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Russian Barbarism and Failure in Japan

Once again, Russia has alienated and repulsed a potential friendly nation with its greed, aggression and barbarism. Yuriko Koike, former Japanese defense minister and national security adviser and a member of the opposition in Japan’s Diet, writing in the Moscow Times:

The recent smooth exchange of spies between Russia and the United States appears to demonstrate that the “reset” in relations between the two countries has worked. But Russia has so far done little to reset its relations with Japan. That is a lost opportunity, given Russia’s need to modernize its economy. In addition, it is a grave strategic error in view of the Kremlin’s increasing worries about China’s ambitions in Asia, which includes Russia’s lightly populated Siberian provinces.

In April, China’s navy carried out military exercises near Japan, conducting a live-fire exercise in the East China Sea off the coast of the Zhejiang province, including missile-interception training with new vessels. China’s objectives appear to have been to enhance its navy’s operational capacity, particularly in terms of jamming and electronic warfare, and to test its joint capabilities with the Chinese air force.

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EDITORIAL: Russia’s Thugboat Diplomacy


Russia’s Thugboat Diplomacy

Last week, Russian military forces opened fire on two defenseless Japanese fishing boats in the Kuril island chain north of Japan.  The boats returned home riddled with bullet holes. Any number of the fisherman could easily have been killed.

The lessons to be learned from this atrocity are many.

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