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EDITORIAL: Kirill Pankratov, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar


Kirill Pankratov, Shameless Neo-Soviet Liar

 The loathesome Kremlin shill Kirill Pankratov is well known to us here at La Russophobe.  The much-admired David McDuff of A Step at a Time nailed Pankratov’s skeevy hide to the wall some time ago, and one need only glace at Pankratov’s reptilian attack on Anna Politkokvskaya to appreciate what sort of maggot this really is.

So it was rather disappointing to see a column by Pankratov appear on the pages of the Moscow Times earlier this week, claiming that we have nothing to fear where Russia’s Internet is concerned, because it’s free and fair and indestructible — just what Vladimir Putin has been insisting all along.

Needless to say, Pankratov’s column was chock full of the most ridiculous lies that can be imagined.

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