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EDITORIAL: Another Young Russian into an Early Grave


Another Young Russian into an Early Grave

Alexei Cherepanov

Alexei Cherepanov

What a country.

Though Russians are wont to complain about “evil foreigners” encircling Russia with malicious intent, anyone even casually familiar with the country knows only too well that the greatest danger to a Russian citizen is . . . another Russian.

The horrific most recent case in point was 19-year-old hockey player Alexei Cherepanov, who collapsed on the ice earlier this week in a manner eerily similar to figure skater Sergei Grinkov several years ago. 

And it was all so unnecessary.  Once again, total Russian incompentence combined with total Russian disregard for the value of individual human life was exposed in the most horrific manner possible. Russia’s hockey establishment, in short, is every bit as corrupt as Russian society generally.

Not only did Russian sports authorities fail to diagnose the young prodigy’s ischemic heart disease, which caused him to collapse during a game in Moscow (he was preparing to enter the NHL next year), but it also failed to have an ambulance on site during the game. By the time one finally responded, nearly an hour after the incident, it was far too late. Furious onlookers are reported to have assaulted the ambulance crew when it finally showed up. 

Reader “Oleg” sums it up by e-mail:

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