EDITORIAL: Vampire Moscow


Vampire Moscow

Recently revealed facts about life in the city of Moscow are truly shocking.

A report by Cushman & Wakefield reveals that retail spending by residents of Moscow is more than twice as high as for the rest of the country and fifty percent higher than the national average for Germany or Great Britain.

The reason is simple:  Like a vampire, Moscow is slurping the nation’s blood at an alarming rate.  Moscow has a stunning concentration of billionaires who spend their wealth at an obscene rate because they know it can be taken away at a moment’s notice by the neo-Soviet regime.

Ordinary Russians have the same attitude. Russians spend a mind-boggling three-quarters of their income on consumer goods, half again as much as their European counterparts.  They do so, rather than saving, because they know there is no such thing as “property” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

An average Muscovite earns nearly $900 per month (that’s  $5.50 per hour) while the average Russian (including the Moscow earnings) takes home less than $700 per month (just $4.40 per hour). Forget about that stunning disparity for a minute, and think about this:  An average income like that isn’t nearly enough to rival, much less surpass, Western Europe in consumer spending unless Russia has a huge class of oligarchs who spend virtually everything they earn on consumer goods. Which is exactly what Russia does have, and this oligarchy gets its wealth by stealing it from the people of Russia, hoarding it in Moscow and frittering it away on luxury items (like the tiny giraffes shown in the commercial about them on American TV, for American TV).

And if Russia does have that class of oligarchs earning far more than the national average., it also has a vast class of people earning much, much less than the national average, which is already puny at best. That is life in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

The similarity of today’s Russia to bygone eras is genuinely disturbing.  Then as now, an elite class of super-rich Russian hoarded the nation’s wealth in the capital, watching mirthfully as the vast unwashed population suffered horrific deprivations.  The ultimate result of this outrage was the Bolshevik revolution, with even more bloodshed and suffering to follow.

Now, Russia is repeating all the mistakes of the past. Once again it has a corrupt oligarchy, headed by a proud KGB spy who is literally drinking the nation’s blood, and the Russian population meanwhile does not rank in the top 130 nations of the world for life expectancy (but they rank in the top 25 for corruption).

When will the craven people of Russia learn that they are being raped by their own government, when will they stand up for their children’s future? We do not know.

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  1. you’re absolutely right…

  2. Russians spend a mind-boggling three-quarters of their income on consumer goods. They do so, rather than saving, because they know there is no such thing as “property” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

    So, they acquire consumer property because here is no such thing as “property” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia? Can you please explain?

    • “Ordinary Russians have the same attitude. Russians spend a mind-boggling three-quarters of their income on consumer goods, half again as much as their European counterparts. They do so, rather than saving, because they know there is no such thing as “property” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.”

      Funny how they still save more than USians…

      Oops, USians seem to have negative saving numbers.

      I hope Kim tells us all why?

      And then tell why our ever-so-keynesian Kim even started to discuss savings?

  3. Well, given the fact that Russians have their businesses or homes stolen by the corrupt officials of the police, taxation, and intelligence departments, with monotonous regularity, LR is quite correct.

    Of course Maimuni is a big supporter of the corrupt Kremlin regime, so there is no surprise he does not understand the problem.

    • Nice to know a Georgian person that still remembers words like “business” and taxation…

      Hope you would introduce them at some point in the future too…

    • Oh. And “intelligence”:)

      • Nice to see a Russian “person” is still so moronic that he cannot contribute anything of intelligence due to the sub-simian nature of his intelligence.

        Although I am not a Georgian, I do live there, and there is plenty of business, and a fair taxation system.

        You don’t have to pay bribes to register your property, your business, confirm you have paid your taxes, get your child an education or healthcare.

        Unlike you Russians, who seem to consider corruption to be normal, probably due to the fact that corruption and criminality have deep roots in the Russian culture.

        • Plenty of business and a fair taxation system — idiot, retard, moron. 55% of the Georgians are peasants who consume just what they produce. 17% of them are unemployed…

          • Now AT, 40% of Georgians are city dwellers, and many farmers actually do reasonably well these days, hence all the satellite TV receivers and 4wd’s you see when up in the villages.

            And the tax service is a fair one, unlike the subhuman mess you have in Russia. No need to bribe, no graft, and everyone treated the same in Georgia, those who cheat get punished, those who follow the law have no problems, unlike Russia where graft and corruption are almost the worst in the world.

            Are you really so retarded?

            • Well, dummy, I give you the whopping 45% of Georgians being city dwellers. The rest are dirt poor, no seriously, African dirt poor peasants — by the way, you see satellite dishes in Kinshasa as well making barely over $1K year, living on $3/day or so. Russians may need to bribe the officials, but they make 4 times the money, and — compared to Georgia — have a tiny proportion of population under the poverty line or unemployed. That’s why thousands of Georgians leave for Russia every year, despite the allegedly higher corruption. No the idiot deserves to live in the country, which its own citizens opt to leave en masse…

            • 40% WOW. Satellite TV receivers, just like in Benin? Unbelieavable!

              • Ain’t it fun to hear about taxation and all the things from a person that lives in a country where average worker produces – not earns, produces – less than USD5000?


              • BTW, they have satellite receivers to be able to watch something different from Micha’s fantasies? Different – like Russian TV, right? For most of them speak Russian as a foreing language only, right?

                Wise people they are.

                Funny how in Europe, instead, little people want to hang something that big outside their window.

          • And the difference is that people can start a business without the police, tax police, or other government officials coming and leveling false charges against them in order to steal the business the moment it becomes successful, unlike in Russia where it happens every day.

            Now when was the last time you were in Georgia AT?

            As for ” idiot, retard, moron” yes you are, stop talking to yourself dickhead, of course maybe because of your obvious lack of social skills, or for that matter humanity, you are forced to talk to yourself.

            • Well, I’ve just come from Tbilisi. So I have a pretty fresh info on how the country is doing. Heh, even if you are right and Georgians can start a business with much less corruption, Russians appear to be able to do this despite the corruption. And earn 4 times more money each (GDP per capita) and to distribute it better among the rich and the poor (Gini), and to employ their citizens much more effectively (unemployment rate, employment structure). Well, a retard like you deserves living in Georgia.

            • Honduras on the Black Sea — a great name for Georgia by the way!

              • Sounds remotely like Black Hundreds, of course you will like it.

                • Saakashvili über alles
                  Über alles in der Welt
                  Wenn er kaut auf der Krawatte
                  Schwach und kaum zusammenhält
                  Leckt das Arschloch von dem Westen
                  Leckt gern Arsch für Macht und Geld
                  Saakashvili über alles
                  Über alles in der Welt

                  • I mean Honduras sounds like Black Hundreds? Really?? What are Black Hundreds anyway? I guess, this Andrew’s post is a strong argument for not drinking and posting at the same time.

                    • “Honduras on the Black Sea” “sounds like Black Hundreds”.

                      You don’t know who were the Black Hundreds? Really? And you claim to be a Jew, and a Russian one? OK then.


                    • Oh, those black hundreds. I just failed to grasp the relevance. But I guess this is not a problem for a person who can answer any question with “and by the way, Slain Chechen Slave Trader’s Family Celebrates an ECHR Award”. In any case, it looks like that you have a very serious speech or hearing defect: something that starts with H-O-N-D-U-R-A-S can hardly sound like something starting with B-L-A-C-K to most people.

                      Can you send me a link where I claimed to be a Russian Jew — I am really not in the habit of doing that…

                    • A hearing problem and a drinking problem: life is tough on the poor Pschek.

                    • @“and by the way, Slain Chechen Slave Trader’s Family Celebrates an ECHR Award”

                      I must say I didn’t really know you are such a racist scum piece of shit.

                      @something that starts with H-O-N-D-U-R-A-S can hardly sound like something starting with B-L-A-C-K to most people.

                      Because there’s totally no “Black” in your “Honduras on the Black Sea” idiocy.

                      Why am I even talking to you, I don’t know. Guess I just won’t, anymore.

                      To anyone else: what/who is “Pschek”? Never heard it before, Google search isn’t helping too. Probably something vulgar in Russian, I know, but must be just very seldom used.

                    • What exactly is racist in my comment? Slave trade was rampant in the “independent” Chechnya — its a fact.

            • “Successful business in Georgia”. Cool.

          • AT,

            What “idiot, retard, moron,” that’s no way to talk about yourself!!
            But then you do suffer from delusions of ‘grandeur’. So what’s new – nothing.

            While on the subject, do tell us what percentage of Russina are peasants, who also consume what they produce – somogonka excluded – and what percentage are unemployed…

            DO NOT supply the Russian propaganda fables dreamed up by your beloved fuehrer Putler, because they are unbelievably stupid and only believed by brain damaged idiots, retards and moronic imbeciles!!

            I’m waiting comrade. Do tell.

            • As for the Russian stats, with pleasure: 10% of Russians are employed in agriculture. This year, Russia will contribute to fighting the world food crisis by exporting grain. Unemployment in Russia is 6.7%, not too bad, I suppose. And again, you are welcome to point out any factual inaccuracies in any of my statements. And what made you believe, Putin is my beloved anything. Last time you tried to insult me I think you said I were a Communist. Communists hate Putin as far as I know.

              • AT, you are denser then I imagined!!

                Listen drongo I said – and I repeat – “DO NOT supply the Russian propaganda fables dreamed up by your beloved fuehrer Putler.”

                Now what’s so hard to understand in that simple sentence. You chum are a communist mouthpiece that lives in his land of lying fables, by spreading these same lies.

                And don’t lie that you are not a communist. All of your unbelievably sick replies just praise that murderous and oppressive regime of that current communist Ka Ge Bist vozhd, your beloved vova Putin .

                Besides your “Communists hate Putin as far as I know.” is just purulent verbal mouth discharge on your part, or sheer hysterical fantasy to support your sorry fable – ha, ha, ha comrade.

                • And of course, not one single proof that anything in my statement is incorrect. Bohdan, you are either seriously, I mean truly, medically, deranged or simply a troll.

                  • Just out of curiosity – what makes Putin a Communist. Seriously? I can see logic behind giving him lots of labels used here but Communist would never cross my mind.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Boredan, like his Pshek knit and kin, tosses around catchwords handed down to him by the powers that be. That’s what Western imbecility is all about, and attending a “Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique” doesn’t quite improve things either, even if Boredan was spared this particular variety of utter mental depletion.

                      Hence: If Putin didn’t matter to Western imperialism, the latter would not care and there would be NO such thing as LR on the Internet. Now, however, Putin does matter since he personifies Russian national independence from Western corporate plunder. Here we have the one and only reason behind all the rantings and ravings of your average psychotic Western scum. To the latter, the equation “Putin = Communism” comes to mind immediately since Russia and Communism ARE clearly related, particularly when it comes to “stirring up trouble” in the eyes of Imperialism.

                    • AT wrote;
                      Just out of curiosity – what makes Putin a Communist. Seriously? I can see logic behind giving him lots of labels used here but Communist would never cross my mind

                      Monsieur Putain is, of course, the communist and KGB that is using communism, kgb, religion, and any imaginable means to save the 18th century russian ’empire’ with 18th century methods; pure brutal force, killing, political manipulations, etc,. These methods were used to russified so called ‘conquered’ countries for centuries. What are the results, may I ask? – Moscow 80% muslim and central asian, russian army 50% muslim, infrastructure nonexistant, russian population shrinking in the fastest and most horrific way, while the non-russian predominantly asian and muslim are taking over the country. Every russian child knows that Siberia is going to its rightful owner – china, that central asian countries are totally under chinese political and economic control, and eventually every so called authonomous republic in russia will be independend – it will start with Tatarstan, of course, de facto an independent, muslim stated run by moderate muslim and treating well the minorities like central asians, catholics, russians, etc. It will not happened, unfortunately, by the peaceful means; russia is heading for a long and bloody civil war. While it is happening, the russian ‘army’ is being fed with dog food to regain strength, and capacity to fight…..

                    • Re” the communist and KGB that is using communism, kgb, religion … to save the 18th century russian ‘empire” — this is truly a pearl of Polish Catholic Boarding School upbringing. Did you do anything in that school besides worshipping Cathol and flirting with the priests?

                  • AT, you confuse me with yourself!!

                    But judging by your lack of brains and the B/S that you publish, nothing amazes me anymore.

                    Do tell how much does fuehrer Putin pay you for the trash you spew out. You wasted commo space.

                    • I confuse…you with…myself…,ok, just calm down, I hope medical services are good in Crete.

                    • Manfred Steifschwanz

                      Boredan, are you from Crete?

                    • AT,

                      Like a true commo that you are, you did not answer my question. Naughty, naughty, go back to taking your schizophrenic tablets immediately comrade stooge.

                      PS although I have never been to Cyprus, anything that they supply would be a 100% improvement on your beloved fascist ruSSia.

                    • Bogdan, no one pays me to post here, and if you find someone who could, Putin, Obama or Saakashvili included, please inform me. I will take the offer any day.

                  • Last time I checked, the same “proPutin lies” of Russian statistics were disseminated by the WB, IMF and WTO’s sites. Who could imagine Putin’s influence would go that far…

      • dmitryk
        Oh.And the russian army is fed with DOG FOOD you fool’ can you russians get lower than that!!!!

        • Thanks god Georgian army is not – they will always beat Russian army – in the internets:)

          • Why are you proud of the abilty of a country ten times larger to beat a country ten times smaller?

            What do you think would happen if the Russian Army faced the American Army?

            • A nuclear conflict I suppose…

              • AT, I don’t think so, dearie, there won’t be a nuclear conflict. I see another scenario; in case of conflict with America, the russian soldiers will roll over and play dead that what happen when you overdose on DOG FOOD….
                The real nuclear threat, by the way, is being faced by russia proper with those rotting, outdated, unsecured and unusable nuclear junk all over russia, plus nuclear junk dumped in russia by the rest of Europe; e.g., Germany, France. Russian ’empire’ is in reality a nuclear toilet of Europe…

              • Well, Pshek, not to think is your specialty.

                • AT said ‘well pshek, not to think is your specialty’ – that is the russian way of agreeing with me. I know it is hard to face reality of russia being a nuclear toilet of europe.
                  By the way, talking about the catholic boarding/finishing schools of Europe. Those schools placed mostly in Switzerland; e,.g. Le Rosey, Institut Villa Pierrefeu, Surval Mont Fleuri, la Chatelaine, just to name the few; educated royalties from over the world, most powerful, famous and richest people on this planet. And in every civilized European country e.g, France, UK, Italy, Poland, etc., these institutions exists to follow this great tradition. Of course, it is incomprehensible for a simple russian mind to understand this…..

            • LR, is this really a thing you dream of? What would happen if the USian army has to fight “the terrible Red China” then?

              Alternative history places like this one always suck, you know…

              • You don’t want to answer that question, do you? Wonder why . . .

                • What’s wrong about beating a weaker adversary? Avoiding conflicts with strong adversaries and engaging weaker ones is the key of any strategic suceess. Also, the US has plenty of such small victories: Grenada, Panama, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic to name a few. I strongly and sincerely believe all those were in the US interests and actually nothing the US should be ashamed of.

                • I just don’t like alternative history. Well, if you really need to know the answer:

                  I hope in the case of a military conflict between the US and Russia (pray god it never happens) both commanders-in-chief would be wise – or scared – enough to just call each other and talk, and not push any red buttons.

                  Like Khruschev and Kennedy did.

                  Otherwise there would be no LR now.

          • dymytry, do you remember the mighty russian air forces during the ‘victory’ parade in moscow 2011 – six wobbly, junk helikopters or better still, do you remember the drunk, hungry russian ‘soldier during the russian invation of Georgia – stealing toilets and black and white TVs. This is truly ‘glory’ russian style.

            • I guess, any Russophobe who thinks the Russian airforce consists of 6 helicopters should be encouraged to continue to live in his imaginary world. And the last sentence is a lie: could you please present a documented proof that Georgians actually have toilets or black-and-white color TVs?

              • AT, I am truly sorry, the Russian airforce consists of SEVEN not SIX junk, wobbly helicopters…

                • Fine, and Russia has no GDP and Moscow is 15,000,000% zoroastrian, and you worship Cathol at Catholic Boarding Schools.

            • Wobbly helicopters, yes, sure. Stealing toilets, Hummers, and even Micha’s ties collection, sure.

              All saw how Micha run for cover when he heard a Karlsson coming from the from the roof to take his precious tie:)

              Jokes aside, Kartvel’s airforce and navy are no more.

          • Dimwitry,

            And do tell us about your beloved armia of repressive occupation. You know your beloved “krasnaya armia,” they couldn’t even destroy the Afghan mujahadine – and so with tail between legs like the dog curs they are they retreated ignominiously back into their beloved Russia.

            And so what they beat little Georgia, with a numerical ration of at least 140:1 or what ever? Let them pick on someone of equal strength like America. But no they won’t attempt that because they know that the Americans will beat them hands down. So instead they pick on small nations like the proverbial school bully.

            A normal, sane Russian would be worried in which direction current Russia is heading with its government sanctioned oppressions, murders, bribery, stealing of the nations resources and riches? But no you gloat over little Georgia. Face the facts comrade your so called writings go superbly well with your little brain – you prime wasted space!

            • Picking a strong enemy to fight a war? You are really deranged.

              • If, as you fantasize, I am deranged? boy what does that say for you? comrade bird brain.

                And don’t give me that crap that you are not a communist. Because you excel at their propaganda B/S, which only an imbecile communist would support.

                What next ? stealing lollipops of a baby in a pram, at which I’m sure you would be a natural.

                • Hmm, so you see communist propaganda in my posts, just like you see communists under your bed. OK. right. fine. And you say you are not deranged? right… and you say your opponent in an argument is deranged but never point out any inacurracies or make any arguments of your own… OK… and you still feel compelled to answer my comments with pure insults? And you say you are in a good mental health? — SEE A DOCTOR SOON!

                  • Comrade AT, the gross deranged stooge, I do not see communists under my bed, never have, never will. Just more lies out of your purulent discharging mouth. Right comrade!!

                    For your information you were the the first to used the word “deranged”, which suits you perfectly. Furthermore you are always using current – read lying – Russian propaganda to support your unreal and lopsided view of Putin’s ruSSia.

                    Similarly I don’t insult you, I just state the true facts about you and your mental state, which leaves a lot to be desired.

                    Where did you get your lying comment of “And you say you are in a good mental health?” Ah, say no more I understand it’s all those voiced in your little head. In reply I state emphatically – wrong again comrade chum, as I am in excellent health, both mental and physical wise. However do take a bit of ‘fatherly’ advice and ‘RETURN TO TAKING YOUR PSYCHIATRIC TABLETS IMMEDIATELY,’ as the long term effect of you not taking them will be even more dire to your health in the near future too.

            • Austroukre Bohdan, go tell that funny story abt mujaheddeen to your former compatriots who fought alongside Russians in Afghanistan. And repeat to those guys in USia that have to bury their fellow servicemen returning from the country in zinc.

  4. I hope nobody expected that when the USSR fell, that it would spring up over night into a Democracy (be careful with that word, it stinks of socialism some days!)????
    I also hope that nobody expected all the old hard liner’s to roll over and become flaming republicans? They did not just vanish from the surface of the earth now did they?
    It will take Russia and the CIS time to evolve into what it will become; nobody can predict what it will become, and driving it by outside opinion is wrong. It needs to be driven by inside opinion and action, by the people.
    The old guard is slowing being driven out, the new is slowly taking over.
    If you use Moscow as an example, it is a city of 13 million people, registered and un-registered. You cannot change it over night; it is experiencing growth pains just like any other metropolitan area.
    Most US citizens do NOT realize that their government can come in and by “eminent domain”, take their land as well as anywhere else in the world; they choose to ignore it.
    Has ANYONE compared Moscow to other major cities and the way those people live? New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc…

    • “Democracy (be careful with that word, it stinks of socialism some days!)????”

      No, dude, you’re wrong, still stinks of good old colonialism.

  5. Gap between rich and poor widens in Russia

    Twenty years since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the gap between rich and poor is wider than ever.

    The wealthy have largely recovered from the severe economic crisis, but the poor are actually worse than during communist times.

    It’s fast becoming a major social and economic problem, as it becomes clear that large parts of the population have not been able to benefit from the opportunities provided by the transition to a market economy.

    Jamie Robertson reports on the impact on Russia’s economic prospects from St Petersburg.


    According to this news report around 40% of Russians earn less than they did in 1991 in real terms.

    So much for the retards Maimoneedes and AT who say Putin has benefited everyone in Russia so much….

    • And if the above link does not work, try this one


      • And if this one does not work, look up the Gini indices for Georgia and Russia in the Wikipedia or at the World Bank’s side. I guess, someone posting from Georgia should not speak about the gap widening too much…

    • Dude, just ask your wife to show you the gap between the rich and the poor, and she will. Go to some village, and you’ll see. And to see a single person who earns more than he did in 1991 that lives in Tbilisi, you should visit the president’s office.

      And then just stop posting this nonsence.

      • Now Dtard, I know your subhuman intelligence blinds you to reality, but Georgia does not claim to be a rich country, unlike Russia.

        Georgians are certainly much better off than they were in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, and of course they have some way to go, however the distribution of wealth is much more even than it is in Russia.

        The simple fact is that the claims of vermin such as yourself that Putin has benefited all Russians especially the poor, are simply BS on a grand scale. Putin has benefited the oligarchs and those in the security services, but precious few others.

        • Distribution of wealth more even than in Russia? With 55% of the country’s populaion engaged in sustenance agriculure? 31% of the population below the poverty level? A Gini index of 40.8? A 17% unemployment? A GDP per capita of $2.6K (120th out of 186 countries!). Indeed a VERY long way to go, just like Honduras. I won’ t quote the same figures for Russia — you can look them up yourselves: hopefully you will realize how little you know about the two countries’ economies in the process.

          • AT, Andrew the Georgian Genius is just too clever to know what the Gini index means, and to look up GDP numbers, and unemployment numbers for Georgia.

            He’s not into numbers much, our Georgian Genius, he’s more into discussing democracy, you know…

        • Andrew, people are running from your country. To my country.

          People are running. Katvel people from Kartli, and not some “subhumans”. City dwellers you boast about above.

          En masse. 10 – 12 Thousands every year. And this number only includes Kartvels who enter Russia legally.

          So no point to explain how life is going better every minute under S.

          It’s been 6 years this wise president S. rules his realm. And his realm still sucks.

          • Would you care to document your claims? Because making such claims without documenting them violates our clearly posted comment guidelines.

            Meanwhile, you forget to mention that Russians are fleeing Russia for the West in record numbers.

            • At least 60% of Georgia’s remittances come from Russia
              Net migration rate -4.06 migrants/1000 people or, for a population of 4.5M people, approx 18K/year
              HENCE, reasons to approximate emigration to Russia at 10K/year.

              • Enough already with bashing Georgia. Whatever it is and whatever her faults are, Georgia is not a subject matter of this blog, Russia is.

                And then you are trying too hard to prove that Russia is richer. Even if it’s true, Russians always tell us here that they are very important, that they have a right to decide who gets admitted to the NATO and who does not, that the world should respect their opinion, that they have thriving economy, that they deserve to be in the G8 and so on ad naseum.

                Fine, if this is true, then choose Switzerland or Canada as your basis for comparison with Russia, not poor Georgia.

                Although come to think of it, you already said that Russia is the 9th richest country in the world, which means she is richer than half of Western Europe. Just laughable. Russia is way behind even Portugal or Greece. You probably think that you keep repeating unbelievable lies, then somehow the reality will magically change too.

                • Well, Russia’s performance vs other countries is a subject matter of this blog as well. And you lie that I have ever said that Russia is the 9th richest country in the world. I may have said that it is the 9th largest economy in the world and I said that there about 60 countries that are richer than Russia, didn’t I? I won’t call you a retard, like Andrew calls his opponents in all his posts, but there is a difference between these two statements.

                  As for “Russia telling you…”, you must be a case of the delusion of grandeur. Just remember, you are nothing but a frugal little man roaming your city in search of cheap eggs or tomatoes, or whatever. Whoever Russia is talking to appears to be listenting, and for a reason…

                  • Yes, whoever Russia is talking to appears to be listening for the same reason he would be listening to a gangster who accosts you with a butcher knife.

                    You absolutely said Russia is 9th richest country in the world; these are your exact words, and I will provide a copy of your statement shortly

                    • Well, here is your statement in its entirety. So did you or did you not say that Russia is the world’s ninth richest country. Or maybe American imperialists or CIA just faked it:

                      AT | May 27, 2011 at 10:18 am | Reply

                      Well, Anja, Russia is poorer than the US, isn’t it, so it has far more serious problems in pretty much every area… There are also about 120 countries that are poorer than Russia where such problems are worse. So what is your point really? The fact that you improved your standard of living by moving from the world’s 56th richest country to the world’s 9th richest country? Not everyone can do that. Meanwhile, Russia almost tripled its GDP per capita during the last 20 years from $3.5K in 1990 to $10.5K in 2010 alleviating poverty and problems you are talking about much faster and much more effectively than most of the world’s countries.

                    • RV, re-read, apologize… unless you can prove that the US is not the world’s 9th richest country…

                    • The same reason as why they listen to any world’s power, really. I absolutely didn’t (see below, apologize).

                • Nice try, RV:

                  >> Georgia is not a subject matter of this blog, Russia is. >>

                  Understandably, Western propaganda purveyors and/or ditto firm believers feel uneasy whenever somebody’s got the nerve to prove irrefutably what utter nonsense they’re spewing. No braindead drivel about what a super-duper success story Shitsvili’s Georgia allegedly is as compared to Putin’s Russia would ever have been dismissed on the silly pretext put forth by RV. At LR, the knife cuts one way only.

                  • Well, Manfred, RV — he describes himself as a “cheap and proud of it” seeker of inexpensive vegetables spending much of his time roaming farmers markets in search of dirt cheap sputs — does not like Russia mainly because Russians dare demand the same share of respect as what he considers as “advanced nations”. Yet, he gets indignant when the same attitude is applied to his own race.

                  • What pretext? Georgia is a poor little country, I concede that. So? Does that make Russia rich?

                    • No, but its fun to point this out just to annoy the Russia-bashing Andrew.

                    • Actually AT, 55% are city dwellers. And who do you think feeds them.

                      Most food consumed in Georgia is grown by Georgians, and those that farm well earn well, and as for coming from Georgia recently, well I find it hard to believe that someone who has so frequently made racist comments about Georgians would bother to visit.

                      As Robert pointed out, you are a racist little piece of filth AT, however I will get my friends at the Embassy to check out your IP, they might want to investigate you as a threat to US national security, I am sure the Georgians would like to as well.

                    • Andrew, if you want to investigate anything, do it, not threaten me with doing it. And by calling me racist, you are just trying to blame others for something you are guilty of yourself in the first place. I challenge you to find one single racist quotation in my post. On the other hand, I cannot help out that Georgia has been failing economically. And that you lie. Georgia imports most of the agricultural products it consumes, including potatoes.

                    • Also, by your count, 10.6% of the urban population are employed in agriculture:
                      Nice, a country with 55.5% of population employed in agriculture has to import spuds.

                    • Cool! Andrew wants to investigate me for (i) providing irrefutable evidence that Georgia is an economic basket case; (ii) bashing a person supporting terrorists on the US most wanted list; (iii) mocking at RV’s greed and immaturity; (iv) criticizing Romanian Nazi revanchists; (v) exposing the insanity of a deranged Ukrainian and (vi) showing to the world the racism of a Euro-supremacist Pole for whom a “slit-eye Asian” is an insult and (vii) actually showing that Russia has done not too bad compared to its peer group. Go ahead, Andrew. I also hate you, but, unlike you, I would fight for your right to speak your mind. This speaks volumes of you!

                • RV, people told us Russians many times “hey, just look at Georgia and Ukraine and you’ll see how cool and happy life is in those ex-USSR ‘West-oriented’ democracies”.

                  And now it turns out half of them are beggars there. And that Georgia exports goods for 1-something BN USD, and imports 4-something. Each freaking year.

              • Gee that was good Dimwitry says something and his puppet AK answers.

                Hey that was good Dimitry I didn’t even see your lips move, well done comrade.

                • Sure, Bogdan, I post for Dmitry and AK as well… and I am the one who sends Communists to haunt you from under your bed…you are deranged!

                  • AT

                    You keep harping about the word ‘deranged’ is that because you have been diagnosed as such by the head shrink under whose treatment you are?

                    If you want to see a really deranged person and an imbecile to boot look in a mirror the next time you pass one@!!! You’ll see a classic comrade!

                    • I am not harping about the word, I am harping about you my unfortunate pig fat eating comrade, and there are good reasons why.

                    • I don’t eat pig fat comrade stooge it’s bad for you.

                      In the meantime drink more of the somogonka as its guaranteed to pickle your brain even more then it has now.

                    • Is it Russia or is it Boredan that teeters on the verge of collapse? My take on this very, very serious matter is that Boredan is long since “post-collapse”. Resembles a piece of sodium immersed in water — hence pretty entertaining. And poetry is most certainly not his field of excellence; it’s “braindead” this and “untermensch” that. These words don’t even rhyme with each other.

                      Boredan is a hopeless case
                      Just a braindead, foul disgrace
                      Manfred Steifschwanz got him good
                      Untermensch from Ukro wood

                    • Manfreddo Limpschwanz,

                      Boy do you rave on ad nauseam.

                      Sadly your articles lack any semblance to truth, so tell us about Paul Simon again?

                      You were born a wasted space and you will still die a wasted space you ignorant and brainless little swede (that is the vegetable type.)

                • Astroukre, but you sure know all those people who disagree with you are just aliens’ puppet dolls, do you? Not just in the internets, in real life too, right?

            • LR, I’m not into telling fantasies to prove anything, you know. When I make a claim, I always can substantiate it with numbers. And let’s save our time next time and just believe it.

              As to Georgian emigration to Russia, smoke it:


              Грузия из Georgia in Russian, so that you could enjoy to the fullest.

              And I think it’s even more than 10-12K Kartvels a year.

          • dymasha, you got it wrong; the muslims from central asia retaking russia, in case you haven’t noticed moscow is already 80% muslim – this is called desintegration of russian ’empire’.

            • Mccusa, Moscow is 15,000,000% zoroastrian, if you have not noticed.

            • No, really, forgive his ignorance, he is a self-confessed Catholic boarding school graduate. A Polish one. A sad, abused small person living in his imaginary world of scatology and hatred…

              • Yet with an IQ appreciably above the Pshek average…

                • Manfreddo Limpschwanz (the impotent),

                  If maccusa IQ is “appreciably above the Psek average,” what does that say for your lack of it?

                  Don’t bother to try to explain this little point comrade, as like all of your comments it will be an exercise in futility.

                  • Petit imbécile de merde — vas te faire enculer tout de suite.

                    • Hey Klaine schwaine, aka russian baboon, why that pathological obsession with Poland why dearie, why??? – Perhaps cosmic and understandible inferiority complex of russian savages that are being rejected by the civilized countries of Europe explains that….
                      By the way, I think I found a cure for your mental ailment; it is a nutrition approach; have a solid meal; open the can of dog food, drink some water from a toilet and lick your b@#$ls….it might work….

                    • mccusa

                      Thank’s for the good laugh. Explains Limpschwanz superbly. Or for that matter AT as well.

                    • Oh. I like it when you go French, sounds impressive:))

                  • What about your obsession with Russia?

  6. Moscow is the great bubble filled with the money sucked out of the gigantic territory. These money search for the goods from the whole world and create the prices beyond the clouds,the situation is worsen by great number of the limitations on the retail of foreign sellers and so on. Russian dislike of foreigners and the tradition of “ponts” add the prices ` rise.

    • You misspelled the country name in your post above.

      The right name is “US”, not “Moscow”.

    • What’s the tradition of ponts? What are the ponts?

      • :) It’s cultural. “Pont” means “show off”, like some kind of an agressive glamour.

        I can say this “ponts” culture is long over for youth both in Moscow and other regions. Average aged people like the poster above seem to be stuck in this culture yet.

  7. Dmitry! Even the Russian Patriot mast not be an idiot.
    Moscow buble is filled with the natural resouses` money-the resourses from the territories occupied somewhere by 150 of the peoples.
    America produces great science and te products thereof,you are bla blaing by American internet,becides America have freed the world from brown and red (your) plague. Shut up.

    • Ben, you mast be too clever to be talked to, really.

      • Dimwitry?

        Believe me you are 100% right in your comment to Ben, yes sir 100% right! Pity the same cannot be said about you.

        Tell me comrade ruskie, what in the hell has a “mast” got to do in the above context. Try spending a little more time on your command of English, otherwise you will continue to make your ridiculous ‘pubic’ announcements, ha, ha, ha.

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          So “mast” makes sense in Ben’s post, then? Please explain, dear Super-Duper Ukro of Unsurpassed Intellectual Tenacity, not to say “despicable PEAS of trash” (my tribute to RV).

          • Hey, russian baboon, open another dog food can, the staple diet of the russian barakhlo..You ‘mast’ be barking mad….

            • Manfred Steifschwanz

              How cute: The Pshek immediately comes to the rescue of the Ukro who just made an utter fool of himself. “International solidarity” at its finest, eh?

              By the way, Pshek: Did you read about Russia’s Swedish heritage? If not, then check out the comments to the editorial “Russia behind the Curtain”. It might help clear things up for people suffering mental depletion such as yourself. Needless to say, I’m fully convinced you heard absolutely nothing about it at your “Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique”.

  8. RV, can you please re-read my post and then tell me which country I called the 9th richest in the world? Hint: use my links to look it up. No, I expected more of you.

    • It’s like doing a complicated puzzle, and I now see what you meant. You have to admit that your sentence “The fact that you improved your standard of living by moving from the world’s 56th richest country to the world’s 9th richest country?” is very misleading and confusing. Which country moved from the 56th to ninth place? Turns out, no country. It is you who moved your finger on the list. Really…

      • So a simple admission of the fact that you are wrong is too human for you, my little old JC Penny shopper? The puzzle is of your own creation: read complete comment threads, don’t put responses intended for other people out of context, and there will be no puzzle. In this comment, I referred to a Russia-basher who improved her living standards just from moving from Russia to the US and now wonders how others cannot do the same, only without the actual moving.

        • I am not “little” nor “old.” Use this tone with your wife not with me.

          • I reserve this tone to those who deserve it.

          • I was right about the JC Penny shopper part then…

            • My wife does all the shopping for me. I have no idea where and it never crossed my mind to ask. Whatever stores she uses, JC Penney or otherwise, makes zero difference for me. I just don’t care. Get it?

              What’s wrong with JC Penney? It’s a very old and established company.

              • Your wife shops for you… This explains a lot. No nothing wrong with the cheap ugly garbs.

              • A really discuting picture: a grown up man roams the city looking for cheap spuds while his wife buys him underwear. Yew…

                • I am sorry I forgot to ask your permission to entrust my wife to do shopping, but that’s what most women do. And I have no idea if those “garbs” are cheap, I never asked my wife what she pays. She may buy stuff at Neiman Marcus, it’s all the same to me. And I don’t know whether they ugly or not, they look average. Your comments are truly stupid.

                  • Yes, its pretty stupid of me to try to engage into a discussion with a man who depends on his wife for shopping and roams the city looks for cheap spuds.

                    • I do not depend on anybody, but that’s how we organize things in our family. We have been doing this for over 25 years now and nobody before you has objected. I don’t think I really need to ask for your approval. It’s none of your business. I don’t recall me teaching you what to buy and where and how and at what prices. So, shut your filthy yap!

                    • So you are old. No, I am just more and more amuzed at the personality of the amoeba who decided he is somehow qualified to have an opinion on how nations should live and be governed. On the other hand, this site maybe the only place where you can resemble a real humann male.

                    • And its a pattern: I can afford any price (yet I spend my life looking for cheap spuds all over my town). I don’t depend on anybody (yet my wife buys me underpants). I can judge Russia and Russians….

                    • AT, I don’t think the poor russians can efford to buy even cheap underpants; anyway they would feel uncomfortable wearing them…

                    • Sure, in your world, Russians don’t have any GDP either, and Moscow is 15,000,000% zoroastrian.

                    • Well AT, given your repulsive personality I guess you must be jealous that RV actually has a wife…..

                    • I am pretty happy with my wife who does not have to shop for me.

                    • Right for once AT! 100% right! by this I mean your quote “its pretty stupid of me.” So the truth is starting to creep out.

                      Wonders will never cease comrade. Tell us more.

                  • AT probably refuses to shop at American stores, out of protest at the evil Barack Obama, the White European Emperor of America, to quote his exact words. No wonder he doesn’t have a wife.

                    • Dude, the US is my home country and I consider it one of the greatest in the world. I told you you were confused.

              • AT is way too cool for JC Penny. He keeps company with the Emperor of Switzerland.

                • Yes I am. And who is the Emperor of Switzerland- are you deranged?

                  • You’re the one who claimed Switzerland is an empire. Don’t drink and post.

                    • You are the one who provided a definition of an empire that can be applied to any multi-ethnic state. I just claimed that Switzerland falls under your definiton of an empire, nothing else really.

                    • Ze do Caixao

                      Last time I checked, my name was not The World English Dictionary or dictionary.com. So it isn’t “my definition”. I just gave you one quick definition that you misinterpreted, and afterwards I gave you one that is more detailed, so I hope now you’re satisfied.

                    • I asked you what was an empire in your mind. You provided a definition, which could well cover Switzerland, the US, Russia, China and pretty much any multi-ethnic state. Unlike you, I have not misinterpreted anything. On the contrary, you had to admit that your idea of the empire when you started the discussion was somewhat vague and confused, like your other statements. Later, you chaned your mind and provided another definition, which cannot be applied to Switzerland, but will not help you prove your original claim.

                    • AT, stop being a 2 year old, I know this is hard with you being a Russian and all, but really your lack of social skills would be an embarrassment to Russia, if it was not so typical.

                      After all, you are so retarded you believe that Russia is not corrupt, and has the right to commit ethnic cleansing and mass murder.

                      You really are a repulsive little person.

                    • Andrew, we know how convincing your attempts to prove how life in Georgia is better than it is in Russia were. I know its difficult to live in Georgia, but really, neither you nor Mr. Ze cannot argue with facts and figures.

                    • Well AT, given the Russian tendency to lie about production figures, deaths in combat, mortality rates, and GDP and incomes per head of population, I can well believe that life is better in Georgia than in Russia.

                      I mean Russians do have a long history of lying through their teeth about everything. Honesty is not really noted as being a Russian national trait, nor is respect for human life or the rights of others.

                      After all, we just have to compare life expectancy…….

                    • A case in point:

                      Russia’s top prosecutor says crime figures fiddled on vast scale

                      A probe last year into the authenticity of Russia’s crime statistics found “mass falsification” of figures across the country, Prosecutor General Yury Chaika says in a report made public on Thursday.
                      The probe, carried out by the Prosecutor General’s Office, found falsified statistics in all 80 regions investigated, according to the report, which was submitted to the upper house of parliament, the Federation Council.
                      The report says prosecutors discovered “mass falsification of primary records” and “egregious cases of distortion of statistical reporting.” Chaika accused law enforcement agencies of seeking to “embellish the real crime picture” and show that crime clearance rates are higher than they really are.
                      “Law enforcement officials use different methods of embellishing the crime situation and presenting their results in a favorable light,” the report says.
                      Yet even with such distortions crime clearance rates are low, with only one in two crimes solved, Chaika said.
                      He blamed the situation on poor oversight and organizational shortcomings, such as the recent restructuring of law enforcement agencies and the abolition of anti-organized crime directorates.
                      “Despite the fair criticism that these units came under, it has to be admitted that their work had a positive effect,” the prosecutor general said.
                      President Dmitry Medvedev has pushed law-enforcement reform, particularly of the police, due to a series of scandals and widespread public dissatisfaction.


                      You simply cannot trust any statistic given by the Russian government.

                    • Sure, the ultimate defense: if I don’t like some of the figures, they are wrong. Can you present any proof (i) of the Russian “tendency to lie” and (ii) the accuracy of the Georgian figures. So how is your investigation going?

                    • Well sub simian, have a look at the falsification of crime statistics in Russia, described as “on a vast scale”.

                      There is no reason to suppose any of the other lying scum that make up the Russian government would do any different.


                    • The report says prosecutors discovered “mass falsification of primary records” and “egregious cases of distortion of statistical reporting.” Chaika accused law enforcement agencies of seeking to “embellish the real crime picture” and show that crime clearance rates are higher than they really are.

                  • Well, what about economic statistics? In any case, if you think the stats are inaccurate, then you have no idea how Russia performs. Neither you, nor me, nor any journalist writing about Russia. In all my posts, I used stats that the World Bank, the IMF, the CIA and a host of other international agencies accept as accurate, however.

                    • Also, lies about “fixed Russian stats” do not convince about 10,000 of Georgians crossing the Russian border every year in search of a better life in Russia… and being able not only to find it but also to send part of their money home accounting for 60% of all the Georgian transfers from overseas, which, in their turn make up 7% of Georgia’s GDP. And finally, I can compare Georgia to other countries, those poorer than Russia, such as Turkey, Ukraine, Belarus (even now), Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan. No matter at which country you look, Georgia passes as a failure. A failure is a failure is a failure… unless Georgia fixes its own stats to pass poorer than it is.

                    • Not what they consider “accurate” but what they consider “available” would be a better description.

                      The Russian state has a looooong history of falsifying economic data stretching back to Tsarist times.

                      Like I said, Russia & Russians have a cultural tendency to lie through their teeth, and be racist pigs too, like yourself AT

                    • Well, want to compare Georgia to Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey or Azerbaijan. It will come out as a failure.

                    • Tell this to 10,000 Georgians who go to Russia every year in search for a better life. And who send money back. And this money is about 4% of Georgia’s GDP.

                    • Tell this to the World Bank, the IMF, the CIA and the Wall Street who use these numbers to make important decisions, like Yandex’ 1.4 bn IPO.

                    • I mean, Georgia is a failue compared to a failing Ukraine for godssakes. A failure is a failure is a failure.

                    • And Russia is a failure compared to any civilized country, a failure is a failure is a failure.

                      As for people emigrating, we have plenty of Russians in NZ, working in supermarket checkouts and and gas stations, and cleaning toilets.

                      Russia is currently undergoing the largest mass exodus since the Bolshevik revolution.

                      Novaya Gazeta: Putin’s approach prompts educated Russians to think about emigration

                      For the sixth time in less than a century, many Russians are thinking about emigration or even acting on that thought because “the model of the state built by Lenin and Stalin and now being softly restored by Putin is flawed from the outset,” benefiting the top elite and the masses perhaps but not the “the most educated and qualified.”

                      In the current issue of “Novaya gazeta,” Dmitry Oreshkin not only traces the history of the waves of emigration from Russia since 1917 but also discusses the specific motivations of the current generation of Russia’s “best and brightest” as shown by a poll conducted by the newspaper’s website.

                      A few days ago, Sergey Stepashin, the head of the Accounting Chamber, noted that 1,250,000 Russian Federation citizens had left the country for more or less permanent residence abroad over the course of the last several years, a figure that is consistent with the estimates of other demographers, Oreshkin says.

                      That figure is disturbing, the “Novaya” writer says, because it is approximately “the same number of people as those who left the country after the coming to power of the Bolsheviks.” And just as 90 years ago, most of those who left then and who are leaving now are drawn from the ranks of Russia’s most educated strata.

                      To try to get at the motivation of those leaving now, Oreshkin notes, “Novaya gazeta” conducted an online poll on its website concerning the motivations of those thinking about leaving. While not necessarily representative – “Novaya” is one of the most liberal papers in the country – the results are suggestive.

                      Of the 7237 people who responded to the online poll, 2.2 percent said they were thinking about leaving because of the growth of nationalist attitudes, one percent because of higher taxes, 28.9 percent because of the preparations for the return of Putin to power, and 62.5 percent for all these reasons taken together.

                      This “sixth wave” of Russian emigration, Oreshkin says, basically consists of “those who in the 1990s because of their youth an inborn optimist believed that freedom would really come and that Russian at last would become a normal country.” The Putin decade has destroyed these hopes and left these people feeling betrayed and hopeless.

                      From their perspective, the Soviet system is returning, albeit in a “soft” way. Its return, Oreshkin continues, “is felt everywhere, although still nowhere in a mortally dangerous concentration.” And that is all the more so the case because different groups feel this return in different sectors and in different ways.

                      “The main thing,” however, the “Novaya” writer continues, is that in the sixth wave “ju8st as in all previous cases, the most independent and qualified peoples, all for the same fundamental cause: the model of the state built by Lenin and Stalin and softly being restored by Putin is flawed from the outset.”

                      That system is “constructed for the powers and for the lumpen,” whose heads can be turned by the glorious imagery offered by the powers. But those who form what could be Russia’s dynamic middle class, “the strongest and most gifted people,” have no place in this “model.”

                      Such a pattern repeated over so many years, Oreshkin asserts, “cannot be an accident.” Instead, it is “a long-term and possibly instinctive policy directed at converting Russian into a country of slaves and masters,” people who don’t understand or who benefit from the fact that Putin has failed to keep his promises but has made the situation of Russia worse.

                      Despite Putin’s promises, taxes have risen, the number of bureaucrats has doubled, criminality has spread, economic growth has not taken place, despite the rise in oil prices, and corruption is worse than ever before. That has left the most talented and educated without the oxygen needed to create.

                      Russia’s “epochs of liberalization,” Oreshkin says, “create the preconditions for the appearance of economically active subjects and for future economic growth. But at the same time, they create a demand for civil rights, law, and a limitation on the arbitrary acitons of the state.”

                      That is, he writes, these periods “destroy the foundations of verticalism and autocratic power,” and consequently, they are almost invariably succeeded by periods of repression, when the powers that be use force to ensure that their control cannot be challenged and that they rather than the people as a whole will benefit from any new sources of income.

                      What is “in principle new” about the sixth wave, Oreshkin says, is that “it is the first” which does not see its departure as “irreversible. “If and when in Russian laws begin to be observed and not only the rulers of the Chekist corporation and consequently if possibilities for self-realization appear, these people will return.”

                      “They even now do not want to leave,” he writes, but they have concluded that they do not have any choice for themselves and their future if the Russian powers that be continue to act in the way that Putin is. One can only hope, Oreshkin implies, that they will have the chance to return and work for a better future for their country and themselves.


                    • Of course, a corrupt and vile little racist criminal like AT would think that Russian economic data is correct, despite the fact that Russians lie about everything from crime statistics to economic data (just look at the lies parroted by the Russian state controlled media in August 2008….)

                      Of course AT directly benefits from state corruption in Russia, so we should not be surprised

                    • As I said, you don’t even need any Russian data to prove Georgia is a failure. And what exactly is racist in my comments?

                    • And Andrew, do you realize that by calling me a criminal and a direct beneficiary of Russian corruption you expose your judgement ability. The fact is that you have no idea who and what I am. You can make your guesses, but then you should at least to qualify those when you post. And by saying I am racist you expose yourself as a liar. I dare you publish one single racist quote from my posts, there just none. Its my deep belief that races and ethnicities have no impact on any social or economic issues. I’ve been to too many countries not to know that people are essentially the same everywhere, with similar abilities and talents. Your “Russian tendency of this and Russian propensity to that”, however teeters on the border of racism. And you also defend poster “mccusa” who does not conceal he is a European supremacist and for whom a “slit-eye Asian” is an insult. What does this say about you? Retard. Liar.

                    • Well, you are right saying that Russia has failed to provide the same living standards for its population as NZ has. The same goes for at least 55 other countries. But it is better to be a failure compared to NZ than a failure compared to Russia or Ukraine. As for the “exodus”, Russia’s net immigration is positive, unlike that of Georgia.

  9. Guys! You remind me the pack of dogs initially fighting for the bone,and having forgotten of it after it have been cracked ,fighting for another dog killed in the battle!

    • This appears to be the nature of people coming to post here: a delusional Ukrainian from Crete (a Cretin), an abused Catholic Boarding School graduate from Poland, a Pole worshipping Chechen slave traders, a crazy Kiwi from Georgia, a bitter Romanian, an immature stingy American Jew and a bunch of “Russophiles” who enjoy to exposing the shallow, hateful, narrow-minded, ill-wishing characters who love to hate Russia.

      • AT, Look who is talking, the russians; the nation of slaves that marched to the gulags like pigs to the slaughter houses, by millions, without any resistance, those russian hordes that can be humiliated, deprived of any humanity, starved to death, worked to death, humiliated by their own government. You are telling the whole world that you russians are just a pile of sh#$% without dignity, honor or self respect that can be discarded and forgotten – This is perception of russia by the rest of the world…

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          I suppose that knowing the above drivel by heart suffices well and good to pass the examination at the Pshek’s Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique. That being the case, I also believe I’ve made a mistake in grasping its significance properly. The Pshek isn’t that much upset about Russia and its people really. Rather, he’s just excited telling us about his remarkable achievements as a student.

          Pshek education at its finest. Congratulations, mccusa.

        • Once, many Russians were marched to the GULAG by other Russians, then the Russians changed that. Russians decided their fate, as well as Pscheks fate for centuries. Pscheks are always at someone’s mercy looking for a good master — This is the perception of Russia and Poland in the rest of the world.

      • Come on now AT, you left yourself out of the above lineup, i.e. a repulsive little brain dead cretin of a person from the Ozark mountains; and your good buddy the vegetable ‘swede’ who uses a pornographic name because he feels (but is most probably) ‘impotent’.

        Instead! why don’t you tell us about your beloved communist Russia and the tens of millions of its “comrades”, men, women and children they murdered to build this ‘USSR paradise’ and how now under the leadership of your beloved vova Putin it is now murdering all reporters who dare (yes dare) to say the truth about its evilness and how its leadership and oligarchy lies, suppresses, oppresses, and steals billions to live in opulent luxury, WHILE the average citizen is trodden and ground into the mud that is the normal lifestyle of muscali psheks. Yes one rule for the rich and another for the downtrodden peasants.

        So come on you, who in the proper meaning of the word cretin, is the real true cretin, do tell us the truth for a change.

        • Bogdan, I provided you plenty of facts and statistics about Russia, its economy and demographics, all of those are from independent verifiable sources. You, on the other hand have failed to challenge one single fact in my posts. I appreciate you are unstable, but maybe you will spare this blog from polluting it with long posts containing not one single fact, figure or intelligent idea?

        • Manfred Steifschwanz

          Boredan, you are a cretin for all the world to see. Are you from Crete?

          • Manfreddo Limpschwanz (the impotent)

            Why do you keep on proving just how stupid you are. There is no need to keep on reminding us of this fact.

    • Ben, it’s a fine place and company to have some rest after work. I’m having fun here. After all, we’re all guys with some higher education, and come here to relax and have a nice chat with people with other opinion on some matters. Why can’t you relax too? Don’t spoil the fun, eh?

      P.S. Thanks to the team for creating the place:)

      • Don’t be so sure about “higher education” Dmitry. Didn’t you read all the nasty comments and attacks on the value of education in Poland and in the United States? Clearly, both Poles and us Americans are vastly inferior to Russians.

        • What’s “value of education in Poland”, and who’s “attacking” it? If you mean those comments about how worthless a Polish catholic education may be, I’d rather agree with them. Come on, a catholic colledge is hardly a good place to get a diploma. As to the US education system – who criticises it more fiercely than people in US themselves do?

          And yes, of course neither of pro-Russian users here claimed Russians are “superior” and people from US are “inferior”. It was vice versa – all the way long:)

      • Manfred Steifschwanz

        Dmitry, speaking of “higher education”, it’s plain to see that we’re being heavily outperformed by the Pshek; the one and only. His Lycée de Merde Pure Catholique makes him second only to God (and, possibly, the Pope).

        • I’d call him a Pole rather than a Pshek. I think, Pshek is not as easy to understand for a common English speaker, while Pole combines both the meaning and the form better, what do you think?

          • Manfred Steifschwanz

            I think “Pshek” is truly excellent since mccusa actually does grasp its derogatory connotation in full! By the way, what was wrong grammatically with my “Yob tvayu Pshek mat” ?

  10. Very nice article. I certainly love this website.

    Stick with it!

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