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EDITORIAL: Serpent Russians and their Forked Tongue


Serpent Russians and their Forked Tongue

The world saw yet another horrifying example of the amazing duplicity, dishonesty and hypocrisy of which Russians are capable last week when the Kremlin’s Gestapo turned a blind eye to an unsanctioned protest by over 1,000 chanting nationalist goons.

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Russia and its Outrageous Assault on Journalism

Reuters reports:

Armed and masked police raided the opposition New Times magazine on Thursday, pressing journalists to hand over interview recordings used in reports on alleged abuse of authority by the OMON riot police.

A handful of police entered the magazine’s Moscow office seeking recordings of interviews and other material used in a February report that cited police sources as saying OMON officers are permitted to commit abuses when breaking up protests.

“We suggest you voluntarily — voluntarily — give us the recordings of the interview with the current and former OMON staff,” the officer in charge of the raid told New Times editor Yevgenia Albats in the presence of a Reuters reporter.

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Essel Updates the OMON Flag Stomper Story

OMON Riot Policeman Fired

by Dave Essel

The riot policeman I wrote about the other day, the one who was stomping on a demonstrator’s Russian flag, has been found and dismissed, Komsomolskaya Pravda reported on Wednesday.

Always a pleasure to see something like this

Always a pleasure to see something like this

According to the GUVD (State Directorate for Internal Affairs – what is this love for acronyms? And don’t they sound threatening?), OMON internal security identified the officer and he was dismissed on the spot. “He was lucky to get off so lightly,” Komsomolka was told by Moscow GUVD. “Had he actually broken the flag, he would have gone to jail. We are not releasing his name as we feel he has already been sufficiently punished.”

How humane! So the OMON do know how to be considerate – but obviously only when it comes to one of their own.

Essel on Russian Patriotism

What Goes on in the Mind of an OMON Riot Cop

by Dave Essel

If a demonstrator is carrying it, it’s got to be wrong. Right?

Patriotism flowers in Putin's Russia

Patriotism flowers in KGB-ruled Russia

Sorry, mindless thug, but, surprised and approving as I am, you’re wrong from the point of view of your superiors!

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