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Special Extra: Another Original LR Translation — Happy “National Unity Day,” Russia!

Russia’s 4th of July*

by Dave Essel

Newspeak is undergoing a serious revival in Pooty’s Russia. The new November 4th public holiday that desperately tries and fails, like so many of Russia’s endeavours, to be something and mean something, is just another case in point. Even not very free-thinking Russians see it. In big things and small, neo-nazi Russia is truly the heir to the Commie Soviet Union, right down to the fact that most things means their opposite – except when they don’t: and woe betide you if you get it wrong, because that’s when your kidneys and more will be battered until you see sense. The Russian Federation has, after all, replaced the Soviet Union’s “most humane legal system in the world” with its own.

I cried ‘til I laughed.

Here from Zagolovki.ru, a news-in-brief site, is a précis of the issue.

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