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Piontkovsky on Putin’s Minions

Heroic scholar Andrei Piontkovsky, a visiting fellow at the Hudson Institute in Washington, writing in (of all places) the Lebanon Daily Star:

Germany’s ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder is a legend in Russia. He serves Gazprom’s interests for a measly couple of million euros a year, sits in at sessions of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and writes books about his staunch friendship with “Genosse Wladimir,” who, in the not-so-distant past, earned himself the well-deserved nickname of “Stasi” among business circles in gangster-ridden St. Petersburg.

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Piontkovsky Speaks

Fresh off his stunning victory in court against the ludicrous effort to persecute him by the Kremlin, neo-Soviet dissident Andrei Piontkovsky speaks out against neo-Soviet dictatorship in on the Russian website Grani.ru, one of the last remaining voices of true jouranlism in Russia:

A Thaw from Below

Andrei Piontkovsky



Translated from the Russian by The Other Russia

The significance of the Basmanny court’s December 5, 2008 decision, or more precisely, the Russian Federal Center’s legal expertise which preordained it, goes far beyond the bounds of my case.

The FSB [Federal Security Service] and the prosecutors, armed with a new law on extremism, were trying to hold a show trial and create a precedent of criminal prosecution for criticism of the authorities.

The highly professional and academically reasoned report by Andrei Smirnov, Olga Kukushkina and Yulia Safonova, which found no signs of extremism in my harsh criticism of the country’s president, knocked this “avenging sword” from the hands of the repressive agencies. And for a long time, I hope.

The 34-page text of the report is our small Magna Carta; a charter of liberties to Russian journalists; a first step to restoring freedom of speech in Russia, which was deceitfully stolen from the public by a chekist lieutenant colonel who imagined himself the “father of the nation.”

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Special Extra: Andrei Piontkovsky — Neo-Soviet Dissident

Andrei Piotovsky

Andrei Piontkovsky

PNR Newswire reports:

In an echo of the Soviet era, Andrei Piontkovsky, a Hudson Institute Visiting Fellow, has been summoned back to his native Russia, accused of violating a law that that has widely expanded the scope of illegal “extremist activities.” So-called extremist acts now include “abasement of national dignity” and “slander of a public official.”

Piontkovsky, described by the Washington Post as “one of Russia’s most pungent political commentators,” has harshly criticized Russian leader Vladimir Putin in his Novaya Gazeta column and in his books, including Putin’s Soul  (Hudson Institute, 2006) and Russian Identity  (Hudson Institute, 2008). In a profile of Piontkovsky, the Wall Street Journal noted:  “Civil-rights groups said the pressure on Piontkovsky was by far the highest-profile move to silence a Kremlin critic.”  During a first hearing in September 2007, prosecutors failed to prove that material in Piontkovsky’s books constituted extremist activity. As a next step, the circuit judge sent Another Look into Putin’s Soul to a panel of “experts” to determine whether the material is indeed, by Russian law, extremist.  Piontkovsky faces trial again on Friday, December 5th. He will depart for Moscow immediately following a Hudson Institute panel discussion of his new book, Russian Identity. The event will be held at noon at Hudson’s Washington office. For more information about attending this event, please visit www.hudson.org. Piontkovsky will be available to answer questions about his trial and the state of Russian politics.  Hudson Institute is a non-partisan policy research organization dedicated to innovative research and analysis that promotes global security, prosperity, and freedom.