect of a responsible government. It seems that you are clueless of what I am talking about.

  22. “I don’t have a link to it. But that information could be found in Gore Vidal’s book “Imperial America” where he sites dates and meetings Reagan had with Billy Graham and Jerry Falwell, holding prayer to bring about armageddon.”

    Why didn’t Reagan bring about armageddon if he is soo evil. It’s more likely that they spoke of Meggido, currently under Isreali control, of which numerous battles have already taken place, and are sure to take place in the future.

    The belief is that whoever controls this area contols the world. Have you ever played chess?

    If you put too much credibility in that one spot, you can count on being flanked by your enemy. Feel free to take control…

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