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EDITORIAL: Slavery in Putin’s Russia


Slavery in Putin’s Russia

Last Friday, a colonel in the Russian Ministry of Defense’s Main Intelligence Directorate, or GRU, an individual that the Kremlin refuses to name, was arrested in a sweep of 13 Russian white slavers and accused of having “trafficked more than 130 women from Russia and former Soviet republics to work as prostitutes from 1999 to 2007.”

RIA Novosti reported that “the crime syndicate sold women from Russia, Uzbekistan, Moldova, Ukraine and Belarus into sex slavery in several European and Middle Eastern countries, including Israel, Italy, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates.”

If you had asked Vladimir “KGB can do no wrong” Putin about the possibility of such an event occurring on Thursday, he would have boldly declared it unthinkable.  That’s what he said when rumors started to circulate that the KGB had blown up two apartment buildings in Moscow, killing hundreds, in order to blame the Chechens and justify an invasion.  And now that it has occurred, he will do nothing to reign in the unbridled power of the secret police he has unleashed upon the nation — nor will the lemming-like citizens of his country demand that he do so.

Russia is traveling right back down the same well-trodden path that led the the obliteration and erasure of the USSR.