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Luzhkov, Nationalist Russian Lunatic

The New York Times offers yet another story about Putin’s Russia which it has translated and published on a Russian ZheZhe blog, where it has also translated Russian comments on the story. This time, lunatic Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov is the topic.  One Russia commenter stated: “It’s painful to read this story. It’s even more painful to read the comments. In the story we are revealed as barbarians, in the comments we reveal ourselves.”

On a clearing in this disputed city, where enemy homes were bulldozed after the conflict in August, Mayor Yuri M. Luzhkov promised this month to build a new neighborhood for the South Ossetian separatists here. Grinning widely before a boisterous crowd, which hailed him as a liberator, Mayor Luzhkov said he would spend more than $100 million on houses, schools and shopping centers. “We are celebrating a great victory — a victory for freedom and independence,” he declared. The pledge was notable for its cost — a sizable sum in this impoverished breakaway enclave of 70,000 — but also because Mr. Luzhkov is the mayor of Moscow, not Tskhinvali. The money is to come from Moscow’s city budget.

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