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EDITORIAL: The Perils of Plastinina


The Perils of Plastinina

On New Year’s Eve, teenage Russian fashion designer Kira Plastinina headed to bankruptcy court in New York City and closed four of her six fashion boutiques in Southern California.  Her website began offering 75% off super sales.  Her fifteen minutes of fame were up, and her comically trashy “designs” were about to become dishrags.

One day you're bff with Paris, the next day not so much

One day you're bff with Paris, the next day not so much

Her millionaire father Sergei (amusingly* also referred to as “Plastinina” on Kira’s Wikipedia page, like calling Guy Richie “Mr. Madonna”), CEO of the giant and bizarrely named Wimm Bill Dann dairy concern, who bankrolled her Potemkin fashion empire,  is of no use to her now. There’s nothing for it but to call in the lawyers.

The Americans just aren’t buying it any more.

Kira only entered the American market six months ago, arrogantly proclaiming her intention to soon be operating 250 retail outlets across the country, and now she’s already looking to skip out on her massive debts and flee the country.   She only managed to actually open a dozen shops before her spectacular flameout.

So the bloom has come off yet another Russian rose. Her consolation, according to the Los Angeles Times, is that at least “she still has a sizable fan base in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, where she has dozens of stores.”  Being on the fashion market in those countries is roughly like being in the ballet business in Boise.  Maybe best not to brag about it too loudly.

After all, Vladimir Putin still has a considerable  base in those countries, doesn’t he?  For how long, though, is anybody’s guess, and it’s not too likely he’d be embraced by LA voters.

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