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EDITORIAL: Medvedev and Hamas

Russia shakes hands with Syria and Hezbollah


Medvedev and Hamas

Éminence grise Russia blogger David McDuff is back in form, publishing a devastating and carefully researched condemnation of Russia’s recent diplomacy in regard to Hamas.

Just as Russia is aggressively supporting the Hezbollah terrorists in Lebanon by funneling weapons to them through Syria, it is equally aggressively reaching out to the lunatics of Hamas in Palestine, terrorists who are actively supported by the other leading rogue regime in the Middle East, Iran, to which Russia is channeling nuclear technology.

Russia’s hypocrisy here is truly breathtaking, as McDuff makes clear:

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EDITORIAL: Russia and the Axis of Evil

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Russia and the Axis of Evil

Last week it was reported that Russia was urging the world to continue negotiating with the terrorist group Hamas rather than confronting it.  This was, perhaps, the most amazing display of brash temerity by any nation so far this century, since it was being simultaneously reported that North Korea, with which Russia had also demanded negotiation rather than sanctions, had just tested another nuclear bomb.

Needless to say, Russia has been proved wrong on North Korea, and led the world into a genuine national security nightmare as a result.  Thus, listening to what Russia says about Hamas would be, quite simply, insane.

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