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SPECIAL EXTRA — Another Original LR Translation: Russia Butchers its Soldiers, Literally

Russia Butchers its Soldiers, Literally

by Yuri Borodyanksy

Novaya Gazeta

June 7, 2010

Translated from the Russian by La Russophobe Staff

(as always, corrections to the Russian translation are welcome)

Private Roman Suslov (Роман Суслов), R.I.P.In the family video recording of Roman Suslov (pictured, left) saying his goodbyes to his family and friends on the railway platform, the young man’s eyes betray no alarm.  On the faces of his parents, his sisters, his beloved wife clutching their infant son, there is not the slightest hint of what would happen four days later.

The young man was to travel some 5,000 kilometers from his home in Omsk to Khabarovsk, and from there go onward by bus to his posting in a motor rifle unit in the city of Bikin.  He was not particularly eager to join the army, but nor was he seeking to avoid his obligation. 

He was better prepared than many of his peers to endure the hardships and privations of army life, being an experienced boxer and wrestler.  He was also gainfully employed at the lone successful local industrial enterprise, having studied at the local chemical and mechanical college.  He also found time to participate in amateur theater productions.

He had big plans for his future.  “Well, when I get back from the army, he said to me,” relates his mother Tatiana Suslov “we will build a house and all live there happily ever after.”  He had just married his wife Oksana the prior June 25th, and then the draft notice arrived.

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