Neo-Soviet Doublespeak

“I think that until all diplomatic possibilities have been exhausted, sanctions would be extreme. I think we need to do all we can to push Iran toward starting negotiations. We are continuing activities, we are continuing our diplomatic efforts. Some members of the six nations already want to impose sanctions. We however, think first we must continue multilateral actions.”

Above, that was Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov discussing how to get Iran to do what America wants. Compare and contrast with the below:

An anti-Georgian campaign built up steam in Russia yesterday as the authorities followed up sweeping sanctions on neighboring Georgia with measures targeting the large diaspora in Moscow. Russian lawmakers also tabled a motion expected to fiercely condemn Georgia’s pro-Western leadership with the dispute set to persist after Russia rejected Western calls to end its blockade of its small, impoverished Caucasus neighbor. Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said a transport and postal blockade slapped on Tbilisi on Tuesday would still stand despite the release by Georgia, on Monday, of four Russian officers whose arrest last week angered the Kremlin. Lavrov said on Tuesday the measures were aimed at cutting off criminal flows of money he claimed was being used by the Georgian leadership to increase its military might in preparation for the “forceful seizure” of two pro-Russian breakaway regions

So, when the subject is getting Georgia to do what Russia wants, suddenly Minister Lavrov changes his tune. La Russophobe dares to wonder why.

The whole world wants sanctions on Iran, but Russia won’t support them. Nobody but Russia wants sanctions on Georgia, yet Russia won’t retract them. Welcome back to the USSR!

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