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A Postcard from Sochi, Home of the 2014 Olympic Games

Despite all the development, Sochi still feels like a kaleidoscopic version of Coney Island, all juiced up on lukewarm vodka and sunburned potbellies, and that can either be part of its charm or the one thing that keeps it from being a truly relaxing place to spend a few days.  The Mediterranean-style glamour that Mr. Markozov mentioned, at least for now, can be frustratingly elusive, sprinkled around at places like Platforma and Sinee More, or the Blue Sea [LR: Actually, it means “dark blue sea”], a restaurant with white tablecloths and a sleek wooden deck that looks out onto the water. With its poor roads and gruff service, Sochi can often seem less like the heart of the new Russian Riviera, and more like the Soviet package-tour destination it once was.

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EDITORIAL: The Sochi Fiasco


The Sochi Fiasco

Our sidebar carries a banner inviting readers to sign a petition to divest Russia of the 2014 Olympic games, which it proposes to hold in Sochi.  Even before the Georgia invasion, the reasons for doing so were obvious:  There is horrific danger posed to the athletes, both from terrorism in the region and from the everyday risks of Russian society (Russia is among the most dangerous places in the world in terms of murder, fire fatality and airline fatalities). There is the tacit recognition of the KGB regime of Vladimir Putin, which has brutally repressed every aspect of civil society. And there is the abhorrent misallocation of resources in a country where the average male doesn’t live to see his sixtieth year.  Add Russia’s barbaric behavior in Georgia, condemned by the entire civilized world, and the question of whether Russia should be rewarded by being allowed to host the games is a absolute no-brainer.

But in truth, just as was the case in the Cold War, it really isn’t that necessary to take action against Russia — since in all probability Russians will simply destroy themselves if left to their own devices.  Events last week made this particularly plain.

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