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EDITORIAL: The Russian Sinkhole


The Russian Sinkhole

Earlier this week, we reported one of the most pathetic facts about Russia we can remember in our years to date about about the fundamental failure of the Putin regime in Russia.  It told the story of a Moscow businessman who could not pay his employees’ wages because he had to give priority to massive bribes to government officials in order to stay in business.  And that wasn’t the worst part.  This man actually held out hope that the collapse of the Russian stock market would be good for him, because it might make the expectations of the corrupt bureaucrats he deals with more realistic.

Guess what the response of Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is to this crisis.  He’s writing (another) book!

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Luzhkov, Nationalist Russian Lunatic

The New York Times offers yet another story about Putin’s Russia which it has translated and published on a Russian ZheZhe blog, where it has also translated Russian comments on the story. This time, lunatic Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is the topic.  One Russia commenter stated: “It’s painful to read this story. It’s even more painful to read the comments. In the story we are revealed as barbarians, in the comments we reveal ourselves.”

On a clearing in this disputed city, where enemy homes were bulldozed after the conflict in August, Mayor Yuri M. Luzhkov promised this month to build a new neighborhood for the South Ossetian separatists here. Grinning widely before a boisterous crowd, which hailed him as a liberator, Mayor Luzhkov said he would spend more than $100 million on houses, schools and shopping centers. “We are celebrating a great victory — a victory for freedom and independence,” he declared. The pledge was notable for its cost — a sizable sum in this impoverished breakaway enclave of 70,000 — but also because Mr. Luzhkov is the mayor of Moscow, not Tskhinvali. The money is to come from Moscow’s city budget.

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