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Pasko on Russian Olympic Fraud

Writing on Robert Amsterdam’s blog, Grigori Pasko highlights the ludicrous fraud being perpetrated by “Russian” athletes who, like Maria Sharapova and Becky Hammon, don’t live or train in Russia:

The Russian Olympic team, poor in gold medals, evokes a feeling of pity in me. The athletes are forced to be distracted by events that have nothing to do with the Olympics. For example, by the war of Russia with Georgia. For four days they were forced, as someone joked, to fight on two fronts. And then to participate three days in hypocritical mourning for those killed during the time of the Russo-Georgian conflict. Who can think about medals…?

But there are yet other certain circumstances to which I would like to bring the attention of readers.

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EDITORIAL: Leaving Home


Leaving Home

During a stellar floor exercise of the silver medalists at the women’s gymnastics event in Beijing this week, the classic Russian tune “Dark Eyes” reverberated through the stadium.

Team America was on the floor.

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The Russian Olympics Scandal Widens

The Times of London reports:

AN UNKNOWN official in the Moscow visa office is now a prime suspect in a conspiracy to tip off leading Russian athletes that foreign testers were about to swoop on their training camps, in the murkiest drugs scandal since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

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