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Another Original LR Translation: Medvedev is the new Goebbels

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Enough to Make Goebbels Green With Envy

Alexandr Podrabinek

Yezhednevny Zhurnal

26 June 2009

Translated by Dave Essel

On 24 June, President Medvedev issued an Executive Order entitled On Russia-Wide Compulsory Total-Access Television and Radio Channels. The aim of this Order is to ensure that certain TV and radio channels are available in every household. That great lover of the ‘power vertical’ Adolf Hitler had the idea down pat ages ago: “In the future Germany, we will have wired radios, that’s evident. No sensible government can allow its people’s minds to be poisoned”. [AP – quoted in Oleg Plenkov, The Third Reich]. Hitler may have failed to carry this out but we won’t!

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