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EDITORIAL: Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards


Russia is a Nation of Murdering Bastards

“We don’t want this country to turn into Russia.”

— Pennsylvania resident Katy Abram to turncoat Senator Arlen Spector at a public forum on Tuesday

Zarema Sadulayeva in 2006.  Murdered by the Kremlin last Tuesday. RIP

Zarema Sadulayeva in 2006. Murdered by the Kremlin last Tuesday. RIP

Blood is flowing in rivers in Vladimir Putin’s Russia. As a New York Times op-ed writer we publish below states: “Russia is getting away with murder.”

Stalin, through his malignant spawn, as we reiterate in an original translation today, is suing Novaya Gazeta, the newspaper which published Anna Politkovskaya, who was yet another entry in a seemingly endless string of obviously political murders that dates back to Vladimir Putin’s first days in the Moscow Kremlin, with the slaying of Duma deputy Galina Starovoitova.

Stalin is alive and well in Putin’s Russia, in more ways than one.  Stalin had Beria, and Putin has Kadyrov, his homicidal henchman in Chechnya, who is striking down the Kremlin’s critics with total impunity, so fast it is hard to keep up.  And he openly boast of his deeds and his hatred for the women who dare to challenge him.  He recently stated that Natalia Estemirova, Politkovskaya’s successor and struck down just like her, was “misleading people and writing lies.”  Before that, he publicly declared she had “no honor or conscience.”  He admits that he has “blood up to his elbows,” and the blood marks rose a little higher earlier this week when he brutally abducted and murdered children’s rights activist Zarema Sadulayeva and her newly married husband, stuffing their corpses into the truck of their own car.  His police, copying Stalin jot for jot, had rounded them up.

And why shouldn’t they?

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