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EDITORIAL: The File on Victor Yanukovich

Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovich


The File on Victor Yanukovich

Victor Yanukovich, the new president of Ukraine, is a moron, a liar and a criminal.

He claims to have earned not just an MA in international law but also a PhD in economics, including writing a dissertation, while serving as the lieutenant governor and governor of Donetsk region.  Just as Vladimir Putin openly plagiarized his dissertation in order to get an advanced degree, Yanukovich’s academic credentials are shamelessly bogus.  Either that, of course, or else he simply was not doing his job as governor and spent all his time furiously studying.

He has an extensive record of convictions for thuglike violence as a youth.

He can’t spell the word “professor” and “he has confused poet Anna Akhmatova with his billionaire backer Rinat Akhmetov, the Jewish writer Isaac Babel with the German socialist August Bebel, Slovenia with Slovakia and genocide with genetics. He has called Russian playwright Anton Chekhov a Ukrainian poet and the Helsinki Treaty the Stockholm Treaty.”

But you won’t, of course, hear any of the Russophile scum railing against Yanukovich the way they do against Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.  Yanokovich may be a moron, liar and criminal but — they think — he’s their moron, liar and criminal.  So it’s OK.

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