Special Extra — The G-7 Deals with Russia

The International Herald Tribune reports that, even as it has been ejected from the NATO council, Russia has been effectively booted out of the G-8, with all the other members of the group siding with Georgia against Russian aggression:

The world’s major industrial countries are calling for increased economic support for war-torn Georgia.

Finance ministers from the Group of Seven leading industrial countries issued a joint statement Wednesday pledging support for Georgia’s economy and its financial system. They also urged other countries and institutions to assist in the effort. “We, the G-7, stand ready to support Georgia in order to promote the continued health of the Georgian economy, maintain confidence in Georgia’s financial system and support economic reconstruction,” the finance officials said.

The United States has been leading the international response after fighting broke out in Georgia earlier this month between Russian and Georgian troops over Geogia’s break-away territory of South Ossetia.  A convoy of badly needed food aid for beleaguered Georgians was allowed past a checkpoint by Russian troops on Wednesday, but there have been few signs the Russian soldiers are preparing to fulfill a promise made by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that those troops will complete a withdrawal from Georgia by Friday.

In their statement, the G-7 finance ministers endorsed international mediation efforts to “end the hostilities and to bring about a political solution to the conflict in Georgia. The loss of life, humanitarian suffering and wider destruction over recent days is considerable and we welcome commitments to assist with the urgent humanitarian needs.”

The statement welcomed the commitment of Georgia and the International Monetary Fund to work on a financial program to support Georgia’s economy. It also called on other international lending institutions, including the World Bank, to “promptly identify and support” reconstruction efforts in the country. “Georgia has solid economic fundamentals as a result of economic reforms and sound policies and we are committed to helping Georgia continue on this path,” the G-7 ministers said.

The G-7 is composed of the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Canada.

6 responses to “Special Extra — The G-7 Deals with Russia

  1. but there have been few signs the Russian soldiers are preparing to fulfill a promise made by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev that those troops will complete a withdrawal from Georgia by Friday.

    Of course he won’t fulfill his promises. His words, just like the words of any Russian leader from time immemorial are worth nothing. He’s scum and his rightful place is a prison cell.

  2. Agents of Goldstein

    So long as there is a market for their oil, gas, and AK’s – and, frankly, there will always be a market for these things – Russia will always see any “consequences” short of military confrontation with the West as effete and pointless.

  3. The saying about the sovoks was (and is):

    “think one thing, say another, do a third”

    This is going to be just like Milosevic.

    Milosevic signed treaties all over the place with one hand; while with the other, he continued his killing.

    Serb and rashan “orthodox brothers.”

  4. >elmer,
    excuse me but Georgians are also orthodox christians. This did not prevent us from being attacked by our “russian orthodox f…ing brother”.

    Religion does not matter in this case.

    Although russians are christians they have been destroying Georgian churches, killing priests etc. This happened now again with Samtavisi cathedral. They robed everything and the priest was almost killed.

    Russians say: “If you have power, you do not need brain” and that’s what they’ve been doing for four centuries in Caucasus.

    Georgians say: “Be a good man and pray wherever you want”. That’s why in Tbilisi, Georgian capital, you can find Georgian church, Armenian church, Jewish synagogue and muslim mosque on one street, just several meters from eachother.

  5. David, every country in Europe knows about the rashans.

    The Czechs, the Poles, the Estonians, the Ukrainians, the Hungarians – everyone.

    And you are absolutely right – the point I was trying to illustrate is that the rashan government invokes images of Christianity, not from any sincere beliefs, but as a propaganda tool, as a tool of convenience.

    And, again, rasha is incapable of being a good neighbor to anyone – they simply have to be a bully, and then rasha tells you what “wonderful” things they have done for you.

    Have they brought democracy to Georgia? No. Have they improved trade relations with Georgia, to the mutual benefit of both countries? Of course not.

    Did their “peacekeepers” do their job? Of course not. That does not fit in with the plan of an imperialistic oily orthodox roosha.

    You can’t trust the rashan government.

    They love misery – yours and theirs – and it makes them happy.

    Saakashvili is right – they are incapable of accomplishing anything positive.

    Intimidation, insults, threats, death and destruction.

    That’s what they’re good at.

    And Goebbels-like propaganda about how wonderful they are, and how other people “thank” the rashans for “saving” them – from democracy and freedom.

  6. Elmer and David: Likewise, I agree that religion in this case is irrelevant. The Russians, as a people are responsible for crimes against humanity which even the Nazis (and I’m Jewish) didn’t “accomplish” through their brutality.

    These are perverted bastards and though I don’t consider myself a racist I have something against that country (Russia) and its people. The fact that I was born there yet have no intentions of ever visiting speaks for itself.

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