Photographs from Russia’s Murderous Rampage

By e-mail a Georgian reader transmits the following photographs of the brutal carnage inflicted on innocent civilians by Russia’s barbarous thugs in the city of Gori, far outside the killing zone in Ossetia. Make no mistake; these Georgian civilians have been intentionally targeted by the KGB regime of Vladimir Putin, punished for daring to desire to live in a free and independent Georgia. Our source reports that there are still casualties today, that bombing is still underway in Gori.

Dutch reporter aiding the victims
Dutch reporter aiding the victims
At least five civilians killed today in Gori by Russian bombing
Reuters: At least five civilians killed today in Gori by Russian bombing
The bodies piling up
The bodies piling up
The body of a journalist
The body of a journalist
Russian forces occupy Gori, obliterate the city
Russian forces occupy Gori, obliterate the city

11 responses to “Photographs from Russia’s Murderous Rampage

  1. Where are the pictures from the Georgian assault on Ossetia?

    You have some very useful information on Russia but have a case of rabies vis a vis Russians.

  2. The russian propaganda, that Georgia “killed civilians” in Tskhinvali, is not truth. If someone died there, only because of russian war-jets flying all over and dropping bombs randomly. Unfortunately I know Russia. And I know Georgia. remember:
    The occupation of Ukraine by Russia – 1650s
    Russia – Crimea – 1783
    Russia – Poland – 1795
    Russia – Eastern Georgia – September 21, 1801; April 1802
    Russia — Georgia (1810-1864)
    Mass murdering of 1 Million Caucasians by Russia – 1859-1880
    Russia – Japan – 1905-1905
    Russia -Poland – 1920
    Russia – Azerbaijan – 1920
    Russia – Armenia – 1920
    Russia – Poland -1939
    Russia – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia – 1940
    Russia (USSR) – Finland – 1940
    Russia (USSR) – Hungary – 1956
    Russia (USSR) – Czechoslovakia – 1968
    Russia (USSR) – Afghanistan – 1979-1989
    Russia – Georgia – 1919, 1920 (April-May), 1921, 1924, 1991-93
    Russia-Chechnya – 1994-96, 1996-2000
    Russia – Georgia – August 2008
    Russia -.WHO IS THE NEXT???
    And talk about genocide, one interesting fact – even Jewish people (who experienced genocide almost everywhere in the world) from Georgia call themselves “THE HAPPIEST JEWS IN THE WORLD”. Guess why?
    And one more: my Friend called me today and tald me, her cousin (georgian)died by saving an ossetian child trapped in the burning house in Gori after Russian bombing.
    Georgian people don’t hate Ossetians, but Russia’s evil propaganda makes them believe that. There are thousands of mixed families of Georgians and Ossetians. And they always lived in peace before Russia came!

  3. Chris, maybe they got it from being bit by a certain mad dog/wolf/bear.

    As for pictures, FSB types have been linking to a phot spread on russiablog, but it has nothing except burnt-out combloc equipment (i.e. dead T-72s from who knows which side) and dead Georgian soldiers.

    And, of course, the Russians were sternly suppressing free media in the areas where they were, so those photos, if taken, would probably not help your cause either.

    Really, your question is the coward’s way out. Why don’t you go find the photos you seem to think exist, or better yet, get a press pass and go there and take them? If there are no dead SOs lying around handy, I’m sure Putin will make you some.

  4. Is not it finally clear what is Putin’s Russia’s real face and intensions??
    They are the plague_ black death. for the whole world!! Please help to heal, STOP the plague!!

  5. +1 Agree with Chris

    You are shown just one side of Truth.

    Again, let me remind you that Georgia has started aggression, not us. We reacted according rules for Peacemakers agreed in Organization of United Nations.
    I was watching CNN yesterday… Guys, you are shown only Georgia…peanuts..images of Georgia and South Osetia differ so much! If you could only see what South Osetia looks like now..Ruins. 13,000 people had to run away to the North Osetia, to Russia. Why? Because only Russia protected them. Just think – 13,000 people. In my native city (far from Moscow) lots of donation organizations like “Red Cross” are now gathering clothes, food, medicines in order to HELP that abandoned people.
    Why Georgia is not helping their (de jure) citizens?
    Even if I was not Russian, I would judge every country, every state (Russia itself, USA, Georgia) that fight against peaceful people, destroy their houses, kill helpless kids and women, etc. If you are human, you have family, etc you will agree.

  6. These pictures are all fake and scenario-made.

    But of course there are victims from both sides, but in Georgia it’s peanuts comparing to destroyed-to-dust South Osetia.

    LA RUSSOPOBE RESPONDS: That’s interesting, because we think the Putin administration’s justifications for attacking tiny Georgia are “all fake and scenaro-made.” Apparently, you can’t conceive of the possiblity that a proud KGB spy would lie. Unlike you, we’ve given mountains of evidence to support our claim. You give none, in the manner of a crazed neo-Soviet propagandist. Shame on you!

  7. georgian army destroyed s. ossetia and killed 2000 people. what is your opinion?

    why don’t you cover up your fascist president mikheil? where are georgia dissidents?

    LA RUSSOPHOBE RESPONDS: The Georgian army did to Ossetia exactly what Russia did to Chechnya. When you call for Putin’s ouster, then you can start making such request. Until then, you just sound like the slobbering idiot you are. And why not tell us how many Georgians Russia killed in Gori? Your duplicity is truly neo-Soviet in character.


  9. Marika says: “And I know Georgia remember:
    Russia – Japan – 1905-1905”

    Interestingly, what Georgia remember about Russo-Japanese war of 1905? And why Georgia forgot numerous Russia-Turkey and Russia-Persia wars to liberate Georgia lands and protect Georgians from genocide?

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