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SPECIAL EXTRA: Double Jeopardy for Khodorkovsky


A truly brilliant and inspiring editorial from the Christian Science Monitor, which takes the words right out of our mouth. There is something deeply wrong, perhaps evil, about the President of the United States and his malignant advisor Michael McFaul, who continue to betray American values in the hopes of scoring cheap electoral points with sham foreign policy “victories” while Russia descends into neo-Soviet darkness:

Talk about timing. A Russian court waited until this week – after the US Senate had ratified an arms-control treaty with Moscow – before handing down yet another conviction on that country’s best-known political prisoner, Mikhail Khodorkovsky. Sentencing is expected in coming days.

The conviction also came as the West is preoccupied with the winter holidays and not focused on the rise of human rights abuses in Russia.

But here’s the best timing: Mr. Khodorkovsky will now likely be sentenced to several more years in a Siberian penal colony – further isolating him until well after next year’s parliamentary elections and a 2012 vote for president.

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November 13, 2010 — Contents


(1)  EDITORIAL:  Obama, Defeated!

(2)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Humiliation on American TV

(3)  EDITORIAL:  Russian Women’s Tennis in Decline

(4)  The Treachery of Barack Obama

(5)  Starbucks shows Russia the Way

(6)  CARTOON:  Thumbs Down

NOTE:  LR publisher and founder Kim Zigfeld continues her crusade to throw light on the malignant activities of pseudo-conservative Michael McFaul as he helps the Obama regime undermine American values in Russia.  First she detailed McFaul’s odious behavior on the American Thinker, and now she holds forth again on Pajamas Media.

EDITORIAL: Michael McFaul, Putin’s Best Friend


Michael McFaul, Putin’s Best Friend

Michael McFaul, Best Pal of Putin

In the latest installment of her Russia column on the powerful and influential mega-blog The American Thinker, LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld exposes the horrifying treachery of the Hoover Institution‘s Michael McFaul, as he feverishly works to help the fetid, odious Obama administration cover its tracks on Russia.  Kim points her finger directly at McFaul, showing how he has betrayed his conservative lineage in favor of the glitz and glamor of the Obama White House, allowing himself to be used as a smokescreen that can help Obama avoid responsibility for his heinous abrogation of American values where Russia policy is concerned.

To this we respond:  What about Hoover?

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EDITORIAL: McFaul Speaks?


McFaul Speaks?


Michael McFaul

Here’s something you don’t see every day, a classic bit of Internet adventure.  Someone claiming to be Michael McFaul, Barack Obama’s chief Russia advisor, has posted two comments to Oleg Kozlovsky’s Facebook page under a post which Oleg also blogged in which he discussed a report quoting McFaul in the Kommersant newspaper; Kommersant reported that McFaul had said the U.S. would back away from pressuring Russian on human rights.  On Facebook (screenshot after the jump for those without Facebook accounts) “Michael McFaul” wrote:

Kommersant grossly misquoted me. See Interfax transcript if you want to see what I really said. And anyone who knows anything about my thinking would be suspicious of such an assessment of my views.

LR founder and publisher Kim Zigfeld has intiated a little dialogue with “McFaul” using our Facebook account, for those who are Facebook members and wish to follow it, for what it is worth.  We’ve previously discussed McFaul’s alleged appeasing statements to Kommersant .  Obviously, they tended to seriously undermine the impetus to stand up to Vladimir Putin’s dictatorship, and although McFaul claims not to have made them there is scant evidence of either he or Barack Obama saying anything to the contrary, directly challenging Putin on human rights, since Obama came to power.  In other words, perhaps what’s most troubling about the McFaul quote was that it was credible, not whether it was actually true or not.

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